part of the deal- chapter 5

(continued from “part of the deal- chapter 4”
…. “deeper urges arose inside me clawing, wanting to scream, but I kept them in, hidden. I felt awkward, clumsy, self-conscious of being on show, being watched for such an intimate act…….”)

Joe fucked me enthusiastically, loudly, saying fuck yes and commenting on how tight I was. I was, he was right, I was stretched, and even though it gradually got easier and the release increased hugely, I still felt him inside me, every motion, raising my pale, bare legs higher to ease his progress and intensify my pleasure, and his.

I guessed, clearly, sex in front of others was nothing new to him, he seemed completely at ease, apart from his erection which was far from laid back, being thick and hard and insistent in going as deep as my hips would allow.

After a while, how long I’d no idea, I thought he’d finished as he came to a stop, eased back, breathing as hard as I was but then began again, this time even harder, raw thrusts and feeling how sweaty our thighs were becoming, how pink and flushed I must have been. He slapped his hips into mine shaking me uncontrollably until I couldn’t hold back my orgasm involuntarily quaking my legs while he kept on, gripping, deep inside me, I clenched around his erection to almost pain like a clamp inside my own body.

He pushed past my thighs and after a few last short thrusts he relieved his pent-up cum, sticky warm semen inside my twisting, naked body, right there in front of everyone. I felt ravaged, wilfully encouraged to behave in such a way, but the truth was it was far from unwilling on my part, if I was being honest with myself.

There was no time to pull myself together to stop those embarrassingly trickles exiting my thighs before Tim was there above me staring down, bearing down, pants off, his hands once more spreading my thighs and aiming awkwardly his appendage until I felt the precum tip parting my now glistening folds already smeared in a cocktail of juices. He pushed wholeheartedly as deep as Joe had just been, the sound of our slickness evident, with no time to recover and compose myself following my orgasm.

Without a word he mercilessly thrust, fucking me natural and bareback, his  enthusiasm equalling that of Joe’s. I could only imagine his cock surrounded by Joe’s cum inside me, a thought that almost in itself brought me to another orgasm, until it actually did and for a few moments blotted out all else. My body was claimed utterly by my impulses as he fucked me harder now, I was struggling to keep up.

He didn’t last long after that but he gave all of himself freely releasing his orgasm mixing freely with Joe’s. Never before then had I experienced sex like this, more than one guy in an evening and now I just had a second within a matter of minutes, and while being watched by more. This had to be my first proper gangbang, surely.

My body was still quaking inside and out as he too eased out of me, mostly because he was growing understandably limp but as he did, he inadvertently spurted some residual cum onto my mound where into my fine hairs. I finally was able to close my legs resting my hand on my well-used sex when the nameless guy’s hands appeared next and flagrantly flowed across over my breasts fondling, no permission asked, but then I suppose by then they all assumed none required. I looked over to Cassie who now had her own hand between her closed and folded legs. She seemed in her element while I felt I was drowning in it: drowning in semen if I’m not careful. His hands opened me and he just stared at my open thighs for minutes making me blush shockingly. My skin was virtually on fire.

I didn’t have to wait long, he already had his cock well out and hard. This time I opened myself with my fingers so he wouldn’t pinch my tender skin, I just did it as though welcoming him, like it was completely the most natural thing to be doing.  He slid so easily inside me, though still tight s I am, I was now so well-lubricated it was a relief at such ease.  The rest wasn’t easy though, he started fucking me instantly. I raised my hips and held onto the bed for fear I might be dragged off by the sheer momentum. For no reason at all I began to picture his buttocks from behind right now, just as I’d seen them when he fucked Cassie. My hips were now moving entirely in synch with his. He clearly noticed and was smiling approvingly just making me feel clumsily self-conscious. I was illogically concerned I wasn’t being very good at this, whatever this was, gangbang or whatever, but none of them seemed as concerned as me in this regard. As for Cassie’s, she seemed to be getting totally off on watching her friend literally fucked over and over.

Could I handle yet more of their cum? This was such a crazy question to be asking myself but I was there and then while the third guy enjoyed his bareback moment. Again, my thighs gripped him now as his stroke grew longer closing in for the orgasm just as yet again cum, smaller this time, contained, I bit my lower lip. This must have finally made him cum as he did so with a deep guttural noise while becoming frozen in that moment above me, almost like a still-life, exploding yet more sperm into me with his final slow thrusts, panting heavily under the exertion.

I felt equally exerted.

The ceiling pulsed before my eyes, dizzied as I was by the effort and a certain reality of this crazy situation sinking in I’d found myself in and was now utterly, inescapably immersed and committed; and it seemed it wasn’t over yet.

(continued in “part of the deal- chapter 6 (a fine finale)” ……)

part of the deal 5

© Emmaleela


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