close to the sun

pay me in tokens
pay me in kind
pay to sleep with me
pay for my time,
pay me with compliments
pay me with likes
pay me with flattery
little white lies,
pay for my company
pay for a kiss
pay to be held
pay for my lips,
pay me to strip
pay me to tease
pay me to give you
what you need,
pay to touch
pay to be touched
something you’ve missed
something you’ve lost,
pay for a fantasy
pay for a dream
pay for attention
pay for relief,
pay to remember
pay to forget
pay for the warmth
to lance the regret,
pay to be taken
into the dark
pay to surrender
to what’s in your heart,
pay to come gently
pay to come hard
pay to come in me
climax to calm,
pay for my body
pay for my mind
pay for a moment
to know you’re alive,
pay to feel something
pay for release
pay to feel anything
pay to just feel,
pay to fly
too close to the sun
not to be judged
not to be numb.

© Emmaleela


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