part of the deal- chapter 6 (a fine finale)

(continued from “part of the deal- chapter 5”
…. “The ceiling pulsed before my eyes, dizzied as I was by the effort and a certain reality of this crazy situation sinking in I’d found myself in and was now utterly, inescapably immersed and committed; and it seemed it wasn’t over yet…….”)

Three men have been inside me one after the other, feeling their bodies, sweating, groaning, moaning their hot skin rubbing up against mine, their eyes on me, all over me along with their hands, fingers, erections.

Then before me was Oz with his actually kindly face and whispering, are you okay? I nodded mumbling, it was all I could manage just then, biting my lips as he careful arranged my knees open and feeling his substantial girth trailing precum along my inner thigh before he snugly moved inside my flushed, swollen folds which seemed to welcome him irrespective of what I thought.

He moved slow, balletic, a relief after the feverish thrusting of the others. I felt my body relaxing finally, finding a rhythm, of a sorts, letting my hips and legs wrap into his and take him deeply and almost sensuously into me. I felt for a moment confident, like I knew what I was doing finally when in fact I didn’t and was simply winging it and hoping I wouldn’t now disappoint any of them, especially Cassie.

I was lost in his tenderness and felt he was too. As though there were no others though that pretence didn’t last for long as I looked and saw them all avariciously watching me being, in a way, shown the ropes. When I came this time, it was intense, exhilarating, more than with the others and he carried on for minutes more before he too looked me in the eye and watched me as I took his semen, fourth time. Never before had I imagined I’d ever experience so much inside me and there actually being this much for real inside me.

I collapsed after that, crumpled into the now-crumpled duvet, and momentarily pulled my legs into me in some pointless attempt at dignity.

Another pair of hands were on me now, and I was too weakened to prevent it even if I’d wanted too. Did I? By now was I ready to stop? Should I stop them? It was Jared making sure he wasn’t going to miss out on all the fun and I, it was obvious, was their fun.

I looked at Cassie again as though asking for permission, or pleading to be released? I wasn’t sure what I was trying to convey any more as, anyway, it seemed I had little choice and she was clearly edge an orgasm before my eyes.

I was still watching her when Jared entered jarring me back into the moment, into my aching, exhausted hips. I truly didn’t think I could last any longer but a wave overwhelmed me as he stretched out my arms then began rolling one nipples between his fingers, then the other. I almost screamed in pain and delight as he began thrusting, almost mercilessly, as or more intently than I’m sure he did Cassie. But then I was staring at his buttocks, now it was my turn all that loomed before me was his chest, his eyes enjoying me and clearly encouraged by an audience.

In a surreal way, I could still feel all of them inside me and what they had left inside, their cum, seed, the rush and thrill, apprehension and now here a fifth time, fifth guy, fifth erection enjoying my submission and all too ready to treat me to his unique flavour of sexual release.

When he did finally cum it was very loud, triumphant, pinning me to the bed that once again brought me to orgasm just before he did. Then I seemed to feel nothing, or kind of, and for a moment or so I was once again staring at his buttocks like I was when he fucked Cassie. I was no longer the one under him. Except I was, I was there, I saw myself as though I’d for that moment left my body, forced out of it by the ecstasy. It was then I saw myself, watched myself, being fucked before my eyes, Jared between my open legs with which I attempted to grip him. I thought I caught my own eye looking back, noticing me, looking at me or through me, I wasn’t sure. Then, all at once I was back inside myself, it threw me, with Jared still above me now in the throes of his last jerks knowing that once again I had fresh cum inside my body and by now it’s warm, white stickiness trickling.

I felt almost bruised as his freely shared his sperm with me deep inside me, draining himself longingly. I was utterly sapped of everything, I almost cried at the effort, the release, the feeling between my thighs, the headiness of the room, their stares, touches, as though making me one of them, or making me theirs, all theirs to enjoy to their hearts content and to bring me out of myself, parts of me they clearly saw, or at least Cassie did, more than I ever did.

As I lay there disorientated I just knew the next day I would feel it all over again, in my own way, in my thighs and hips, my tummy, my pulse will once again quicken at the memory as I will undoubtedly be treating myself to an hours-long hot, steaming bath.

After that night I realised there’s definitely no such thing as normal when it comes to this kind of thing and no matter how much I may hide from this deepest, or even darkest, part of me, it is there and clearly prepared to be unleashed given the right prompting and temptations.

Cassie had clearly got her way and had introduced me to something she believed I needed. She seems to have this spooky insight into people and their deepest desires. One by one the guys left, Jared hanging around to take us home and after an hour of pulling ourselves together, or Cassie helping me too, I was somewhat dazed, bemused, perhaps even a little impressed too at myself, maybe. She clearly was. After they dropped me off at my flat, Cassie turned and said, we must do this again, what do you think?

Well, I couldn’t exactly say no, could I.

~the end~

part of the deal 6

© Emmaleela


  1. as you already know yo love your writing. thank you so much for sharing your talent with all the rest of us. you are one talented writer in my opinion.

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