pinch me

[content warning: contains outrageous adult behaviour]

There’s something very delicious about sex when it’s unexpected.

In all innocence I pulled into a woodland car park on my way home from being away for a week on the other side of the country. It was just gone six o’clock on the evening, late summer so it was still very light. It had been a long journey and I still had a way to go before I got home, maybe another hour or so.

I stopped for a break, fresh air and some of my in-car snack I’d made for the journey. Having got out I walked around a bit close to the car, noticed others there, a toilet block which I didn’t need to use on this stop. Ate a sandwich, swigged my energy drink, stretched and appreciated the cool evening breeze around my legs and the back of my neck having been confined in the car for miles. My skirt and tank top meant there was plenty of skin for the air to bring welcome relief.

After about 10 minutes I got back into the car and decided and with the front windows wound full down and the seat slightly inclined rested some more, took my time, there was no rush. I closed my eyes and listened to the rustle of the leaves, birdsong, distant chatter of others in the car park which was designed with a series of semi-secluded bay separated by low turf-mounded islands of bushes, and not far away from passing traffic on the road I’ll soon find myself back driving on. Minutes passed by when I felt a shadow cast across me, as you do when you have your eyes closed. I opened them and saw a man bending down close to the car door.

He said hi, seemed friendly, hoped he wasn’t disturbing me, and I assured him he wasn’t. He asked if I’d been here before, I replied that I hadn’t, and was just passing through. He leaned in closer, elbow on the car door which felt a little strange and forward, and I was beginning to feel less than comfortable. He must have noticed because he said not to worry, I’m not pushy, just thought you might have been here for the same reason a lot of others come here in the evenings. I must have looked mystified, because I literally was, so he added, they come here for sex and suchlike. I was gobsmacked. Obviously, I didn’t know that and had never been anywhere knowingly where such a thing happens.

He said that’s okay, no worries and he just thought he’d ask. I don’t know why I did this as he was about to leave but I asked, like what things go on. He turned back and said things like dogging, as in, if I knew what that was (I had heard of it), oral sex, a bit of exhibitionism, all kind of people come here, and for full-on sex too.

He was leaning on the open window again. He then asked, that if it wasn’t rude to ask, was I into any of that. I couldn’t answer at first because yes, I love sex, in many different ways, just never thought of meeting strangers in car parks before for such a thing. Well, he pointed out as I was there would I consider it. I realised this conversation had come a long way in a short time and was caught off-guard. Initially I said, no, no way, but then added, well I hadn’t thought about it. This last thing piqued his interest to then asked, still politely, that if he opened his jeans and pulled out his cock, would I wank him, or even suck him off?

I know, this was sudden and we’d hardly been talking more than five minutes and I didn’t even know his name. I didn’t reply at once, and in that time he stood up, opened his jeans, pulled down the front of his shorts and pulled out his very long and erect cock. It was within inches of my face. Again, I was gobsmacked, speechless. He asked if I’d consider it, stepping right up to the window and poked it through, inches away. I could smell the muskiness, the glistening of obvious precum on the tip.

I found myself actually a little aroused, when really I should politely say, no thanks, start the engine drive away, no harm done. I didn’t, obviously, just stared at his throbbing appendage now very, very close. I looked around and there was no one actually near though I knew there were others around, what they were doing I’d no idea, perhaps it was best not to know. Once again, I don’t know why but I lifted my hand and touched it, it twitched.

He edged forward, I wrapped my fingers around it; it twitched more now and seemed to grow at my touch. I moved my hand up and down which made his hips move even closer and slightly back and forth, he was right up against the car door now and all I could see was his crotch, shaved, clean, circumcised and very erect.

I’m not sure I knew what I was doing, or more to the point, why. I just parked for a little break before continuing the long drive home. The tip was close to my face now, I was mesmerised, it seemed almost disembodied, and it filled my view. I moved my mouth closer and again thought, what was I doing, who was this guy anyway, and this was absolutely crazy and there’d be nothing wrong with just leaving right now. Instead, I poked put my tongue and licked the tip, tasted his precum which was slick, slimy, the way that is always is. He pushed his hips in suddenly and the whole head entered my mouth sliding along my tongue passing between my lips and taking me by surprise.

I found myself sucking him then as his rhythm moved it easily in and out of my mouth. I was sucking him off, feeling him throbbing; his masculine heat. His hand reached in and held my head to it, pulling me onto it more until I felt almost every inch inside my mouth and teasing the back of my throat. I let him do it and was actually enjoying it, sort of. The way it moved around inside my mouth, sometimes poking my cheek, and as he pulled out slightly my lips tightened around him as he scraped along my teeth gently. I was sure he was getting thicker, even longer maybe, unless I just imagined it.

After several minutes he pulled out and leaned down asking if I minded if his friend joined us. I didn’t answer which I think he took as yes, turned and waved over another guy who I presume was his friend who I’d noticed wasn’t far away and had actually been watching.

He surreptitiously made his way across and before he even got there the first man’s cock was again there, touching my mouth while I was still slightly agape at the whole situation. I felt it, and let it slide in and found myself sucking him again. The other guy was there by then, he reached into the car and slid his hand over the top of my flower dress, and my breasts, while I was clearly distracted.

This was now becoming totally weird. His hand felt clumsy as he groped me, squeezed, and then it became less flustered as he started trying to pinch my nipples through the material and my bra. It wasn’t long before his hand slipped down my dress to my cleavage, inside my bra wilfully grabbing my breasts making me jump, which was dangerous with a cock in my mouth.

He moved awkwardly now beneath my bra until he lowered the straps of my dress, easing it over my breasts inn a tangle of limbs. The cock fell out of my mouth as now both his hands were groping me and ensuring my black bra was full exposed.

The cock was covered in my saliva mixing with his pre-ejaculate while his friend’s hands explored the best they could in the circumstances. I became increasingly aroused. One bra strap slipped down my shoulder at which he peeled away the cup pulled out my breast and pinching my nipple until I felt it grow hard.

I wondered if this guy would ever cum, it felt like I’d been sucking him for unnaturally long time. Then he suddenly did, I didn’t see it coming. It spluttered into my mouth, mostly, with some down my throat and some overflowing down my chin. I gripped it with my lips trying to make less mess feeling more of it trickle down my throat which I had no choice but to swallow, all very tricky to do while being groped.

I sat back grabbing a tissue to wipe my mouth and chin and as I’d finished another cock appeared through the car window, it was his friend who obviously didn’t want to be left out. By then I felt obliged and took it in my fingers like I did with the first guy’s cock. If I’m being honest, I was actually feeling desperately horny by this point. He wasn’t as well-endowed as the first guy, but he was standing proud and bare and was also shaved. He wasn’t circumcised so without a thought I pulled back his foreskin to release his swollen head fully. He tasted different, unsurprisingly, he also seemed less confident, maybe a little embarrassed. How did he think I felt!

After a few minutes sucking him a hand appeared on my legs, just above my knees, fingers dancing on my bare skin and moving up my thighs edging up my dress. I put a hand down to stop it but it pushed back and I found myself surrendering to it as it moved higher, feeling the dress moving all the way up to my thin, yellow knickers. Fingers kneaded and dug into my thighs sending just the right kind of rippling through to my hips forcing them between my legs, taunting me to open them, which I did. His hand went to my groin, squeezed, making me sharply inhale, accidentally feeling the other man’s cock slide deep into the back of my throat, chokingly.

He squeezed again and again, making me even wetter there. I couldn’t help but be so. His hand rubbing me up and down my labia and mound feeling me through my cotton, urging me to open more; I simply complied. I even slumped down my seat a little making it easier for him. He edged them to one side and was now free to touch and rub my bare smooth sex, so intimately in such a public place while this stranger’s bucking hips fucked my mouth. This was truly insane.

A finger slipped inside my thighs and I shook, then two eventually stretching me, roughly moving in and out. I was becoming insanely excited now. His other hand squeezed my breast, once more pinching the nipple having further pulled open my bra. His fingering got harder, faster; I knew I was about to orgasm which I then did, while still trying to take the cock in my mouth. I, and he, was lucky I didn’t bite it so strong was the shock and trembling that shook my body. The fingering continued throughout and the guys cock again went into the back of my throat and ejaculated with such a force I couldn’t do anything but swallow it all as he held my head firmly in place.

I swallowed it all I think, struggling for breath. I pushed his hand from between my legs and slumped back into the seat in a complete haze and, what just happened. I must have looked a shocking sight, clothes pulled away, dress up, flushed face, surprised look in my eyes.

The car door opened. I can’t even begin to tell you what happened next… … … … … …

© Emmaleela


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