part of the deal- chapter 2

(continued from “part of the deal- chapter 1”……
….“yet all the while Cassie had said nothing about it to me. The he added that it’s also why she brought me along, as part of the deal…………” )

I must have looked more than wide-eyed, and perhaps a little prudish in my horrified stare. I didn’t want to admit my naivety. I knew about sex and wasn’t a virgin, with girls or boys, I knew I was bisexual and had had flings with both sexes, including one-night stands and suchlike. I was, admittedly, sexually highly driven but no nymphomaniac.

But here, doing this, I felt my inexperience glaring back at me in the eyes of all who watched me now, watching for my reaction. Clearly Cassie had already fucked Jared, that much I worked out, but not in the presence of others I was sure, not like this, nor in front of me and I never thought she would but here she was, here we were, here I was caught in this whirling set of events and hands now enjoying her quite freely.

It became obvious really soon she was very much getting into it. Jared was still kissing her and now three of them surrounded her fondling different parts of her now very exposed body. And she had a beautiful body, that I must admit and that I’d noticed before how not just magnetic a personality she had but physically most sensual. He rubbed her until she had grown clearly wet as the stain on her knickers revealed before Oz finally won the tug-o-war with her underwear. She was clearly committed to this course of whatever was going to happen next was going to happen and she would do nothing to stop it.

Her neat, trimmed dark pubic hairs barely covered her sex, which is something all the other noticed too. The temperature in the room had just gone up several degrees as far as I was concerned as I felt my skin prickling all over now, feeling like it might actually set me on fire.

One of them rubbed himself through his jeans, his bulge growing obviously larger by the minute. The only place to look now for me was at Cassie, almost engulfed by them now leaning over her unashamedly feeling her now naked body, fingers found her secret places, one now licking and flicking her nipple. She began writhing now and likely oblivious to me and my apparent discomfort, behaving like some sex-starved mad woman: still, I watched.

Joe by now had his arm around my waist. I didn’t question it and he was at least holding me up on my now shaking legs while witnessing an outbreak of intense sexual energy manifesting before me.

Jared sat up, for the second time looked to me, winked, then turned to the others and saying, okay, me first.

He lifted Cassie’s hips, parting her legs easily and parted Cassie’s legs. She was now staring up at him, on her back with one of them carefully holding her arms. He pulled down his jeans to his knees gave me an eye-full of his taut naked buttocks as he moved between her thighs and then pushed gently s I hear her expel a moan, one of obvious pleasure as he slipped inside her. I became almost hypnotised by his buttocks moving, tensing, pulling back, fucking Cassie and her hips now moving against his best she could. She moaned again and again, sometimes a gasp, sometimes a word like, fuck! He seemed not phased at all by having an audience, and it seems neither was she.

Should I have intervened at this point, or even before? I was out of my depth surely. We could have got out of there before, before this really got crazy, as it clearly had now. She wouldn’t have forgiven me though if I had, that much is now obvious: “part of the deal”, someone said earlier. Me? Her? What a spectacle and what did he mean by “me first”?

In the back of my mind I had a good idea what it meant but didn’t want it coming to the front of my thoughts. His buttocks moved stronger now, faster, their muscles flexing madly. I felt drawn to them, staring, until after a time he let out a deep satisfied groan, a few more thrusts, hard and sure and one final one then stopped, exhaled, stayed where he was for another minute, as it was obvious he’d cum inside her. She had also simultaneously gave out a small whimper which I guessed was her having an orgasm and stopped with a final deep thrust as he cum inside her, no condom, just bare naked primal and raw.

Finally he stood pulling out and from between her glistening pale thighs which she pulled together and as she did I caught a glimpse of white sperm leaking from her and smeared on her mound. But almost instantly Oz was there between her legs now, towering over her having switched position from holding her arms steady. This is what they meant by “…me first”.

This could easily turn into a gangbang, I just knew it by then.

He was soon also fucking Cassie quickly, much more so than Jared, no slow start just aim and slide inside her which he seemed do so easily on what Jared had left behind. I would have said she seemed oblivious but she wasn’t, she was, I suppose, on a roll, happy to oblige and well into it by now, I’d guessed. He lasted longer than Jared and once again I was faced with bare buttocks and glimpse of his balls between his legs each time he pulled back, but then thrust ever faster and deeper into Cassie. Once again she surrendered to her own orgasm, and by this point I felt almost on the verge of one myself though I hadn’t let my hands go anywhere near myself and tried to not think about, but failing.

I began breathing in time with Cassie without thinking. I was captivated, aroused too. I tried not to make it obvious to them all. Her legs shuddered quite violently this time to her own release, her knees now elevated and held by Oz while he continued fucking her until he too couldn’t hold back any longer and filled her body with his warmth.

So this was the ‘deal’, the deal she was part of: and my part was, what? To watch?

Again, no gap between Oz and the next guy whose name I didn’t know was spreading Cassie’s thighs and entering her body. Another pair of buttocks, one that was more hairy than the others. I got to see his cock just before he did from side-on, also hairy and quite well-proportioned big from what I remember. He looked at me briefly, I blushed, he grabbed his member and placed himself between her dripping vagina and was inside before I could take another breath. Cassie let out an almost-scream and lurched at the size of him. A huge grin swept across her face and they eventually found their rhythm and started fucking, like the others except he grunted with every thrust, reminding me of some tennis players I’ve watched at Wimbledon who make a similar sound every they serve or hit the ball.

My legs were barely holding me up now and leaned heavily on Joe. I should have left at this point, Cassie was clearly fine and extremely happy and had no intention going anywhere. I didn’t. I stayed. This was what she came for, group sex, a gangbang, and she’d never told me instead keeping it to herself. She wanted me here to be some kind of chaperone perhaps? Though I was somewhat out of my comfort zone so not too sure what I could do as she seemed to be just getting on with sating herself utterly and completely with one man after another.

I knew I was trembling, partly from apprehension and partly because I too was feeling aroused, excited even, by it all, buy seeing Cassie in full sexual abandon. I envied her too, her confidence and boldness. I’d never seen anything like this and had only imagined was something scripted in cheap porn videos.

Nameless guy finally ejaculated what must have been an astonishing load from the sound he made when he did being now the third to have fucked Cassie, and that she’d fucked. Surely she would stop now. He stepped away and I couldn’t help notice that even wilting he was still a lot larger than most I’d seen before.

Jared, now standing just a foot away looked at me and grinned, raised an eyebrow, looking as though he was reading my face, my reaction, my blushing. I tried to hide the rush of emotions bordering on sheer thrill inside me. I was watching my friend not just having sex but having a gangbang and loving it. He kept his eyes on me as a fourth man manoeuvred himself towards Cassie who still lay there flagrantly naked and baring all……

(… continued in “part of the deal- chapter 3” ……………………)

part of the deal 2

© Emmaleela


  1. You certainly enjoyed the whole situation. 😉 Wasn’t there a sting of envy with every him released inside of her?

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