me’lalia- wtf cat!

Christmas is creeping on crunching leaves munching through the autumn in a Christmas-creeping way.

Hello everyone, it’s me again; another me’lalia moment has come around, and probably about time too. It’s not Christmas that’s prompted it though, although I am thinking more and more about it, I mean, how can one avoid it now with trees and trimming popping up like midges do on a Scottish island when you think you’ve got away unscathed. No, it’s the damn cat that’s prompted it, sort of. I told him, no more mice. No more mice, I said. No, no, no. It also meant no more birds too. I have to be quite firm and clear otherwise he looks for any loophole in an argument, especially when it comes to food, or mass-slaughter of anything within claws-reach.

So of course, I should’ve known, as cats will be cats he decides to bring me a live vole instead. A vole! Alive! If that wasn’t enough it was half past three in the morning. In the morning! Wtf! He clearly likes to mix things up a bit.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, perhaps to him he was doing a nice thing by bringing me a gift and playing catch-and-kiss with it on my bed. I suppose you won’t be surprised I let out a little whelp at seeing this while for a moment watching him tease the poor thing into submission. Wtf cat! Unbelievably I did manage to catch the vole, no great skill required by this point being as it was both dazed and probably scared shitless.

I managed to eventually shoo a rather miffed cat, cupped the poor thing in my hands without thinking until it bit me that yes, they actually do bite and quite hard too for such tiny things. At that I dropped it, not my fault, it bit me and thought shit, now there’s a vole running around in the house. I needn’t have worried because cat was paw-ready to pounce and pounce he did, after which the vole didn’t move much, or actually at all. It was goodnight Mr, or Ms, Vole. I never saw it after that as cat bolted from my bedroom with a sad-looking dangling rodent hanging from his fangs. Wtf cat!

I was now wide awake, not a happy bunny, but probably not as unhappy as the vole, RIP, was.



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