now you see me

Supine, I conform to the curves, to the body, their body, their fault lines becoming my fault lines, drift aimless among the ruins of this material landscape of folds, unfolds, a sense of scent illuminates the thin light lending more to darkness, their stray tendrils invisible, intangible yet there like a gift-wrap that’s already been unwrapped and released, escaped into the wild, such is this feral air that permeates and infiltrates and separates only the finest of lines between skin and air; everywhere naked thoughts negotiate for prominence among the silent stones that lay unstirred, although now still these shadows may move them at their will, make their presence known, give themselves away, an absence of presence, a languor, a torpor, this mute assemblage grows so soporific even gauze can’t move with nothing to move it: without motion there can be no emotion: and yet, these body parts, these tangled roots, to die last night and then come back to life as a shape re-forming, pencil-shaded back to light resembling the one I was and the one I still am to be, I’ve tasted sin, I’ve tasted sin and it tastes, it tastes like… it tastes like an olive.

Welcome to a new year me.

© Emmaleela


  1. I was baffled for a few minutes, I didn’t recall adding the tag 8+, then I checked and it’s not a tag. It’s what WordPress adds to show how many more tags there are that aren’t showing on your screen, whatever your using, a computer, laptop, ohone, whatever, like on yours it meant that if you click it, that 8+, it will show you the rest of the tags 🙂. Took me a bit to get my head around that one lol


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