part of the deal- chapter 1

It started off a normal night out, as most were, I went out with a new friend I’d met a few weeks earlier, Cassie. She was very outgoing, talk to anyone and hyper kind of person, very friendly, approachable, as she had been and was with me; a hugger but not in a creepy way.

We were the same age, 18, and definitely early in my experiences of anything and all things sexual. I, as most of us are then, was still finding my feet, what I liked, who I liked, as I still am now have discovered it’s a never-ending learning process. Thankfully because it never gets boring and I’ve never yet run out of finding and experiencing new things of such nature, and of my nature.

She said we were going to a party we’d both been invited too, or she had, and didn’t want to go alone even though she would know others there she wanted to take me along too, meet her friends, some of which it turned out she’d had not long known having met them just before she met me. She described them and seems she’d been out with them a couple of times, mostly two other girls and a few lads, she said. She’d been exchanging texts and photos with one in particular, Jared. I got the impression she might have her eye on him and as such wanted me as a kind of chaperone if it all turned out she’d got mixed signals, which seemed fair enough, girl-power and all.

So we went casually but not too shabbily-dressed, she wearing a fairly bold diagonal-patterned, black & white bandeau mini dress and heels; low ones, but still a heel. I opted for slightly more subtle, a crop-top, scuba skater mini (‘ish) dress with thin shoulder straps, though not one as short as Cassie’s. not being one for heels usually, particularly high ones, whatever they may do for my diminutive height, I went for flat ankle boots. The dress a subdued yellow (if yellow can ever be subdued), of an abstract-flower pattern, light and airy, loose, ideal for summer, which it was. I threw a faded yellow denim jacket over the top while Cassie wore a short black, leather jacket, hinting at ‘biker-chic’.

We caught the bus and got to where we met Jared with a couple of his other friend, Tim and Oz. They were older than us, perhaps mid-twenties, with Oz being perhaps thirty-something, though he didn’t look it just gave that air. It’s possible too we appeared older to them, not that it’d matter, we were all legal and such for anything, pretty much. They were immediately friendly and once introductions were quickly over we set off walking to the party around the corner but first of all the pub, a usual tradition of having at least one before getting to any party.

When we got to the house there weren’t actually many people there and Jared said it’s just a small get-together and maybe a few more will be along later. I was enjoying it now after initial apprehension of meeting new people, who proved themselves to be easy-going making me and Cassie feel quickly included. Cassie seemed in her element as I’d learned early on she did quite like being the centre of attention and could handle it very well: a natural performer.

Later, me and Cassie were slumped on a sofa and she confessed that one or two of the texts she’d exchanged with Jared were best described as ‘risque’, or more obviously, naughty. One was even of her showing off one boob, naked, which she told me he’d admittedly asked her for, no obligation of course but she did anyway. She is like that.  I was kind of shocked, initially anyway, but then she joked if off teasing me as a prude. I felt maybe she was partly right but realised she boldly found it very liberating, and I slowly came to understand why.

I’d never done such a thing so wasn’t, in truth, the best to judge her, though I started to wonder if I would.

She went off to the loo noticeably tipsy, and in fact so was I. One guy, Joe, who I’d met earlier that night came over, slumped with me on the sofa and started chatting. All the while I’d been noticing a group of four other girls who largely kept themselves to themselves, but we had exchanged smiles on and off. As the evening progressed they had largely melted into the background. I didn’t think anything of it until after half an hour Cassie hadn’t returned so I mentioned this to Joe and he suggested we go check on her.

Upstairs I found the bathroom empty and heard noises from one of the other rooms, a bedroom. I peeked in and there was Cassie with four guys including Jared. She was sat on the edge of the bed, looking tipsy, grinning and looking very, very relaxed while Jared sat next to her and was stroking her hair. She seemed quite contented but then there was the others also stood or sat close. We walked in and they glanced over and saw me. I gave an awkward smile believing I might’ve been interrupting something so was about to leave but Jared then spoke to say, stay. He said the party had inadvertently moved into here and I should stay and hang. Cassie grinned, waved, motioned me to do so, so I did. I stayed stood watching her and Jared and the others all now in this much smaller and more intimate space.

I then heard Jared boldly ask her expose her boob, for real. She said, she would but, just to him. He convinced her not to mind them and go for it anyway. Following a little coaxing which I watched with increased feelings of tension in my legs. She looked towards me, grinning, as though for reassurance, I’m not sure, though I couldn’t give her any, being partly shocked, in disbelief and also not believing she would anyway and it wouldn’t matter. He encouraged convincingly some more, and he was very convincing, even promising the others would look away: as if!

Whatever her reasoning she eventually succumbed, despite both her and I knowing they wouldn’t look away, she pulled down on half of her bandeau dress to show them one boob in a black strapless bra. Jared then said, now the bra.  It surprised me but, with less hesitation this time, she did and showed him her 34b: and guess what, none of them looked away, instead they were transfixed, as was I but for different reasons.

I was gobsmacked, five men and me all looking at her, me her face to gauge her reaction and them, well obvious what they were glued too. Cassie seemed oblivious to any immodesty proudly exposing her very beautiful nipple and breast to everyone there. After a minute or two she rearranged herself back to decent.

Jared leaned her onto the bed from her sitting position and started kissing her at which she greedily accepted. I’d had a feeling about her since meeting her that she was definitely bold and confident but this is far from what I was expecting. It was clear that whatever else she was already very horny. I noticed her skirt had slipped up a bit with the way she partially laid and could just revealing charcoal-grey knickers. I felt I should go over and pull the hem down or throw a big cushion over her restore some dignity, but I’d guessed that perhaps at this point she didn’t care one way or the other. The kiss became increasingly wild, clearly tongue-deep, a frenzy of lips, while the guys kept watching, occasionally casting glances over to me where I stood even more frozen to the spot.

I looked to Joe and he simply smiled back then continued watching this show. Jared sat up and ran his hand up her dress and over her boobs and around her waist then kissed her again. One of the others sat next to them and began caressing her arms, one and then the other, gently. Jared sat up bringing Cassie back to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. She was flushed, beaming, looking like she’d just experienced the best kiss of her life.

Jared reached around and began unzipping her dress to which she asked what he was doing. He stopped with her zip part down and said, you’ll see. She seemed for a moment uncertain, but then, to my surprise said coyly, okay. He continued pulling down her zip came until he and the other guy could tug her dress down over her bra to her waist. Back she was laid until they could more easily pull it down her hips so they could remove it completely: which they did with surprising ease.

What about me? Wat was I doing? I just stood stock-still, as though held in place by an invisible force. I thought maybe I should have said something; put a stop to it, maybe? Clearly though Cassie wouldn’t have wanted me too, she seemed to actually be enjoying it and each time she caught my eye grinned almost mischievously.

Once her dress was removed completely and discarded Jared looked at her up and down, admiringly I guessed, she was beautiful after all, and then he looked towards me. At that I caught Cassie’s eye with an almost, maybe we should go look, but it seemed obvious from her eyes she had no intention of leaving just yet. It was though she was playing a game of dare, or something like, with herself. Maybe she was more in control than I thought, perhaps I was underestimating her.  Jared winked at me and turned his attentions back to Cassie. Meanwhile I reaised Joe had sidled closer to my side, almost pretty much brushing against me.

Cassie’s partly lay there just now in her underwear and all of them, and me, watched the Cassie and Jared Show, with what seemed to be a growing number of active participants in the other guys. I still didn’t move, flee or whatever. I think I was discovering just how far Cassie’s outgoing nature went: further than anything I’d ever done.

Jared and one of the others began to run their hands over her, fondling pretty much everywhere being shy at first then less so at the time passed. Her breathing was visibly more excited than it was while intermittently she and Jared kissed, avariciously, almost at time eating each other. She seemed to be enjoying the attention, all of it, any inhibitions she’d had were clearly falling away layer by layer. There she was, half-naked in a room full of men, men clearly now as or more excited than her from the way the restlessly moved and watched and even one or two touching themselves.

Was this an orgy? I thought to myself. Jared whispered in her ear clearly encouraging her His was the first hand to actually touch her breast. They were mid-kiss and she visibly pressed her lips harder on his as he did. He didn’t ask her this time as he pulled one bra cup away from her breast revealing once again her beautiful nipple and aureole. I shifted restless, partly uncomfortable and partly trying not admitting how actually turned on I was feeling. . She leaned with her elbows back on the bed blatantly being caressed partly exposed, on show. Jared didn’t stop there, he pulled the other cup away before she had time to say yes or no, her breasts completely on display, and her now pert nipples inviting fingers and lips, as far as Jared was concerned anyway.

I think possibly as a reflex she tried to reach her arm across the, albeit a bit late, but one or was it two, I couldn’t be sure as they all were so close to her now, held both arms. Admittedly it was a little half-hearted as Jared kissed her again forcefully to which she seemed to respond equally.

His hand swiftly slipped between her thighs and without warning began rubbing her vigorously. I’m sure she would have vaulted backwards across the bed except she was held there now. She was buried in Jared’s kiss and pinned by his hand parting her legs. Her eyes opened large, she broke the kiss and looked at me biting her lip: she was clearly surprised, as I was, and intensely aroused, as admittedly I was too, at the same time. Her legs opened further, dangling as they were over the edge of the bed as he kept stimulating her through her knickers while all the guys watched, obviously getting more into this by the minute.

Oz then got more hands on and pulled at her knickers to which she tried to prevent, albeit half-heartedly: as in, not really. By now Joe had his arm around me. When did that happen? I hadn’t noticed so mesmerised I was by what was beginning to feel like something not real, like I was watching a screen. I started to think that maybe she wanted this, and it’s why she came tonight, why we came, she knew exactly or at least had an idea this or something like could happen.

I looked at the scene, speechless, but my face said, no way! Until Jared turned around and said, quite calmly having read my expression that they’d agreed it weeks ago, or at least in part, that tonight would be a chance for some real fun.  Yet all the while Cassie had said nothing about it to me. The he added that it’s also why she brought me along, as part of the deal…..

(continued in “part of the deal- chapter 2” …………….)

part of the deal 1

© Emamaleela


  1. Hey gorgeous
    Missed you

    I read this while holding my breath…Then exhaled deeply at the end
    Then I thought…damn..did I write this or did she?!
    ..we are so …aligned in our desires
    Loved every word

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