me’lalia- duvet or not duvet

I went for a run today, not so unusual except this time was admittedly down to getting frustrated while trying to put the new duvet cover on the duvet.  Procrastination is the key to success, didn’t someone say that once? No? Well I’m saying it now.

Have you tried putting them on? I’m sure you have, they’re a nightmare. Isn’t it about time someone invented an easier way to do it. At this rate I’ll just be sleeping under a bare duvet; a bare duvet with a bare me underneath, or just the cover, especially if it’s another muggy night. I usually wear something I bed, usually a loose shirt but it’s been so hot for weeks now I’m back to sleeping naked, sans anything. I just took a peek, and yep, it’s true. So how do you sleep?

It’s a major workout stuffing a duvet into its cover. I’m an advocate of duvets but, really, invent a cover you don’t have to literally climb inside to stuff it, barely escaping after looking like I been pulled through a sweaty hedge backwards.

ps, I still haven’t done it.


  1. I agree about the duvet’s I buy “quilt” type covers because I run hot. But that also leads me to sleep with sleep shorts and shirt. Even the tiniest bit of sweat of with skin on skin makes me feel unpleasant. But I buy soft as shit sleep stuff. I have nice compliments on my skin just saying. Even though I love the idea of sleeping naked. It’s just not practical for me. Congrats on your run. 🙂

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  2. thank you, the run was well-needed and fired me up to attack the duvet once more and finally, finally, succeed. I agree about what you wear in bed, if I wear anything it’s always the softest 100% cotton or in winter merino maybe, and the sheets always pure cotton so everything breathes. I hate getting over-hot in bed, like on muggy nights. That is, unless that overheating is due to something else then, its all good 😀

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