shock and awe (the second bit)

(… continued from “shock and awe (the first bit)” ……..
He stood behind holding firm almost as though showing me off to the room. In a sense maybe he was. Then a voice from somewhere enthusiastically said…. take off your bra…..)

I almost choked at this and instantly thought…. absolutely no way….. enough had to be enough. But then the guy with me whispered… good idea, you should, or… a hesitation… I will….. then, his mouth an inch away from my ear… after all, you’ve come this far so why not, it’s not much to ask and anyway I bet you won’t regret it; it’s now or never Emma….

I didn’t immediately doing anything other than what I was, moving gently to the sounds, instead I kept telling myself…. no way….. I laughed, nervously, telling myself it was all a ruse to see how far I’d go and no one was really serious…. take it off… that voice again was soon followed by a fingers fumbling one by one they unhooking my bra. I responded quickly raising my arms to the cups and hold it on place as the last hook gave way… oops!…came the voice…. now you’ll have to take it off.

I didn’t follow that logic and could easily reach around and make myself decent again. I kept a hold of it against me stubbornly at first but found it impossible to resist his determined hands pulling them away letting my bra fall away of its own volition, straps slipping down my arms exposing my 32C breast. What shocked me the most at that very moment was the realisation my nipples were very aroused. This was embarrassing.

The tempo of the music changed and I was left standing topless in just knickers and ankle boots and my hands uselessly, half-heartedly really, trying to cover myself…. dance Emma… a disembodied voice. I was no longer focusing on individual faces… dance Emma, that’s all we ask then you can put your clothes back on… my clothes were now nowhere to be seen. I considered it and thought… ok... after which I get my clothes back and all done. Self-consciously I let the music flow through me and over me like it had earlier but this time feeling my almost total nakedness, in articular my boobs, nipples, on show. I closed my eyes and slow-swayed trying to forget the avaricious gazes almost touching me, intense and focused as they were. My hips felt warm, stomach tense, nipples tingling, thighs very moist though I didn’t dare touch.

Someone was behind me again whispering again…. take them off….

What?… I thought rather innocently for a moment.

Take them off or I will…. those same words but now I realised what he meant; the only shred of modesty left, my knickers. I was sure for a moment he, they, wouldn’t dare. His hands placed on my hips, playfully fingering the elastic until one slipped two slipped under the waistband, the two at which he distinctly said… should I?… there was an enthusiastic response from the others in the room and all I thought was, do I not have a say in this?

Last chance… he said again… will you or, will I?…. I wasn’t really being given a choice. He wouldn’t dare; again I tried to convince myself.

Everything then seemed to go into slow-motion, including my reactions which attempted to hold my knickers on but by then his fingers had slid into them fully cupping my buttocks which was like some kind of shock and awe, like a bolt of electricity startling me. I grabbed at them, probably not very effectively as he started pulling them away from my bum. I felt overwhelmed now, dizzy with mixed emotions tearing through me at the sped of sound and surrendered them, though I don’t know why. They came then easily away from my hips and thighs and my sex to which a cocktail of panic and arousal cascaded around me as they were stripped down and from down my legs making me step free of them now fully exposing me to everyone. I didn’t know where to put my hands, or any part of me.

They all seemed to look on approvingly at my 5’3” of nakedness now stripped of every thread. He began swaying me again his hands now glued to my hips making them hotter even where his hands weren’t, parading me. Not even any pubic hair, which I keep assiduously shaved, to cover me. Never before had I felt so embarrassed, vulnerable, but also surprisingly intensely excited.

Without a word I was cunningly manoeuvred to a table which previously had held food, a buffet, which was actually very nice, lots of Vegan things I recall, but now all that was on it was me on my stomach, my pale bum very clearly on show. I started to resist but something inside didn’t want too, so my attempts came to nothing. His hand was between my thighs just above my knees, exploring the soft and sensitive part for anyone’s body. Caressing, touching, feeling, encouraging my legs apart, his hand was soon replaced by his hips stood between holding me open. His hand gripped interlacing in one of mine, his other playing between my naked thighs guiding his erection against me.

I had a flight or fight moment as I felt it touch my sex and start inserting itself into my willingly but tight folds. Then the voice… you clearly need to get laid Emma, well this is your lucky night... I winced as he entered me, the head of his erection bulbous and clumsy-feeling. I held my breath as he pushed then without ceremony inside my wet thighs. I felt him growing with each inch and push and thrust inside me, right at that moment, he felt huge.

This can’t be happening having sex, or getting laid, like this in this room in front of everyone who seemed to be revelling in my submission. Before he was even fully in he started thrusting and edging closer, deeper further into me to encouraging nods from the room. A muffled grunting trying to fit totally unashamed at being watched. Never had sex felt this erotic for me. But was it sex, the being watched or something much more animal, raw?

He had no speed control other than fast and was soon descending relentless, breathlessly.

A sudden sense of disconnect, orbiting in different directions as I held the table aware of my body on show and not just on show but being seduced on show. Perhaps I’d been denying something in me for too long. Through my mind’s eye I saw his erection moving in and out, in and out, my thighs openly accepting, my hips moving of their own volition, a natural pace set in unconsciously. I tried to wake myself from being wide awake. My body shuffled back and forth along the tabletop with his momentum.

He felt like an alien inside me, unearthly, about to explode. Then, the sudden realisation that this may soon happen sooner than later; hopefully not like the movie.

I felt the varnish against my bare skin then a voice….. who’s next then?… as his hips became more urgent, quickening and deepening.

I didn’t register at first what he said, coming like an echo reaching me across this universe hours later. Time lagged and left me behind just at the most inconvenient moments. I was aware of actually loving the feeling of the force of him behind me as I repeated the words to myself…. who’s next?

At 18 years of age this was far and away beyond anything I’d experienced in any intensity. I never even knew I had such voyeuristic tendencies as the others watched him, me, my fragile body being enjoyed (at least after all this I hope he was enjoying it) unceremoniously over this table. His thighs slapped against my buttocks now reddened with the energy. More grunts morphed into groans dragged from his lungs as he surrendered to his orgasm, as did I to mine while equally surrendering to his, gifting me every drop of cum.

I couldn’t believe it. In front of all these almost strangers. My nipples had grown more pronounced rubbing against the table and I felt my thighs filled with his semen. It felt amazing good.

I turned my head at last throes catching my breath when I saw Phil standing there, also watching. How long had he been there? Had he set me up? He nodded as though reading my mind, or perhaps in approval of me being now totally naked and on display. I held back a smile that threatened to give me away.

Seeing Phil had distracted me from the this now-limp appendage slipping from me as I tried holding most of the stickiness inside for some vain dignity. Another guy was there immediately behind me, I didn’t see but obviously felt him between my legs opening me again, he reached under cupping my breast as his erection slipped untidily between the trickles from my sex more easily sliding in on the cum and my own which I tried at the time not to show at the time though my legs trembled uncontrollably.

Another woman sat on the lap of another guy in a chair to my right with her hand down his pants at which I was unavoidably transfixed, and finding it very arousing. Was this some kind of initiation I wasn’t aware of? Had she been through the same, had all of them, had any of them? Is this swinging? A gangbang?

Maybe it was just me. My thoughts tumbled as the second man inside me found his momentum making me again shudder and slide back and forth holding on but more measured than the first man. I was still tender and sensitised after the first guy and having just cum myself and my trembling seemed to excite him all the more as he felt content to stay exactly where he was for as long as possible. It weirdly felt like we, he, was rowing a boat: what a strange thought to emerge at a time like this.

Sex wasn’t new for me but like this, with others, some watching, all watching, and with more than one person especially one after another, this most definitely was. Despite doing it in a car park, one time which was on the cars bonnet, while suspicious of other cars parked having people in them, watching. But that was different, I couldn’t see them and that was just the one man I did it with.

I was very out of control and it somehow felt right, surrendering to whatever happens, happens.

My daydreaming was interrupted as let out a huge groan and cum, emptying into me, again every I’m guessing every single drop leaving his thighs quivering against mine.

Recovering from what had happened two of the women helped me off the table, dizzy and clearly wobbly in the legs, partly from the table and partly the sex. Their reassuring smiles were welcome, though they held a knowing in them too. In my helplessness I was laid on the rug which was a lot more comfortable, but then the stayed holding my arms while yet another, a third, man, who I remembered from earlier was the husband of one of the women holding me, knelt between my legs opening them. I looked up to my hips and thighs and his approaching very erect organ, glistening and flushed and taut, foreskin pulled back from his precum on the tip.

He smiled, also reassuringly, and guided his cock into my thighs which were clearly by now trickling some previous cum. He stretched me even more than the other two making my back arch in response which probably opened my further letting him push slickly into me feeling like he completely filled my hips.

The woman holding my right arm, whose name was Alice, I’d remember, grinned, watching her husband, letting and encouraging him to have sex with another woman; me. He did too, completely. I was gently encouraged to go with it. I did go with it, dazed but enthused by his vigour. There were voices again though I couldn’t hear what they were saying for certain; I guessed it was about me.

I was in danger of another orgasm. His movements were precise, well-versed, and definitely well-practised I guessed. Each thrust went deep raising me a little off the floor, moving like a tide almost hypnotised by a certain beauty of it. Alice spoke… is she tight?…. he nodded in the positive. It was true, I still was.

He took longer than the others and just as started losing track of yet more time he came suddenly, his orgasm nakedly finding me open and waiting, shaking at this unleashing of anticipation flowing freely, hips lifted clear of the floor, arms still held down. It unlocked another orgasm of my own as he sank all the way into me for a final pulse of thick white sperm.

Warm sensations arose from my thighs; wet, trickling, my clit swollen, tingling, the product of three men’s pleasure. Before I could move an inch another man appeared grabbing my hips enthusiastically taking me by surprise, though why by then I should be surprised by anything. Lifting my knees I was again helpless when he cupped soaked inner thighs and slipped two fingers inside me feeling how wet and full I truly was.

I must surely wake up now and find myself tucked up in bed at home alone.

One hand played with my nipple while fingering me gently sending shock-waves through my pinned body. Leaned his lips wrapped over my nipple, sucking, biting, still fingering until his boldness got the better of him and sheathed his cock between inside without a hesitating. No changing gear he was up to top speed I guessed almost shaking the skin from my body. Furiously and unstoppable I felt his thighs meet mine over and over, the sweat between, his entire length making the most of these brief moments. I watched him and he barely looked at me, his eyes so focused and concentrating. I knew what he was holding back and also knew it wouldn’t be long at this pace. It wasn’t rough but it was determined which sent sparks flying in my tummy.

I was collapsing inside and out, lost in the motion, his energy, vitality. Watching his face giving all the signs now of a man about to let go: he did. No change of pace just free-flowing, another naked cock fulfilling its intent inside me. He even slipped out making a mess, even more than there was. He finished inside me though, all the way, all the way, all the way. I felt a strange kind of ecstasy.

All the time fingers had been enjoying and exciting my nipples which received a lot of attention. Alice, she teased much more expertly than any of the men, sensual and soothing, gently arousing. But this I’m guessing was distraction again as another man (the fifth?) positioned himself between my legs, my knees again lifted further exposing my nudity so obvious and explicit and perhaps more than a little pornographic.

Tell me to fuck you…

His voice appeared like a lightning strike. Never in my life been asked that before so couldn’t say anything at first: dumbfounded. Alice continued to indulged my nipples, she was so good at it, such an attention to detail. She whispered….. go on, tell him, it turns him on and you never know you might like it….

I couldn’t say that… I thought. My mouth went dry… but then, what did I have to lose now… I thought. My vanity perhaps? I managed to break my muteness and spoke shakily to this body looming over with his erection clearly primed… fuck me?…

That seemed all he needed. He grinned, raised my hips, I felt hi skin entering me. How many men again? I’d lost count as any adrenalin I had left was draining away. My heart almost stopped beating at his first thrust, as it was with such force: this was no gentle tide breaking on my shore with each time his groin pounding against my still excited intimacy.

He was almost possessed, and it was catching, I didn’t know how much more I could take. I felt my resistance, what there was of it and it was never that much was crumbling along with me. The air grew thinner, my pulse raced like a racehorse’s might with the promise of an amazing finish. I became detached, disconnected, leaving my body and floating. I was looking down on his naked buttocks pumping into my equally naked thighs; not elegant in the least on his or my part, but intensely and erotic. The sweat, the cocktail of fluids answering every thrust.

In a blink I was back in my body feeling him in my body too, tears of effort well-up. I wanted to stop, I wanted to keep going. I needed to stop, I needed to keep going.

I wrapped my legs around his as he was reaching climax. It felt natural. He froze like a glacier towering over me about to break off, slip into the sea: into me. His thighs completely locked into mine as his cum flowed warm, throbbing, pulsing from his stiffened form.

I felt faint, like a huge sugar-drop and the last thing I saw was him pulling out, pulling away, and Alice’s face, smiling as she had been throughout. The voices detached. Lights. Lamps. The texture of the rug, a flash of light, I curled my legs into me. A blanket. Warmth, comfort, soothing air, unreal, a caress not sexual. Voices, detached, exhaustion.

Morning crept in unapologetically through drawn curtains coaxing my eyes to open. My mouth was dry. I was awake. Was I awake? Of course I was. Where was I? Oh yes, I remember… the party. In bed, in a bed, not my bed, on top of a hastily-rolled duvet. I moved my head and felt at once I shouldn’t, move my head, not yet, so I didn’t, waiting for the rest of the room to catch up. A little light-headed to say the least, not too bad though as my plan of snacking between drinks worked.

This definitely wasn’t my bed. Last night trickled back in pieces of a jigsaw. Surely it was a dream, at least some of it anyway, maybe the more outrageous parts? Images and words, sounds and sensations resolved in a swirl of guilt and grins to myself. The sunlight streaming in now started clarifying and reassembling my scrabbled thoughts. I licked me teeth, I seriously needed to brush them before anything else.

As for how I got here in a bed not mine, I had no idea. I presumed I crashed out, or passed out, through exertion, after all… that happened? Perhaps Alice put me to bed. I remembered Alice and her touch.

I peeled back the duvet and looked down to see, to my shock and surprise, I was naked. Was that Alice too? Or, of course, my unexpected and very public stripping. I felt my face hot even though no one else was there in the bedroom.

Where were my clothes? They were draped quite tidily over a chair. Relief. My body felt…different… not a bad different, just different, and there was a faint familiar scent, the kind you know after sex… very telling… I thought. It was coming from me. I slipped my hand between my thighs…. I smiled, perhaps the first thing I need is a shower.

shock and awe pt 2

© 2019 Emmaleela


  1. thanks again, and your thoughtful and insightful comment, I think sometimes ambiguity is probably more common than black & white in so many situations. I do feel as a reader myself I like to be given space to ponder and wonder.


  2. That was really well written. The tough thing for me here–and the thing you did so well–was not try to label the experience, to say it was right or wrong, consensual or not, you just let it play out, lettting the reader come to their own conclusions (or liike you, float in the ambiguity of it). Don’t know if this was fact or fiction, but you walked a tightrope and did it very well.

    Liked by 1 person

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