me’lalia- summer daze

Just a quickie here to say, who’s coming swimming? It’s sooo hot!

I’m melting here and very much in danger of becoming a puddle. Could it be I’m a little overdressed? Break out the bikinis, I say. If it stays this hot though something has got to come off, and soon. Top or bottom? I suppose I’ll have to see but if I leave it up to an open vote then I’m guessing not very long.

Did you know when the bikini was first shown it was scandalous. Why? For showing too much flesh? Yes, but, more specifically because it showed, shock-horror, the navel! The navel?! What on earth did the navel do to upset anyone and deserve such notoriety?.

The first ‘bikini’ designed sometime in the 1940’s was actually called an ‘Atom’, which I think is quite cool. Yes, the atom as in the smallest unit of matter ever, which is curious because the Atom wasn’t actually that small being that it even covered the navel. It wasn’t until the 50’s that the bikini design which, shock-horror, scandalously exposed the navel.

Apparently, they said that a bikini can only be genuine if it’s small enough to pull through a wedding ring. How weird is that! But if that wasn’t strange enough the name has to be: bikini. Naming any garment after the place where they set off the first nuclear tests, Bikini Atoll, simply because the garment was launched a few days after. That’s some assymetrical-thinking, dontcha think! It’s like, they didn’t know what to call it so chose the first thing uppermost in their mind at the time, and for some reason the bikini part did it for them so it stuck.

The word ‘bikini’ itself actually comes from a local word, or phrase, for “a surface of coconuts”, which is how colonists described the island apparently, which to me makes this even weirder. Now we take it for granted. I hoped you learned something today, it’s good to share.


© Emmaleela


  1. I’m going to vote very slowly on this question. First, I’d strategically use some ice to cool certain places while others may actually become hotter. Then, and only then, I would slowly free the overheating areas from their wrappings. Then, more ice to cool and wet your most overheated areas, while blowing air across them to increase evaporative cooling. If you’re still overheated at this point, I will need to resort to more intense methods, which will temporarily involve even more heating, but guarantee eventual comfort.

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  2. apologies all for the reposting of this, I added a few bits so had to unpublish it to post it again, very confusing but there’s more to read now so, happy, happy xx


  3. just saying thanks to everyone who’s commented so far, really appreciate them ere and on my other writings, anytime and always, it’s good to know you’re out there and find the time too in no doubt your busy lives. Summer love and hugs x


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