being me

being me

My uncensored invitation into me.

My motto: sexual gratification should be immediate and often.

Hello, would you like a coffee? Welcome to me and this small corner of my world. There’s lots to read and lots to see, you can leave a comment if you like, email or message me anytime about anything at all, I’m always happy to make new contacts.

I’m very open-minded, very sexually-curious, very happy to share whatever, real stuff, your fantasies, turn-ons, urges, longings, and yes I am actually quite shy, believe it or not, but that doesn’t stop me being drawn to all things erotic.

I write adult and erotic literature, or try too, exploring sex, sexuality, much of it drawn from my own experiences, sometimes from other people’s too. I love the twists and turns, insides and outs, flings and flaws. I do this through stories, prose, and poetry and could well include the beauty of orgasms, self-pleasure, bisexuality, voyeurism, submission, tantra, seduction, bondage, rough-play, striptease, teasing, threesomes, moresomes, group sex and even an occasional gangbang. Is that enough? Take me as I am (in any way you like).

I’m fascinated by bodyscaping, which I regard as an art-form, using the body in different ways to elicit response, action, interactions, and of course that word again, pleasure. I’m the model for the photos I post here, some taken by me while others taken by friends of other photographers I know. I find it a thrill, an escape, a release, like stepping outside myself while still being me, outside of the normal confines of social etiquette, blurring the lines between the private and the public.

Sex is simply captivating, it can be addictive, it can be scary, surprising, messy, funny, sensual, blissful, risky, a dance between pleasure and pain, basically a melting pot, moments of beautiful collisions. Also, sexual desire is, I believe, fluid, not fixed, subject to change throughout our lives, evolving and morphing. Like food, stuff we may not have liked years ago we discover now we do, and vice versa. I sometimes think of it like total immersion therapy, giving your desires free-reign to indulge, letting them take your hand, or mine, wherever they go.

Along with other things I an art class life-model (yes, that is mostly nude). It gives me an outlet to use my body in a different creative way, other than sex that is, which can be very creative. Nudity in front of strangers is almost impossible to convey. I’m not a naturist though, that’s very different and not my thing. It’s important to me to keep fit which I do through yoga, gym, running, dancing, occasional pole-dancing (badly!). I also the brain active by studying hard, reading lots, writing a crazy amount, cooking; happy body, happy mind 

If you’ve made it this far reading all of this and haven’t fallen asleep then you definitely deserve a free ‘Do what you like with me night in a hotel/motel/car park of your choosing’ voucher. Apply here!

Anyway, however you identify, as a man, woman, hetero, bi, gay, non-binary, asexual, alien, mineral, vegetable, other, whatever, I hope you find something here you like. Don’t forget to say hello.

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~Emmaleela ~x


  1. plus a desire not so much to exhibit in a brash way, but a satisfaction in being seen and enjoyed by others while you submit to being used and manipulated to your own orgasm.

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  2. I love the erotic freshness in your writing, the sensual burn of your photography, and I am glad you expressed more of your sweet self here. You are an extraordinary woman, Emma! I shot you an email a few weeks ago (nothing weird) or tried to, and figured you were just too busy to respond when I did not hear back. How can your fans, myself included, send the occasional email?

    Meanwhile, keep writing, keep posting! You are a bright light in an otherwise ironed-over and dreary internet. I’m at Much love.

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  3. Hello girl. I really like the way you were unapologetically expressive about your lust and passion. I am sure I will be reading many other posts written by you as I stumbled upon your blog a few moments back. Do take the time out to visit my blog as I am quite new here and need all the encouragement. Xoxo

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