gallery erotica

Welcome to the Gallery Erotica, a collection of my adventures behind and in front of the lens. All pictures are of me taken by me or taken by others of me and used with permission. Each one relates to a blog I posted here in my writing room. This a companion gallery to my Gallery Photoverse which is also free to visit an contain photos combined with poems and verse.

Enjoy your stay and come again and again, and again!

Click any photo below to bring up the slide gallery.


© Emmaleela. All photos are subject to copyright. Please respect my ownership of my images. Thank you.


  1. Stunning gallery and perfectly sums up the definition of erotic. They are beautifully photographed and it has been pleasure to take my time and enjoy viewing them. You should be very proud of the content and I appreciate you sharing them. Thanks

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  2. I just ejaculated compliments all over your spectacular gallery
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful, divine & sexy self

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