me’lalia- a bit of what you fancy

Hello beautiful people, it’s been a while since I did a me’lalia blog, so here we are, just me being me. So, what have I been up too?

Well, obviously, lots, just like anybody but I’m not here to make a list of it all, like, what would I include, got out of bed, lots, went to bed, lots, slept, breathed, lots, jumped up and down, lots, ate, lots, and that’s just for starters. So, instead I’ll just give you a taster of some things that went through my weird mind.

I have wondered on and off lately just how much my boobs weigh and contribute to my total weigh. Well, I’m not about to tell you my weight but I will say that I estimated that, both together, it could be as much as 10 kilos. Ten kilos! I might be wrong, but, I might be right! I was shocked, let me tell you.

A tiny baby, yes I know all babies are tiny, a tiny baby smiled at me on the train. I gave him a little wave, after which he was then violently sick. Not great for my self-esteem. One day I went for a walk to see the new lambs, of which there are loads around here. I met a friendly farmer who started chatting to me about arable rotation and the merits of Icelandic wool in such a way as though thinking I had a clue what he was talking about. I smiled and nodded a lot. He then went on to talk about “sheep lube” as if it were the most natural segue in the world. What a tease, I thought.

Over Easter I discovered how I really like jalapeño and caramelised onion hot cross buns, you just have to give it a go. I also found out I really love chopping carrots. I’m baffled at this revelation too. Another thing I like is how the word elf rhymes with the word shelf. Yes, I know it’s obvious, and don’t ask me why I’m so taken by this.

Finally, my four-year-old neighbour said to me, Are you an adult? I replied, yes, of course. She squints and then says, okay, but are you a REAL adult? Cheek! Just because I’m not very tall and all.

I’m finally fully back to modelling for life art classes, busy working, busy studying, busy enjoying free time too, though some days I don’t know how I fit it all in. I can’t be sure if someone’s shortened the days or made them longer.

Thank you for reading, and for keeping up with my writings. Stay happy.



  1. thanks, yeh, I been carrying on the life modelling for a few years now but now got a chance and do some more clothed and unclothed modelling too, so, why not, it’s good fun 🙂

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