into me

I often sleep on my front,
head to one side on my pillow
arms up around my face lost to the world to dreams and whatever they might bring,
and sometimes my dreams are more than dreams,
sometimes my dreams are so very real, so very alive, so very tactile,
sometimes they aren’t dreams at all even though at first feel like them…

On such a night a few weeks before Christmas and I’d gone to sleep as usual in my room in my shared house but this night by accident I’d left my door ajar which I never usually do.

I was asleep, deeply, when I thought, when I felt a weight on the bottom of the bed as the mattress shifted a little to one side then the other, barely but enough I noticed and it stirred me to a half-sleep state, almost hypnogogic laying here face down beneath my duvet naked as I often do: not tonight baggy nightshirt I usually wear.

The bed shifted again. I was sure it was a someone, a someone’s weight leaning on it and then the weight rested on my ankles moving up the duvet and along the my curves beneath. The hands were firm not rough but slow and sure of their direction which was directly up my legs to the backs of my knees still outside the duvet shifting up across the back of my thighs naked but still hidden. I didn’t stir but for a tiny shudder… anxiety, apprehension?… I wasn’t sure…. thrill?… a rush rushed through me and I barely stole a breath feeling almost dreamlike as the touch of water flowing up along your skin can feel.

Increasingly I realised this was far from being a dream.

The hands kept moving up my legs now over my hips and then my buttocks pressing down gently me into the mattress. Along up my back against my shoulders not beneath the duvet and I his breathing….. I felt breath. A man’s breath deep, alluring, made me shudder once again feeling just as I felt the duvet being pulled away from my shoulders slipping down my skin, naked shoulders all the way til down my spine vertebra by vertebra and still it didn’t stop but kept revealing more of me as I hopelessly feigned sleep in perhaps after all it was a dream and kept of slipping, slipping over and away from my hips and buttocks and the tops of the backs of my thighs and knees brushing me as it slowly parted company from me until it was completely gone and I knew that I lay naked utterly exposed on the bed face-down on the sheets.

Again the mattress moved with his shifted and I was sure he knew by now I was awake but still I stayed so very still while his hands around and held my ankles moved slow. Deliberate, along my calves in the semi-dark, the backs of my knees again which slightly tickled staying for a moment at this hugely erogenous zone for me.

He continued up the back of each now-naked thigh my heart now racing every touch he touched sent tiny shockwaves through the rest of me. He took his time kneading, circling, a predator toying with its uncertain prey, my naked skin and body roused increasingly me trying not to make a single sound even though I struggled to stifle even the smallest of moans. His hands found my bottom while his thumbs grazed my inner thighs and caressing as though moulding me to his whim and will: it seemed to be working. Now completely naked, vulnerable, his hands depressed my lower back, I groaned……… perceptibly this time and they found their way across my shoulder blades once more, his weight, both knees either side of my thighs.

Massaging now, my shoulders with something far more sensual than simply therapeutic, erotically-charged each touch further exciting me with mystery as still I hadn’t even seen who this stranger was. I kept my eyes closed letting waves of passion warm me as I felt his thighs also clearly naked straddle me, his breath , his movements offering a rhythm of their own and my body naked nervously responded. I couldn’t help myself. All too soon his hands were back around my thighs teasing them apart with a touch that won’t accept a no as I almost tried but failed to resist as I felt my sex opening now felt moist as his fingers found their way between them unfolding me insistently……

….. my fine covering of hair instantly revealing of where I felt an intense heat and dampness awakening my folds. Fight or flight, the chemicals are the same as they pulled at every sinew, run or surrender?

My legs were parted wider, I had no choice now as I felt his weight press down upon my back between my now-inviting thighs from behind, his breath awash across the back of my neck I lay beneath, taut, his hands raised my hips and felt the tip of his obvious erection which I couldn’t see but feel against my sex now aching just below my mound now opening. All at once no longer slow he thrust his hips hard into mine from behind and parted deep my tightness. I gasped for air every time he pulled half out and thrust inside again insisting his cock thoroughly inside me as I tried to pull away now. He held me sure, my sex forced to wrap around his girth now stretching me unhindered slippery and coated in precum attentions.

In and out and until I had no choice but move along with him and every time I thought he was as far as he could go he went further even deeper, stretching, forcing each time threatening my senses into overload as I was drowning in my own sexual arousal juices flowing uninhibited.

His quickened pace urging me to take him, let him, want him, give in, urging, urging, urging me to cum and cum and cum as I found my body soon to do just that while the darkened room delighted in this subterfuge, this illicit act or so it felt, this stranger taking over me from behind this stranger knowing me and finding how to make me utterly submit: my body caving in way as his sex grew larger, thicker there inside my cunt he’s faster now, gently rough, determined and I knew when I felt his hips lock certainty that soon he will take me all the way and that he did as in a sudden grunt released such a burst and flood of seed and sperm of sticky cum deep down into me and willingly by now I took it all convulsing, screaming inwardly at every lasting final thrust.

I often sleep on my front and maybe that’s one reason why I will do so soon again.

© Emmaleela

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