You know that feeling, the intensity of the insatiable craving for sex, any which way it comes, as raw as it comes, as primal as it comes and can be, even with the first person you see.  Well, within reason anyway, but that right now means right absolutely now.

Desperate as that sounds, and it is, it was me at the weekend.  I freely admit such a misdemeanour of blatant emotional urgency and need, so, let’s keep it between me and you, hush, don’t tell anyone…….

I used to worry, and sometimes till do every now and then, that perhaps I’m oversexed, but then I think maybe I should not worry about it and just go with, which in all honestly is what I usually do. We all have a darknesses and depths within us that need fulfilling, feeding, releasing and when it comes calling one can only surrender. 

I called up a friend to see if she wanted to go to the university student bar, a regular haunt, and she did and I wanted company, or a chaperone, not sure which.   In a pair of skinny blue jeans, ankle boots, fitted black sleeveless tee, a white loose lace edged and a sleeveless blouse over which I wore a thick woolly burgundy cardigan I was ready and rocking.  Scarf and hat, being winter after all.  It hardly sounds like I was dressed to kill, I wasn’t I suppose but I’m not much for wearing the kind of over the top barely covering any skin combinations.

Off I enthusiastically entered the chilly October night ready for, well, anything or almost anything. My brain was a-whirr of thoughts and my body a frazzle of urges greedy for sustenance.

During the evening I’d been eyeing a guy at the bar, another student, a postgrad I think, I’d seen him in some of the same lectures during the term. Tall, olive-skinned, a Mediterranean look, brown eyes, black hair, short but thick, a lean strong face, pretty good build, athletic almost.    We’d previously only exchanged occasional hello’s and smiles.  Tonight, being I felt at least emboldened somewhat by my rampant inner burning desires, I decided tonight’s the night I will ‘bump’ into him, actually say more than two words if I can without drooling.  It’s very forward of me I know but, hormones and all, what can I do. 

With a huge wave of relief he was actually pleased and open when I did so there I was, not exactly abandoning my friends who were immersed in themselves anyway.

Time slipped by, as it does, and all good things like an evening with a hot guy will inevitably come to end, that is, unless…

The longer we chatted the more tactile I noticed we had both become, a brushing of arms, hands, fingers until finally his palm was resting quite familiarly on my leg.  I didn’t move it. Unexpectedly he he leaned in and kissed me straight on my lips. I didn’t resist.  Despite my, shall we call it horniness, I was still taken aback. Not long after this brazen act he suggested we leave and carry on our ‘chat’ in his room in one of the student Halls.  How could I refuse, why would I, so I didn’t, that way would have been madness considering my own internal carnal cravings. A guy I’d just met, well barely knew, perhaps I should have been a little more circumspect, demure, instead off we went to his parlour where I felt decidedly like the fly.

He was on the fourth floor, we were already kissing s soon as we fell into his room door with me even pulling off my own cardigan with a fumbling enthusiasm and promptly getting my head stuck. he gallantly helped extract me without making me feel any more foolish. He copied me and removed his own. All fair in love and war when two bodies collide. Off came hi tee shirt underneath with it leaving him bare and hairy-chested before me. I felt a broad smile covet my visage.

Straight away I realised what i would call smooth-talking hands. We tumbled onto his bed where I found myself beneath all 6 foot and 2 inches of him, and me a mere 5’3 ( and a tiny bit).  I was sat on top straddling him as his hands slipped seductively over my tummy and the rest of my torso then under my blouse which I still retained at that point, and over my bra, his large hands easily cupping my breasts.  Something inside me crumbled, my resolve I guessed, turned to particles of dust. We kissed again and again as I my hips squirmed against his.

I was dangerously, hornily unhinged but kept myself from completely imploding.

As I came up for air his slide around my waist proceeding to raise and remove my blouse clean away, then my tee-shirt, leaving my blue bra as meagre covering. I was on automatic unzipping his jeans, like not being in control of my own actions, confusing, intense, exciting.  I wasn’t going to end this night without at least taking a peek at the very least.   His equally-wayward hands unfasten the top button of my jeans, tugged down the zip as far as it could go considering I was straddling him.  I pulled his jeans and down his legs, his navy blue trunks more than straining to keep his monster at bay.

I caught the scent of the beast within when he flipped me over onto my back: easy for him considering the size difference.  Now very much at his mercy he continued returning the favour he wrestled me out of my skinny blue jeans, my boots having been discarded back at the door.   I lifted my buttocks and they came easily away leaving just my burgundy-laced knickers, and of course my bra. His large hands slid back up my bare exposed legs opening me, and his hands actively exploring my underwear then gripping my sex and squeezing. My back arched like a reflex to the sensations it incited. He continued pushing the material between my labia showing him clearly the shape of things to come, or cum. I felt eyes nearly pop out of my head. I was becoming very moist there, unsurprisingly as my excitement soaked into them.

He urged them even deeper: it was dizzying.

He kissed my breasts pulling one strap down then the cup wrapping his warm lips around my nipple which responded growing erect as he nibbled and rolled it between his teeth. I gritted my teeth to a hiss.  I arched again, my nipple trapped between his teeth, sinking my fingers into his back almost breaking the skin. We writhed, looking for our rhythm , the heat of the moment enveloping us, binding us the path we were on, all the way, all the way. 

His fingers slipped around the elastic on my knickers, and began to slow, slowly, slip them down, as though making the most of every moment, and serving to make me shudder as I knew he was about to reveal yet more intimacies. They came away as I watched his face, licking his lips, I took deep breaths.

I slipped my hands beneath his shorts and felt how tight his buttocks were.  His buried his face in my breasts, tasting me, biting me, sucking each one in turn.  His fingers also enjoyed me as I enjoyed them fucking me deeply as he’d slipped aside my knickers, my legs spread, warm, willing, inviting. It wasn’t long before I was sensing his substantial erection making contact with my inner thigh.

I felt so tiny beneath his frame, overshadowed, barely seeing anything but him as I looked up. I felt his hands, fingers lips, breath all over me, searching, finding, taking, using. I dragged his shorts and yanked them down.  One peek glimpsed the substantial girth of his erection.  Will he fit, I wondered.  His circumcised tip smeared with glistening temptation, he leaned back and duly obliged in doing the same to my knickers as I’d down to his shorts, and down, down they came. Any modesty be damned by this stage. Finally he unhooked my bra, removed it and slung it across the room. I suppose I will find it later, after the storm.

His mouth moved form one nipple to the other, both now intensely sensitive. He forced open my thighs, not that they needed much, if any, forcing. His over-sized erection hovered, throbbed, twitched, slid over my mound smearing me in precum, down the line between my folds and without hesitating moved right inside me, slippery, moist, his head stretching me until he popped inside and moved deep into my tightness. Initially I felt quite stretched, I relaxed as much of the tension as I could and it grew easier, which was just as well as it felt like he was still growing too.  I winced, he stopped, but I told him to keep going, don’t stop, whatever I do, don’t stop. Inside me he went, pulling back, sliding in, pulling back, my hips equally his motions. As we continued I felt much more able to accommodate all of his cock, every single inch of him, helped by some clever hip-realignment.

He felt so, so good, It felt so, so amazing.

Without lingering he let his passions get the better of him and started to fuck me, we started to fuck vigorously. Just what I wanted, what I needed. My thoughts did somersaults and my hips bucked against his wantonly, showing him how much I also, as with him, wanted this to go all the way to the edge and beyond. He dove into me again and again shaking my entire body and the bed which creaked at the effort of staying on one piece.

It was feeling like he had no brakes, no gears, one speed: intense. I want, I want, I want, I kept hearing my inner voice screaming. I pulled at him, closer, insanely, a mad woman, every thrust almost winding me gripping him letting him do what he wanted.  My nails gripped his buttocks making him ever-more aggressively and excitably in driving into me. I thought my legs were about to come off with the effort. In between breaths I swore, fuck, fuck, fuck.    I was sweating, he was sweating, I exploded unexpectedly, an orgasm overwhelming sooner than expected prompting my thighs too tighten on his cock which made him fuck me even harder. My insides were now like jelly, hypersensitive, .  But we were too far gone to stop.    His pace quickened along with his breathing as his cock grew thicker inside me.  I cum again while he watched me from up above and smiled, quickening again the pace. He still hadn’t cum but am sure was edging himself to make it last, or maybe also to give me as much pleasure as I needed.How considerate, I thought.

Soon though I felt hips hips begin to give way, his body more rigid, he fell flat against me, wrapped me in his arms and bucked his hips fiercely, his hold body now held me in a vice-like grip, but then so did my legs which to stop them being flung to the side I wrapped as tight as I could and held on. I felt afterwards I would be almost bruised from this, but it would be worth it. Then he exploded, his entire body gave it away, all the signs, the heat between my thighs increased, the sound between us changed and he kept going, fucking, colliding, ensuring every single last drop of his tsunami semen found its way from him into me. I had yet another orgasm which was almost painful in its intensity as I felt trickles between my legs. he was still fucking the last vestiges of his cum into my exhausted body as I still lay beneath him, at his mercy. My legs slackened from his hips, they were shaking uncontrollably. So much cum, I thought, he must had given so much, most of which now filled my sweating thighs.

He was drained, so was I, he stayed for several minutes between my floppy but still quivering pale legs, both of us gasping for air and sharing secret grins, the smell of our combined sex was pungent. His erection receded followed by yet more warm trickling of his very ripe cum. Off me he slid and to my side, his earlier impressive sex retreating but still remaining notable.  We grinned again, we had both needed this, and we got what we needed utterly. We lay there spooning until drifting off, the feel of his warmth against me, comforting, by next morning I didn’t remember any dreams I had that night, but I do remember we hadn’t moved an inch and was feeling something decidedly large attracting my attention from behind.

No strings, just pure unfettered fun. A one-off? Perhaps, or maybe not.

© Emmaleela


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