I did what you told me

I did what you told me, I couldn’t say no, in a moment of weakness I made a promise, that’s how I know. I know because when I make a promise I always go through with it as best as I can, no matter it is, I never hold back and I made a promise and you knew that.

You told me, you asked me would I take risks for money and I said, depends, depends on the risk, you said, sexually, I said, what do you mean by sexually, you said, naughty, risqué, go to the edge, that’s what you said, for money, I said, yes, probably, you grinned with a glint in your eye, or maybe there wasn’t but in my head it rhymed so that’s what I remember, a glint, a glint in your eye, perhaps a hint of mischievous.

I should’ve seen, should’ve noticed before, before I accepted your challenge but, but, you see you knew you had me just where you wanted me to be, on the spot, boxed into a corner, a chat that progressed and evolved into something much more, something beyond the screen, beyond the cams, beyond the pixels, so, yes, I accepted feeling almost confident in myself, that I’d come out on top of this conversation but little did I know.

I did what you told me, you told me on a particular day at a particular time to go out at midday, okay so far, go out at that time wearing a dress, a short ‘ish dress but perhaps not too short though not too demure, still okay so far, wear stockings, black and sheer, a seed of a doubt crept into my mind not that I object to them, not at all, I enjoy sometimes the feel of them, how they cling to my skin, my thighs, but I wondered now where this was going no you’d got so specific. Regardless, I nodded thinking this isn’t so bad until you said, you said, and don’t wear any panties, you said, you said, don’t wear any panties.

I must’ve looked shocked as you then said, is that a problem, after all, you made a promise and told me once a promise if made you go all the way to wherever it leads, an afternoon, just an afternoon with me. I had to agree, couldn’t argue, you were right of course, I had agreed, more than agreed, I promised not knowing exactly what I had promised, this I now know.  So, you said, so, I said, well, you said, and I just nodded, I had to, I had to do what you told me just this time, just this once, I had agreed, I had promised.

To what had I promised, to a tryst, a tryst with the next best thing to a stranger, him, in a public place and pretend we hadn’t met before. I know what you’re thinking, I must be crazy and yes, thinking back I probably was. But I was cocky when I first agreed, and there was the promise of money for what was probably going to be simple and innocent, a laugh, an adventure, a what the hell you only live once. It was all those, except far from innocent.

We hadn’t met before, just through the screen, so in a sense you said you were still a stranger as I knew little of you and you knew little of me, part of the thrill, and once in 3D would we even recognise each other. You said you would, I thought I would, you were more certain.

Though I had my doubts I did what you told me, as well you know, as I am guessing you knew I would. I couldn’t resist. I couldn’t deny the adrenalin rush that I felt so I dressed pulled on my stockings, my suspender belt, both as requested and didn’t wear any panties. I slipped into my dress, short but not too obscenely so, of black and white check half way between my hips and my knees. I’d done it before, not wore knickers when out and about, but always of my own choice, for my own amusement, and this is what I was telling you when you basically set me this dare.

You said to meet you, I said, where, you said, I’ll be sitting and waiting in the town park, third bench along on the left from the bus stops, I said, okay, you said, walk right past as though you don’t know me, I said, why, you said, don’t worry, and that you will follow, you wanted to watch me as I walked around town for a bit, I said, strange and kinky, don’t you think? You said, yes, for sure, why not?

I had to agree. I was excited, feeling a buzz as I got the bus into town and then entered the park which was busy, lunchtime, that felt good, safety in number though strangely I wasn’t worried about you, you instilled trust, or as much as I think that I needed. I knew that wherever this lead it would be fine, and quite possibly fun. The feel of the air under my dress played on my thighs as I walked knowing what I knew and you knew too but no one else knew, what was there not to enjoy.

I saw, you, you looked, surreptitiously. I felt a frisson of warmth up my legs and was glad you didn’t insist on heels. I wore ankle boots, flats, black leather, as I rarely wore heels and at this time of day would feel strange for me. You respected my choice as long as I wore the rest, and in the case of panties, not at all.

I felt good, strangely empowered. I caught a look of approval in your glance, a glance which suggested I keep walking past, don’t stop, don’t sit, walk right past. I did, without looking back but I knew, I knew, don’t ask me how, I knew the moment you’d stood up and started to follow, ten or twelve feet behind, maybe a little more as I wove through the paths until I came into the cenotaph square from where the high street rose up past the church, not too steep and you kept close behind.

A buzz on my phone, your text read at the next set of steps up onto the Victorian rows take them to the top and turn right. I did. I sensed and knew you were mere feet behind now as I walked up the worn stones steps now keenly aware of how from below he might see just that little bit more . I smoothed my dress down though too little effect as each step up moved it inches up my thighs.

At the top I turned right, you followed, I smiled to myself then a text, it read, stop at the next shop and window-shop. I did what you said and out of the corner of my eye I saw you too had stopped, leaned on the railing as though nothing was happening and at first I didn’t take in what this shop was, then I saw, a lingerie shop Actually, more than that, an erotic lingerie shop, actually more than that, a erotic lingerie and accessories shop. Part of the plan I suppose, the dare.

Another text, walk on, down the next steps and back onto the street, turn left and go into the next café bar on the left, and choose a table, any will do. I did what you said and sat, ordered a coffee and then you walked in, sat at the next table facing me as I faced you, closer now, I saw you and you saw me, I gave a small smile, you did too, we now inhabited the same space and between us the air shimmered with anticipation, expectation. You looked me in the eyes then lowered you gaze to where under the table my stockinged legs were crossed, giving my pale skin a darker shade of sheer, as I knew and you knew that further up I wore no panties.

I did what you told me and I thought this might be all.

A text: Go to the toilet and choose the cubicle at the furthest end, you would follow me in. At first I thought, how? How could he follow me into the girls without causing a stir when I noticed they were unisex.  So, well, I had promised the whole afternoon to his charade, his game, his escapade, so crazy as it seemed I went in where there were mirrors to the right and cubicles to the left. I chose the one suggested which was luckily vacant.

I closed and locked the door inside which was full-contained, a toilet, a sink, towels, spacious in fact but then this was an upmarket café bar. Then buzz, another text, unlock the door, it read, and face the back wall. I did, took a deep breath. The main door opened, I guessed it was you, it was, then behind me the cubicle door opened and in you came. Who else could it be? I turned my head but you said to keep facing the wall. I did. I heard the door lock being slid into place behind him.  I heard his breathing. I heard mine, and the quiet piped music, adding a bizarre ambience.

It was clean, spotless, which I was pleased about, being fussy about such things. But you knew that and must have chosen it deliberately. Of course you chose it, deliberately in fact, I now wondered was I the first you had chosen it for?

I’d promised a whole afternoon with you for whatever you wanted to do and for which you were going to pay me. How could I refuse, I could’ve of course, but I didn’t and here I was, you were, we were.

After a minute I felt your hands on my waist, up and down, up and down, ruffling my dress, down over my hips, up and down, up and down, again you whispered keep facing the wall. I did what you told me. It’s as though you knew I would, knew I was an intensely sexual being, with strong sexual urges that when directed just right could go just about anywhere. We were going anywhere, I could feel that.

Up and down his hands, his breath catching the back of my neck. You reached around and began unbuttoning my dress from the top, each button didn’t resist. I didn’t resist. Strangely enough it didn’t by now cross my mind. Once open to my waist your hands went over my breasts and pulled my back against you and kneaded firmly through my black bra, feeling the lace, fingertips brushing my cleavage, until one hand slip inside and felt how excited my nipples had grown. I tried to keep quiet as didn’t want anyone to know we were here for obvious reason, and the only sound he made was his breathing, measured and quite enticing.

You leaned me onto the wall where I braced myself with my arms and your hands went down again, down over my hips and you started to pull up my dress. I braced and felt it lifting until your hands were over my buttocks and teasing suspender elastic and tracing the top line of my stockings. I felt your breath deepen. I heard someone come into the toilets.

We stopped, frozen. After a few minutes they were gone, you resumed roaming over my thighs from behind me your hand slipped over my mound and closed over me there a finger slipping inside me. I bit hard my lip, held back a scream. My legs still held me, as did you. I half-turned my face, your finger went deeper. I jolted as in and out you went making my thighs moisten with every motion.

I was drawn into your rhythm as you fingered and pulled me against you until you made me cum, so suddenly as to almost take myself by surprise. The build-up, I tightened and you held me, I sucked in a huge gulp of air, and another and another. You parted my legs a few inches and slipped a hand between them and started rubbing me all over again. I almost stopped you I felt so tender by now but you didn’t let me. Our whispers said nothing, you rubbed me hard and I knew another orgasm would happen soon. My dress hitched up when you leaned me over further pushing my hips closer to you. Just when I was thinking, am glad there was so much room in here, I felt your erection push into the backs of my thighs, wet, sticky, definitely hard, guiding yourself into my sex and you entered hard.

You thrust against me, hard into me, I pushed back feeling you sink deeper. You grabbed my hips and we started to fuck. I still hadn’t looked in your eyes. We started to fuck. I still hadn’t seen you close up. We started to fuck, and fuck, you were in me.
I felt you,
you felt me,
you took me,
I let you.
I no longer cared where we were. Every other thrust would touch me inside in just the right place and I surrendered, or caved in to another orgasm, flowing over you as we fucked, my hips in spasm, my body so fully alive. Your fingers dug into my hips and we fucked, we fucked for minutes on end.

I felt you growing inside me, felt a heat rising between my thighs and then you cum, you spilled yourself, your seed, into me clearly holding back your own wail and with one final thrust made sure I had it all.

For several minutes we seemed frozen in time, as though neither of us could believe what just happened, or that’s what I thought, perhaps you did. I felt you twitching and then you were gone from my thighs and I was left holding the wall, or it held me. I heard the door unlock, open, and then close. You were gone. I hadn’t turned around. I sat on the toilet, waiting for my legs to return and noticed money on the side of the sink. Wow, I thought, what does this make me?

A text, you sent a kiss and just these words, I kept my promise as you did yours, all’s fair in pleasure shared.

© Emmaleela


  1. Gosh that was just sensational
    The pic to close, simply sensual divinity
    Thank you 😊 for pleasuring my dirty mind

    Liked by 1 person

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