more to come

I love it when you lift my skirt
you call me a tease
maybe a flirt
but I can’t help
my feelings
my skin
the way it shivers
ripples through me
all the way
and out.

I love it when you use those words
you call me a slut
it makes me yearn
for more
of anything
looking down
and watching
your hands your eyes
all over me
finding where I

I love it when you pull me down
turn me over
open me
spread my legs
run your hands
along the fabric
cotton thin
pull their hem
slipping in
your finger
then another
you start to take
me there.

I love it when you strip me
first a button
then a zip
a falling strap
unclasp, unclasp
more and more
I am revealed
naked skin
the heat within
pulled away
each layer teased
and too the floor
you let them

I love it when you pull me back
against your warmth
onto your sex
into my thighs
the stretching
my back you make me
take it all
make me dizzy
almost fall
hold me firm
deeper still
a carnal force
of nature keeps
me on all fours
in me.

I love it when you’re on the edge
just before
those seconds when
your breath ignites
and body tries
to fight the swell
the fire inside
that wants to break
wants to flow
you hold it back
but I just know
it won’t be long
moments now
you thrust
and push
I tighten up
til you surrender
lust unleashed
deep into me
intimate and so

I love it when you whisper soft
“there’s more
to come”
and one by one
invited in
to come just as
you said they would
to fill me
touch me
use me
make me
want it
more yes more
and you will watch
my willingness
my giving all
to this,
I love it when you whisper soft
“there’s more
to come…
yes more”

© Emmaleela


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