, we lay beside a river, on soft grass, we kissed, you unbuttoned my black shirt, one button then another until they were all undone, you reach around and unhooked my bra and edged it up over my breasts, leaned down and tasted my nipples, not stopping until both were erect and aroused, slightly reddened and flushed by your attentions, you proceeded to raise my skirt, the grey marl pattern crumpling under your touch until it was high enough to reveal my soft pink underwear with its lace hems and waist, with one finger tracing the line of my mound beneath, I watched your eyes and felt you edge them down, felt them coming away, felt the air touching my inner thighs, felt your gaze, felt the water lap around my bare feet willing me on, cool, refreshing, enticing, felt their lace brushing my legs all the way down until they were gone, felt your touch travelling up my exposed legs now opening, opening, opening me, my intimacy opening, opening, felt your fingers, teasing and pleasing themselves, felt the grass that held me to the earth and stopped me from floating away into the high above blue beyond, felt my eyes closing, felt my succumbing, felt my hands undoing your jeans, a single button, a single zip was all it took, pushed and pushed and pushed down the denim along with your shorts, felt your erection brushing my hand, felt it moving, a life of its own, felt your fingers, felt your fingers, felt us rolling, rolling, rolling over, the sky at my back, my legs astride, my fingers around you, tighten around you, I watch it I fell it, I want it, I lift and lower feeling it entering, entering, entering, throbbing, aching, entering, opening me, it was your turn to feel the water lapping your feet and my turn to look down and we moved, we moved with the rivers flow, we mimicked its rhythm, stole its grace for our own, I felt you moving, felt you growing, felt you thickening, felt your longing, felt your hands fiercely fondle my breasts, felt my hips move naturally against yours, becoming two bodies in one, felt the pressure, heard the water whispering sweet somethings but always with words just out of reach, the river lapped as our thighs lapped, our lips tasted of each other’s lips, our tongues drank each other’s moans as I felt you grip binding my hips, encouraging me to lap against your like the river against your feet, I heard my breath, I heard your breath, I heard my desires, I felt the world turning, spinning, dipping and diving, I felt like the water, I flowed like the water, I was water, we pulsed, convulsed, groped for something solid, I felt my nails almost puncture your skin as I inwardly screamed and tore myself almost in two, the sky fell backwards and lost its perspective, inside me, inside me a tumult of emotion crashes, burns, turns and yearns, I felt you tense, felt your rage, felt you release, shudder, tears welling up in your eyes, a flood broke your banks while the river still languidly lapped your feet, we cum, we cum, a force of nature not denied tugged at our skin, grabbed at our skin, pulling us in, pulling us in further and further into the moment into the sky, into the earth, into the river, into the fire igniting inside… … … then I woke…

I dreamed of you last night,

© Emmaleela


  1. I am never going to learn not to read you first thing in the morning. Beautifully arousing, sexy and even that touch of sweetness at the end. Just hitting all the notes here. A delicious addition to breakfast.

    Liked by 1 person

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