me’lalia- the butterfly that wasn’t

I carefully cupped a black butterfly I found sitting motionless on the floor in my hands and carried it to the window. I should release it outside, I thought, my good deed for the day.

Except that it wasn’t a butterfly. Hmm, or even a moth as it turned out. It was in fact actually in fact in fact a tiny leaf of red cabbage.  So, I’d just slowly and cautiously so as not to scare it or damage it handled with thrown a leaf, and not just a leaf but a red cabbage leaf and released it, or threw it, into the garden all the while not realising it was until on throwing it up into the air instead it fluttering off in the way butterflies flutter it cabbagingly flopped to the ground.

Was it dead? Of course it was dead, it was a cabbage leaf, and only when I took a closer look did I think, well thank god no one saw me, they’d think I was totally bonkers. So, it stays between the cabbage lead that wasn’t a butterfly and just me, oh yes, and now I’ve confessed that here, you too. Oh no! I’ve dragged into this cabbage leaf conspiracy! Shh, don’t tell a soul.

In other animal-related weirdness, I met a goat today. He was a brown goat, mostly, a billy of course being a he, and he smelled like a billy, in other words, yuk. He had just one horn but because of this he was able to stick his head through the fence when people passed and try to nibble any loose bits of clothing they wore, and what more important for the goat was that because he had only one horn he could pull his head back out again, If he’d had two then he’d be well and truly stuck. On the other hand, if he’d had two horns then he probably wouldn’t be able to put his head through in the first place. I wonder if that’s how he originally lost the horn. He was a good goat, just seemed to like eating anything, including things that aren’t actually edible.

Hey! I just thought. Maybe he ate his horn.

Okay, now the day is getting weird.

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