box of treats #6- seconds

(continued from “box of treats #5- share the love”….

“She started to playfully chant, bra, bra, bra, off, off, off, over and over. Then both of the guys joined in. I still thought, no way, no chance, but felt I was letting her down, so, I reached around, stopped and thought again, this was crazy; all eyes now on me. Damn. I unhooked it and felt the shoulder straps come away and saw Gillian’s gaze reiterate a look that said, all the way off…. ”)

The bra came away until there I was equally topless, breasts on show. I felt a rush of blood to my head. I managed not to fall off the box. The cool air of the vast warehouse, the shadows from the other aisles felt as though they were edging closer to try and touch me. I held onto the bra for a minute then dropped it to my feet, resigned to being now topless like Gillian. She was smiling appreciatively.

All I could do to hide my awkwardness was to dance as I had been, now quite keen to get down off the box. I felt very naked and I was, almost but not quiet entirely. Oddly though, still wearing my socks gave me comfort, which was totally illogical.

Gillian and I kept sharing glances, she seemed just to be getting even more confident, more at ease, whereas I was just the same, torn between the thrill, crazy and seriously embarrassing. A part of me, or more than a part of me, a lot of me was actually turned on, big time. She knew how to use her body and far better than I did, as if I didn’t already know from stumbling upon her and mystery man the first time weeks ago.

She turned and with her back to mystery man bent over, teasingly, very much so, her red knickers being one might say like a red flag to a bull. She glanced around at him and he seemed to read her, stepped closer and his found slipped under the waist elastic and pulled them slightly away under her pale but perfect round buttocks were exposed. She wiggled her hips a little, and he held them down just far enough but not all the way yet. He kissed each side then licked her bare skin still holding her knickers away. Once again I found myself totally mesmerised. Together they had such a way with each other, a familiarity only gained through practice. I guessed they had had plenty.

For the first time I noticed she had a mole on her right cheek, oval-shaped, a soft brown, he kissed that too. She seemed completely at ease to having the other guy see her ass too, and much of the rest of her. Her shapely breasts hung in this pose making her nipples more pronounced as though swollen.

As mystery man played and teased her knickers, caressing and kissing her buttocks, I felt hands around my ankles. Mr Second, as I started calling him in my mind, was there as I looked down, his fingers already moving around my calves over my knees, up and down, also finding what for me is an intense erogenous zone, the backs of my knees, which always make me go literally weak at the knees; dangerous while stood topless on a four foot square box. It’s one of my surrender-point, just there where the skin of hypersensitive and the veins are close to the surface, a place where I easily become a hopeless case once found. He hadn’t known this of course, just where his exploring took him as I tried not to give it away I was potentially folding even more under pressure.

His direction was decidedly upwards, up my bare legs, like Gillian’s, also pale but less freckled. He was skilled, or lucky, as two of his fingers oh-so delicately traced a line up the backs of my thighs, so hyper-sensitive also making me shudder and making my thighs flush warm inside, very warm, very moist. I looked over to Gillian for support who seemed now totally distracted by teasing her man who had by now pulled her knickers away and down more though the way she was bent over and her legs together ensured they stayed on, at least at the front. Mr Second looked over as mystery seemed to proudly show off her behind to him. I could see the pleasure flow across his expression.

I was at an impasse, not sure what to do next so swayed in slow moves to seemingly endless stream of music spilling from the iPod. He looked up and I could see his focus not on my face but the underside of my breasts, naked breast, my nipples I knew feeling very aroused. I breathed in and out, in and out. Of course I would, if I didn’t I’d faint. But this breathing was almost desperate, like each could be my last. I needed more air each time, especially as his fingers became even more adept at tantalising, tickling my legs, above my knees until they were touching my knickers. At this point Gillian seemed to remember I was there, looked over and again, without a single word and just with her face and shrugs, suggested, actually not suggested, told me I was going to turn around and bend over, just like her, and to do it now.

I hesitated. She playfully let her lower lip pout as though upset at my refusal. It was mischievous but seemed to work as I turned around and bent over, just like her and Mr Second’s hands draw trickles and circles along the backs of my legs sending rippling impulses through me head down to my toes and up to my head. What was I doing?

I should be committed, as they say. In fact I was committed, to where this is going as I felt his fingers now curling into my knickers, pulling them down with care, I held my breath and felt them come away as he exposed my behind, at which both Gillian and mystery man fixed their gazes. I was tempted to wiggle but thought better of it. That would be far too risky, I felt. He held my knickers stretched out as I knew they all got to see me very clearly; my hands on my knees bracing myself. He held them out and down with one grip and caressed my buttocks with his other, squeezing, teasing, playing, taking his time. I am very self-conscious of my bum so this felt completely out of character for me, even to me.

Gillian blew me a kiss, I laughed and it relaxed me a little but each time his hand found yet another new way to touch me I tensed and gasped. Letting a complete stranger touch me like this, how could I? How could I not by now, having been lead this far down a path for which I knew there was no return. Only one way and that was all the way.

I worried I might orgasms any moment but kept to the edge of it, just. Then mystery man pulled at Gillian’s knickers more than just to show her bum but down her hips and from between her legs to which she didn’t seem to object. They came away and off and she turned, her finely-trimmed red hair just faintly covering her mound leaving her vulva shapely and clear. He helped her down and leaned her backwards over the box which splayed her legs. She didn’t protest and he was between her legs licking her, eating the life out of her. She threw her head back, her hair dangling, her nipples proud pointing upwards and breathed hard.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was sudden and more animalistic now, his fingers digging into the flesh of her inner thighs, she grabbing his hair almost pulling it out. So distracted was I, I hadn’t noticed Mr Second was now tugging more insistently at my knickers as I felt them almost come away from the front of my thighs, just like Gillian’s had. I held them firm, but he kept pulling. I was a mess inside, turbulent emotions battling against one another as I watched him between her beautiful legs now folded upwards and urging him further in.

I forced myself to stand up, turned around, pulling up my knickers again. I motioned to come down and he helped and then held me against the box, just as mystery man had with Gillian. I could smell him now: pure sex, very male, fresh sweat. I wonder how I smelled to him.

His hand shot down my knickers and grabbed me firmly between the legs. Only then did I really know how wet I’d become, how aroused, how sensitive my clit was now throbbing under its tiny hood. His finger momentarily went inside me- I gripped the box to steady myself. He pinched my nipple and then flipped me around bending me over the box, my face turned sideways facing Gillian who I see was now in paroxysms of bliss. 

I was gasping for air and feeling my knickers pulled to one side and from where he stood I knew he had a good view of my shaved vagina which he smeared with his spit-wet fingers, though it was hardly needed. I was already incredibly wet. He parted my legs and I was now beyond rescue, I knew it and welcomed whatever happens next. I was committed and what came next was feeling him stretching me open with his very hard and what I soon discovered, very long erection which through successive motions worked inside me inch by inch rocking me back and forth. I opened my legs wider to ease the tightness in me and in he slipped further, further, out again then in further. I didn’t even know his name never mind seen the cock that now found itself buried inside my thighs.

I heard Gillian cum, noisily, pleasingly, and this excited me as I felt again his erection delve deep, his grip on my hips determined, his grunting, breathing, deep from his diaphragm. He used his entire body to take me, to use me. I took all of him, I felt every inch as he rubbed against my knickers I still wore. I looked again over at Gillian and mystery man and he was now between her legs and pumping his body, red in the face, tongue licking his lips as she stared at him, stiff-necked, straining her muscles to squeeze him with her thighs. I did the same, clenched my thighs and felt how thick his erection was. It hurt but made me cum as she had before, unexpectedly just then. The tremors through me almost made me faint. He didn’t stop.

I almost pushed him out of me with the orgasm as I had now become intensely sensitive all over, my hips screaming until they settled back into his body moving in and out and against mine, against my buttocks until I felt his pace change, his sounds becoming more guttural as he went as deep as he could go, once, twice, three times and again until he too gave in to the inevitable and exploding inside me filing my body with every drop of his lust.

At this I had another orgasm and this time gripped him so hard he couldn’t move but was trapped inside me still trickling semen, until my muscles again relaxed to something normal. Such shudders are almost unnatural, like death throes, and yes, the petite mort.

I knew and I didn’t know what had just transpired this past, how long? I didn’t know the time but sure it was past midnight. I felt him push his hips into mine one last time but already felt him softening. He pulled out and I adjusted my knickers. I looked over at Gillian who’d already sat up having reached their fulfilment before we got to ours and had been watching us.

I blushed. I should get dressed. I was suddenly even more so conscious of my nakedness. How crazy was that after what we had just done. Once again I wondered, was I one of a long line of temps they tempt into their triangle to even up the odds? I was flattered either way. This had to be the wildest and quite possibly the best last day of anything I’ve ever experienced.

(I wondered could anything like this ever happen again, I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see……)

© Emmaleela


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