(something special for this time of years, a Halloween treat ~x)

o, ghost
you enter me
while I sleep
and make me dream
of fields of tiny fires
which I walk between
my feet I see
my feet I feel
whispers of your embers
your flickering
you tantalise
in disguise
one thing then another
so brief
each affectation,
a wish
an invocation,
your lullabies
draw me through
your shifting lines,
o, ghost
you know me
better than
I know myself
you show me
hold me to my promises,
you goad me
knowing how to make
me bleed,
o, ghost
my breathing doesn’t
make a sound
each flame
licks and skims
skirts my skin
coveting the curves
without a single word
you enter me.

© Emmaleela


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