bound to happen (act 2/4)

(continued from “bound to happen (act 1/4)” ….
“… I had such a strong urge to reach out and touch her but my wrists were still bound. She whispered… now, what next, I wonder……”

I became conscious of a hot flush between my thighs and then a sound, which at first took me by surprise. I was sure I knew that sound, then I knew…… I finally managed to say something… is that a…..? I didn’t get any further when she replied simply… oh yes… her vibrator which I’d never seen and still couldn’t was switched too ‘on’, humming teasingly on its lowest setting.

She touched it to my tummy which made me inhale suddenly. Round and around it travelled over my skin encouraging my whole body to react at once, every nerve and fibre firing simultaneously. The feeling, aching, between my legs grew more distracting. She pulled away the waist of my skirt a little and slipped it to the edge of my knickers teasing along the elastic then turned it up to the next setting. This elicited ripples down my legs and up again, back and forth forcing my body into tiny spasms. I was being dragged to an edge while my thighs began weeping desire.

I was so dizzy when she began opening my legs wider and knelt knowing surrender was my only option. Being blindfolded I had little clue as to where she might go next.

The tip of the toy played on my nude thighs. Its signals penetrating and demanding venturing again beneath my skirt to my knickers which I knew were now moist with such inducements. She pressed it against them, against me, the material edging it between my labia encouraging the fabric inside me making me open more. She dextrously slid it up and down alternately touching my clit through my knickers: my sex wept and she continued encouraged.

She urged my knickers into me, my juices soaking through them and then switched it to an even higher setting. I arched again in shock, my bottom off the bed as she kept pushing it in while resonating through me while her other hand kneaded the inner thigh. I moaned with pleasure, with wanting, with desire, the material drenched in my sweetness as deeper she drove the vibrator.

My skirt was so high my underwear was clearly exposed, cool air mingling with the sweat between my thighs and her demanding, commanding hands. She pushed and slid up over my clit and turned it up to maximum. I began to shake and moan more loudly, I couldn’t help myself, almost screaming, almost swearing. Knickers was pushed deep inside as her teasing became more definite…. you do get very, very wet my dear…. she softly spoke…. I am most impressed but I know you need more, you want more. This wasn’t a question, just a statement, now no longer so gentle in fucking me with it. It was intoxicating, almost unbearable, so much so I didn’t want to come, worried as I was this would then all stop. I craved to prolong it and I was guessing she did also so dextrous was her motions despite becoming slightly rougher and herself more aroused as she urged me to the edge over and over.

I pushed against it and her ministrations, I could almost here her smile in the tone of the voice… I just knew deep down you were right for this.

Leaning over and kissed me and it was warm, reassuring, and as she did the vibrator made contact with my clit. I buckled, collapsed inside and realised an orgasm so uncontrollable and enveloping as to almost make me pass-out.
Every wave
every vibration
every temptation,
My sex flowed unashamedly, stickily into my knickers.

She didn’t stop, kept going saying… let it come, let it go, give in…. I did. I had no choice having gone this far. I strained against the ties almost cutting off the circulation, convulsions unleashed in ways rarely felt so viscerally.

Immediately after I lay breathless, she’d pulled her toy away although it still shivered on low setting: I could hear it. My skirt still up around my thighs, the air had been sucked out of the room only to return as oxygen-overload. I fell so far, so forever, so irretrievably, collapsing into the sheets, the mattress.

Lisa leaned over again and we kissed, long, slow, committed, without any pretensions, after all she had me half-naked on her bed and had just given me one of the most intense and intimate experiences of my life. Our lips met, then parted too soon.
Had she also come?
I didn’t know, she didn’t say.

I was so hungry:
for food?
for more?
I wasn’t sure.

I’d pulled my legs together letting them flop to one side. She straddled them while I was still refuelling my lungs that felt like they’d had all the air sucked from them. She was softly massaging my waist, then my hips, over my crumpled skirt, over my bra-covered breasts, down again almost imperceptibly along my legs, like a hairs-breadth; all tension dissolved.

She loomed over me staring down on my pale, semi-naked form, a little messy and removed the blindfold though my wrists stayed tied. I had as yet no urge to even move my arms so drained I felt; drained but happy. Her long black hair fell across her casting shadows in the low-light of the bedroom. She was so beautifully sensual, almost bewitching. Maybe she was a witch and had bewitched me? Or, maybe she knew what I wanted, what I needed, what I need……..

While still holding my gaze her fingers wrapped over the elastic of my briefs and pulled them over my mound, from my hips and thighs as I felt them brushing my legs on their way off completely.

She discarded them and lowered herself to me closer and began blowing gently on my tummy, around my belly-button, then over my naked pubic mound and then labia now glistening. The moment her breath made contact it was at once a relief and reinvigorating forcing me to spread my legs further for her. She took this as an invitation and tasted my sex after I’d just come, her tongue lapping my now tender and flushed folds as I started to shudder all over again almost telling her to stop for a moment as I was so sensitive right now.

I didn’t, I said nothing and bit my lip to bear its beautiful torture as her tongue clearly practised and well-versed in this art found how to summon such lust and longing from deep inside me that I’m not sure I even knew was there.

(continued in “bound to happen (act 3/4)” …… )

bound to happen 2

© Emmaleela


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