I was pulled to the edge of the bed before I fully realised how far this was going…….

I was no longer a virgin, with boys or other girls, even before having lost it in a gazebo in a public park one warm summer night sometime after midnight with one boy with wandering hands and raging hormones.  As were mine, hormones in particular at that time and I’ve never looked back since except with smiles of pleasure and had quite a high sex-drive ever since.

For a couple of years before that I would let boys touch me intimately, fondling my breasts through my top, letting them put their hand inside to feel one nipple, sometimes opening my top and showing them one or both with the right coaxing.  I soon discovered boys liked this and I think I equally enjoyed seeing them aroused.  Only occasionally did I let them feel under my skirt though in a changing room once or twice I did.  Hormones have a lot to answer for with me and still most definitely do. In time I did go further and lost my virginity in a gazebo in a public park late at night after a party.

My next I suppose could call all the way sexual encounter and this was much more full on and had the effect of opening up new desires as the guy I was with wanted to and encouraged me to do it doggy-style, on all fours, him from behind in a way that’s over the couple of years since become one of my favourite position for what I feel when I do, so amazingly aroused to ecstatic levels.   This has such a special place in my erotic lusts.

It was at yet another party, I went to lots, and still do as it happens.  I was 16 going on 19 and as usual I’d spend much of the night dancing, some drinking though mostly dancing and as the hours flowed I’d find I’m engrossed on conversation with this person or other.  This night turned out slightly different after some I quite fancied asked me to dance.  He was really polite, in a cool way though not stuffy so I of course said yes and one dance led to the other from standing a foot apart too slow dancing wrapped around each other, until an inevitable kiss, not as romantic as would’ve been by but by dim lightbulb light.    The music took up all the space one might reserve for conversation so we didn’t say much even when he took my hand started heading up the stairs to find ourselves it seems an empty room.  Hard to find as it seemed the others were all pretty much occupied with other mostly couples in various states of doing stuff.

I don’t deny I just went with it and him into the vacant room and carried on kissing once we’d closed the door.   His hands were all over me as we as I just let him despite my lack of experience still I just felt those hormones again taking over as they so often do.    I could hardly keep up with where he was touching me as thought he had a dozen hands coveting every inch of me pretty much.  My body came alive everywhere his hands strayed and even yet didn’t: over my breasts, easing my blue blouse up so smoothly his hand was beneath before I blinked and was squeezing my small 16 year old boobs through my bra quite greedily I thought.

Both of our breathing quickened, not in sync but each excited by the others….

My hips squirmed against his thinking this feels like the right thing to do at this point when he pushed me up against the wall with both hands now under my blouse on my skin edged it over my head and arms til it came clear away leaving my bra.   Then more kissing, more wayward hands, my breasts in particular getting more than treated arousing sensation to course through me head to toe and all the parts in between rushing, rushing to my lips expressing itself in our kiss, exhilaration electric, both hands continuing to excite and thrill me caressing like water here and everywhere enticing my nipples erect.  Down to my jeans to my waistband where I felt him fumbling but successfully unfasten my belt and the top button and force his fingers beneath the waist and how tightly his palm pressed onto my skin, and how fast he got there before I even knew it with a speed I just couldn’t help but find invigorating.

I couldn’t resist the rush of it all and found myself slipping my hand down along the front of his jeans to feel such a bulge hidden within.  I grinned impossibly through the kisses as even like this was clearly quite a size.   Obligingly he unzipped my jeans all the way and lead me still kissing to the bed pushing me onto it. He climbed on top like a prowling animal investigating prey, his weight urging his groin rhythmically into my hips, his sizable bulge: slipped his knees between my legs spreading me while his hand slipped into my open jeans rubbing me through my knickers, against my mound and into my open thighs increasingly dampening.

I could hardly breathe but I didn’t want to stop.

Strangely I became distracted for a moment by a bedside clock with luminous hands.  His hands weren’t luminous but they had managed to slip around my back and quickly unhook my bra pushing it away from my breasts which now rested against my chest exposing my well-aroused nipples which he wetly took to his mouth and teeth and sucked, rolled and nibbled as though about to eat me alive his saliva liberally spread over my bare skin.

Still not a words spoken as he grabbed my hips, flipped me over onto my tummy grabbing the waistband of my jeans and yanked at them making me hold onto to the duvet as I felt them peeled from my hips from my buttocks and down my now bare legs.  Behind me he laid his body again bearing down spreading out my arms half on the bed with my legs over the edge, his knee between my thighs again spreading them.  I heard his own jeans zip go down and guessed the bulge I’d felt earlier was now feral and out in the wild.   I peered around best I could but couldn’t quite see it even though I was keen too, he held me there on all fours pressing it firmly against me, my knickers moistening them with his precum and pushing the material into my spreading thighs and labia.

Fight or flight? Clearly too late for either and all I could was go with it as his fingers continued exploring me through my knickers until I felt them start to come away and like my jeans did his fingers found the waist and slid them easily from my hips to leave him staring at my naked bum in the air.

I was dizzy.

Feeling very naked when his hands roughly grabbed my hips and pulled me to the edge of the bed, knees apart he got between first with his fingers preparing me even more than I must’ve been, opening me physically and emotionally, discovering my tender, flushed sex, my intimate place.  He  freely fingered  taking advantage of me, my desires, my lust, exposed as I was until his forced hi now very erect member between and into my thighs, into me and straight away fucking me like his bitch,  my mind awash with chemicals of pleasure gushing though my whole being.

I swore, oh fuck, and took a deep breath on first fully penetration, his erection thick and soaking mingling with my juices again and again he fucked his cock hungrily into me and I just took it, accepted every thrust, even wanting it and craving it more and more, this only my second full-on fucking.   He didn’t stop, no room for breath he grew relentless seemed to love my tightness pulling out and back then in again thrusting deep, deeper (deeper please, I thought to myself suddenly utterly lost in it all) spreading my buttocks with his kneading hands I was helpless shuddering with every thud of his hips stretching my 16 year old body, further and further such naked abandon as our skin slid stickily against each other’s in and out.

He was growing thicker inside me as we fucked there and then in this half-light until, until I cum almost without any warning so sudden and inescapable so much I almost passed out unforgiving as it was.

This excited him and drove him further into me gripping my waist and even harder even faster, I craved for every breath as he kept taking me doggy-style. It felt so rough, a little sore at first but now not as I just wanted him in me more and more.  I braced my naked thighs surrendering to each and every thrust coming faster, deeper, more determined to be as deep inside me as possible.  Another orgasm crashing through me, is this normal to cum so much even before the guy does, I wondered as without warning my muscles again gripped his cock my body shuddered under his weight so much of him inside me now.    His breathing louder, crazier, he stiffened every limb before he came very vociferously pouring what I imagined were huge amounts of sperm inside me, in my hips, my thighs, my cunt emptied completely into my sex, another thrust followed by another and another burying me into the sheets he filled me up til some found its way out… so much, so much, shuddered, swore and grinned exhaustedly!

My whole insides contracted, tingled, such relief from my overwhelming ache my limbs gave way as I crawled awkwardly up onto the bed utterly spent, light-headed, clawing for fresh air and curling the duvet around me with still my stupid grin.  Luckily he was grinning also and since then I learned how intense this position is and could be and the size of the grins it can bring.


© Emmaleela


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