part of the deal- chapter 4

(continued from “part of the deal- chapter 3”
….. “he gently tugged again, the dress came away, I clearly wasn’t trying hard enough, I knew I wasn’t really stopping it at all, or, I was but something else compelled me, propelled me further into this: whatever this was…”)

My yellow dress slipped from my torso leaving my burgundy strapless bra exposed to their greedy eyes, including Cassie’s. Clearly she was revelling in every moment if her grin was anything to go by as she, along with the others, seemed to relish the idea perhaps that someone else was likely to experience something like if not exactly the same as what she had got.

That someone being me.

I stood rooted to the spot on unsteady legs, I tried to stem the shivering inside as Joes hands played like air over my breast, the top half of my dress now loose around my hips. He reached around undoing the final three buttons which went part way down my bum and pulled the dress down completely encouraging me, or telling me without words, to step out of it.

I just did as I was told leaving me standing naked but for my knickers and bra. I felt self-conscious as this new experience unfolded, one which I didn’t know what to do with, which about I was still unsure, despite the presence, or safety net, of another woman, Cassie. Though quite clearly, she was on their side, having hatched this ‘plan’ to bring me with her.

Had she done this before, I wondered, as Joe stepped close again, this time flanked by Tim, they sat me gently down on the bed and their hands were then moving freely all over me exploring, caressing my small breasts, running down my pale legs, circling my waist, teasing the curves of my hips. It felt as though now they had got me just in my underwear I was theirs, unequivocally theirs. Both my mind and body reeled, confused, pulling in different directions, all this sudden intense attention to me, not Cassie this time.

Joe leaned close to my ear and whispered, Cassie had said you wanted it but were too afraid to ask, I didn’t believe her at first, but now….

Had I said that? Had I even thought that? I took a deep breath. I vaguely remembered conversation I with Cassie a couple of weeks back, she asked about fantasies and I admitted to groups, or gangbangs. I thought in my own mind maybe I was joking, just being mischievous to her probing, now, right here, I wasn’t so sure.

Was this a reckoning, so to speak? One hook, another then another and my bra loosened. My arms rose up defensively, automatically, to stop it falling away but to no avail. Easily, Joe pulled it away with Tim directing my arms back to my sides. I watched myself being undressed now with my aroused nipples on show. I too felt aroused, no longer even tipsy, just electrified by every single touch and breathe in that room. They both played with one each while voyeuristically the others watched. I tried not to faint as progressively my body reacted and warmed increasingly until I felt the tiniest beads of perspiration dapple my skin.

One hand, whose I didn’t know immediately, blatantly slid between my legs and grabbed my sex, fingers wrapping and closing around me. It relaxed again the squeezed again and again, the intimacy so shocking, I felt the lace of my knickers still soft but definitely invited against my pale skin.

I grew moist between my man-handled thighs.

They duly laid me back and down on the bed, my legs also dangling just like Cassie’s had been, with Joe speaking commandingly to say, time to get rid of these then, referring to my knickers. Unceremoniously he pulled at them as I almost made a grab to hold them up. I closed my legs and again, Tim gently held my arms away as Joe’s fingers slipped under the waistband and pulled them from my hips and over my mound of fine light brown hair which I keep neatly tended, fortunately I thought to myself, and away from my thighs completely.

I kept coming back to myself in my mind thinking, what on earth was I doing? I looked over to Cassie who was no help, instead just watched and licked her lips, blowing me a kiss. It probably didn’t help that it had been a while since I’d had sex, of any kind, and I knew deep down I so was craving it. But like this, I hadn’t planned whatsoever.

Both Tim and Joe eased my closed legs open, I felt powerless. Then a single finger slipped into my exposed soft and pink folds and started fingering me slowly, deliberately, seductively, right in front of everyone. My back involuntarily arched straining my muscles while they continued to hold me open wide. I knew I was growing wetter inside and more flushed, not just on my face and my cleavage but where it mattered as the blood rushed around my body at the speed of light.

I noticed one guy wanking while he watched. So blatant they had all become, none seemed to care. Cassie noticed him too and liked what she saw, clearly, as though she knew something I didn’t. Later I discovered she did. It distracted me from Joe who by the time I looked back had his jeans unfastened and pulled down exposing his very hard and angry-looking erection that seemed in no doubt what it wanted and when, which was now.

He was between my legs before I knew it poking his erection against me, my sex, his fingers teasing me open until I felt him slip easily, but tightly inside me. He moved in and out going deeper, inch at a time and I just looked into his eyes almost unbelieving, thinking I might wake up any minute, except I was wide awake and feeling every moment through and through. Was this it? the beginning of a gangbang, if this is what it’s called?

The others watched intently while Joe, showing absolutely no self-consciousness, pushed ever deeper into me holding my legs wide each time. I gasped each time and tried to formulate words but none found completion. I thought I should be saying no; or should I? Cassie had planned all this along, probably with her new guy, Jared. She is making sure I get what she got and that she was there for the entire thing.

Joe began fucking me now in earnest, hard, deep, taking control. My hips shook, moved back and forth with each thrust, each breath we now both shared. My breasts shook, nipple grew ever tighter. Tim held me watching my expressions with a smile. he too smelled hot, sweetly sweaty, the smell of masculine sex.

Deeper urges arose inside me clawing, wanting to scream, but I kept them in, hidden. I felt awkward, clumsy, self-conscious of being on show, being watched for such an intimate act. But this is what this was all about, submitting to a much more primal desire and I was unquestionably submitting every inch of me as every inch of him was inside me, pinning me down, making me accept my fate.

(………. continued in “part of the deal- chapter 5” …………………)

part of the deal 4

© Emmaleela


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