and then there was four

[Apologies in advance, this is quite a long one, so I hope you can find time to enjoy to the fullest ~x ]

I didn’t realise how much I’d enjoy it. It was a surprise, unplanned and most definitely unexpected.  

What should I call it, group sex, swinging, gangbang? The last of those seems the best fit when I remember back.

Parties are breeding grounds for unexpected happenings. When so many different and disparate people get together, a combination of friends and strangers, things will happen. We let our guards down, become emotionally available, physical more blatant. I found myself with two men, neither of whom I knew prior to going. Drinks flowed, conversation, and as the evening slipped through our fingers things grew more buoyant, more bold, verbally for sure.

It would be true to say that things got a little friskier, perhaps. Out of the blue, one asked me, which one of them would I sleep with? I suppose they actually meant have sex with, but I appreciated subtlety. Taking this eye-opening question in good humour, and as he continued to press me for minutes on it I replied, as diplomatically as possible not wishing to upset either, that I would find it hard to choose between them. They both grinned.

As they were leaving, with whom I might add were their girlfriends, one of them gave me his phone number and his address, very forward I thought, and bold, with an open invitation to come the next night to a get-together, a soiree. As we’d got on so well he’d be pleased to see me there, and I could even bring someone if I wanted. How could I say no; I graciously accepted.

Tomorrow night came and, yes, I committed to go, and on my own. I sent him a text to make sure it was still on and that he’d been serious. An immediate reply was enthusiastic and emoji-filled saying, yes! So, that was that then.

In a pair of skinny blue faded jeans and a black and grey lace-trim, corset blouse and ankle boots, I slipped on my big warm asymmetrical zip jacket and set off, on my own’some, no chaperone. Normally I’d have taken a friend but for some reason not that night.

This gathering was to be more low-key apparently than the previous night’s. Plenty of drink available, wine though as opposed to blurry-labelled mystery bottles, and there certainly was fewer people. In fact, as I discovered soon enough, four guys, the house-owners girlfriend, at least I think that’s who she was, and me. I expected more would turn up but as it later became apparent, none did. I did relax soon enough, putting me at ease quickly. After a time his girlfriend, Sandy, vanished only to reappear on her way out saying she’ll be back later with the girls, her friends, and to behave and not to do anything she wouldn’t do.

I couldn’t be sure if she was talking to them, or me.

And then there was four, just me and four men. I hoped this wasn’t a portent of a coming apocalypse but I hadn’t seen any horses. Now, you could say alarm bells should have started ringing inside me, and in a very quiet back of my mind perhaps they did, but if they did then not very volubly. I felt relaxed regardless so decided not to worry and knew she’d be back soon anyway; whenever soon might be.

It was a large open-plan living/dining room space, in the centre of the room was a coffee table on which was a large beautiful, bur-wood bowl, very artisan, very chunky, but what was curious is what it held; money, notes, quite a few. The owner noticed I’d noticed with what he took to be a questioning look. He explained they were ‘donations’ by all the guys for later but made it clear I didn’t need to contribute. I didn’t complain but was still left curious.

I listened; no alarm bells, all must be well then.

More wine, yes please, then one guy fell in beside me on the sofa, closer than I’d have expected by someone I didn’t know so well. I didn’t really mind though, it seemed innocent enough. After the fact, it seems strange regarding anything this evening was ‘innocent’. Sometimes I think I purposefully don’t want too what’s coming, risky I suppose but at the same time somewhat thrilling. I love spontaneity, the unexpected, the not knowing, the unforeseen opportunity.

It wasn’t long after I was taken aback by his hand wriggling its way around my leg having found its way to my knee. I fidgeted. We were alone in the room at this point, the others in the kitchen, when he asked to kiss me. Why didn’t I think this a bit odd? I didn’t, and just said, okay. I must’ve been feeling emboldened too by the drink and atmosphere. We kissed; it was good, very good actually. His hand became more motile with my leg and through my jeans I felt his explorations. When we’d stopped kissing I saw the others there, all three, watching from the door. One of them walked over and sat the other side of me and his hand began to do the same on my other leg.

We kissed again, without thinking. We did, I did, and his hand immediately slipped along my corset and over my chest gently squeezed each breast as though I’d just told him too. Caught in his kiss I couldn’t respond reflexively, instead raised my hand to ease his away except and it didn’t. I remember I didn’t really try very hard. His kiss sunk me further into the squishy sofa while the other man’s hand was slotted between my closed legs edging ever higher. My lips were preoccupied while these two hands from two different people found their way over different parts of me, brushing too my exposed cleavage.

I shuddered and felt his tongue deep-dive my mouth now. All I could do was respond as I almost choked on it.

One hand was now exploring my inner thighs more thoroughly, up and down with intent to stimulate, and it did. A huge rush of warm to my hips; I was still trapped under an all-distracting kiss of lips and tongues. My legs were being pulled apart by each of them either side of me. I resisted, which must have been an ever-so tiny alarm bell ringing finally. I clearly didn’t resist enough. A peek noticed the other two opposite sitting restlessly and watching, me being fondled, legs opened still in my jeans.

Inexplicably, I didn’t protest enough, or at all really. Perhaps I didn’t want them to stop. I was drawn to something out of my control, and increasingly so. A thrill surged through my skin. Both hands moved up my inner thighs sliding over my groin, the denim tight in that position against my sex. I couldn’t help but feel aroused by such attention, such intimate attention yet with an audience, albeit small. The hand went gripped my sex and squeezed. I was jarred by this and felt my thigh flush with blood and arousal. I knew he could feel how hot I felt there. I should resist but didn’t. One unfastened my top button but was little use to them with my legs this wide apart. The waistband loosened slightly. Then down came the from zip of my corset, designed that way not being an actual lace-up the back one which was there but merely for show.

Down it came, and I was listening for those alarm bells but none rang. What did that mean? The zip came all the way, easy to open and expose my bra, cleavage and bare midriff to all. Leaning me forward they slipped it off me easily. Did I know in my heart of hearts that this is what I was being invited here for?

Their hands immediately grabbed for my breasts where they took their time exploring, slipping a fingertip here and there inside each cup, catching my nipples making me wince excitedly. They knew I was not going to stop them, and I didn’t know exactly where we were going but was beginning to guess. The second guy kissed me, more clumsily than the first, with one hand now inside my bra giving me a full hard squeeze which caused a rush of blood to my hips, to my thighs still held wide. He eased the cup away and showed everyone, leaned down and took my nipple between his lips and teeth.

A tangle of limbs and fingers and lips, and I was now feeling more than out of control of the situation, even my body which had no intention on stopping whatever.

A hand gripped and squeezed my thighs. I let out an involuntary moan. At that moment of dizziness a third guy kneeled between my open legs and tried to edge my zip down, tricky but enough to show I was wearing pink knickers. I tried to watch but another played his mouth over my nipple still, very distracting. I couldn’t count how many hands were now all over me, freely indulging whatever whim they desired.

The one kneeling before me closed my legs and grabbed at the waistband pulling my jeans away, tugging them from my hips and forcing me to raise my buttocks.

There was now far too much happening for me to hear any alarm bells sounding even if they were. I was semi-naked with three men paying me very up close attention to almost every inch of me and a fourth looking on and decidedly horny. My nerves over were jangling, firing off in all directions, I couldn’t focus on any one part of me long enough to focus. I was moist inside my knickers. He opened my legs again while the other two continued their upper intensity of simultaneously being stimulated all over and by more than one pair of hands, so difficult to put into words.

My bra slackened off, now unhooked without me noticing who did it. It came away leaving me now topless, on show.

The house-owner who hadn’t been hands-on involved in all this pawing was now stepping out of his jeans and then out of his briefs revealing a hugely erect and springy member, slightly upwardly curved with a thick circumcised tip. I was being stimulated and aroused beyond any clear or rational thought.

My breast was smeared in saliva, glistening. The kneeling guy peeled aside my knickers giving him easy access to me there, my swollen labia, flushed with the attention, and my swollen clitoris. I felt light-headed, confused, ecstatic, a finger entered me, I felt so tight, it slipped inside followed by a second and started fingering me, awkwardly at first so that I was forced to adjust my hips until his hooked fingers moved with more ease. At this rate I would have an orgasm. I thought I shouldn’t as it would encourage them more, as if they needed it though, but knew it was inevitable. I fought it but his fingers inside me encouraged me that way until I submitted, slamming my thighs together on his fingers and hand but he kept fingering until I stopped shaking.

One of them spoke; she’s well ready now then, grabbed the waistband this time of the knickers and scrabbled them of me. I was now totally naked, totally at their whim, and their whims were looking hard and ready for action.

One by one they swapped positions to enable each to remove their jeans and shorts and let me see what’s been waiting this entire time. More fingers slipped inside me, this time slow, gentle, I endeavoured to control my breathing lest I hyperventilate or pass out. My thighs were soaked with sweat and the juices from my orgasm when the house-owner said, me first.

They lowered me to the carpet, two opening my thighs. I failed to resist. He pulled me towards him raising my hips onto his knelt thighs, looming over me he guided his tip to my folds, my sex now moist, flushed pink and open wide. In he went, pushing his bare excitement and vanishing inside me, my sex closing around him. He was determined to ensure every inch of him was inside me with each thrust, each time he fucked me, making grunting sounds that were almost actual words like yeh and fuck. My arms were gently held, caressed by the others with the fourth of them sat close slowly masturbating his appendage.

He found his pace: fast. I was rocked back and forth, my buttocks squashed into the carpet, still held, fondled and over-stimulated. I watched while being watched, he pulled almost all the way out and then straight back inside me, he was pulsing, grimacing until I felt him explode inside me with such enthusiasm some cum immediately spilled out leaving most inside. That moment didn’t last long, seconds, if that, but it produced a lot, sticky, warm, I could smell the pungent sex on all of us.

They asked if I was ok I nodded, dazed, which to them was a signal for the next to climb between my thighs. Before I took a breath he was inside me causing my spine to arch like I was having a fit. He wasn’t gentle, but ravenously fast, hard, panting as though every breath was his last. His thighs crashed into mine, I shook and knew this is exactly what would make me cum again and it did, tightening around him, gripping him so much I think he cum before he’d planned too. He didn’t seem too disappointed though as he let it all go inside me with a satisfied exhalation of breath, his sperm making a cocktail with the previous. He collapsed like a block of Jenga, pulled out his dripping cock leaving a skim on my sweaty thighs.

I sat up for a few moments, caught my breath, naked, leaking cum. I didn’t mind as long as I could breathe again. They laid me back down and a third was there as I wondered, could I take another. Where were these alarm bells when you need them? No time to consider before his very thick angry head spread my folds and slipped in skilfully as I heard the sound of him coming up against all the cum already inside, a suction noise, almost laughable. A third inside me now, me pinned to the floor, held, hands and teethe teasing my nipples erect. He lasted what felt like ages as I was sure he was growing inside me even more to nearly twice the size.

My legs ached, he pulled them high and fell deeper into me rocking me until he too didn’t, or couldn’t, hold back and cum expectedly unexpectedly.

Seems I could take another after all.

It clearly wasn’t over as the last one pulled me across the carpet like a doll towards his waiting erection, poking proudly up towards the ceiling like on parade. What did I expect; a trooping of the colours? I knew by then exactly what to expect as he looked down on me having caught his prey, spread my soaking sex with his fingers and guided himself between my pink now laced with white sperm. I knew there was no stopping this and my body screamed stop and more at the same time.

His throbbing worked into me, not at all phased that his three friends had already done that very thing minutes before, their cum still leaking from me and smearing his circumcised penis, not put off of me already filled with their cum. If anything, he seemed more keen, or just too horny to care.

I gathered enough of my senses focus, watch his face filled with anticipation and triumph, the way it changed as he felt himself falling into me, of me letting him; pleasure swam through his features. So many unintentional micro-expressions danced across his face in way he couldn’t have controlled if he tried, a world of ‘tells’ and secrets unfolding. His chest was completely bare, smooth, unlike two of the others who displayed some hairiness. He moved his hips in singular thrusts, as though working up to something much bigger. I felt his angle penetrating me, finding its way as he held himself with strong arms over me. Each one has felt all-compassing, them being much taller than me, me being only 5’3 and a bit.

Despite waiting, watching all this time stroking himself while the others enjoyed me he was able to keep going longer. My thighs were leaking as his motions pushing out some of the previous semen. How close must they be as friend to happily allow the others cum touch their own private parts, via me, and in front of each other? Though I had no idea what they got up too together expect what’s happening right now. I guessed his ‘girlfriend’ I briefly met earlier had perhaps also found herself in the same positon as I am right now.

I tightened.
I cum.
Unable to stop myself, gripping his erection. He didn’t pause nor distracted, his eyes looked upwards as though sourcing some higher power for his denouement. Then he broke. His back should’ve snapped with the angle as he burst inside me with such a surprise and such a lot. He must have been saving it for days if not weeks, a flood of ejaculate adding to so much already. One final thrust as he grabbed my breasts, fingers digging in which I barely felt with all the adrenalin, almost knocking the air out of my lungs

Backwards he fell, sipping out at the same time leaving me to finally close my legs, filled I was now with cum. I tried not to laugh. Not in a funny-hah-ha way but out of sheer exhaustion, of the release, a reflex, the exertion, an expulsion of tension. My entire body felt feeble but invigorated too. There was no chance of me standing for a while.

Even though I didn’t expect this I was sure afterwards that they had, or hoped at least. I knew the bathroom beckoned me but for now I didn’t move and neither did they. We would have looked quite strange to anyone suddenly walking in, me totally naked but for a throw from the sofa, and of the other four, one also unclothed, three with no trousers sprawled casually and red-faced around the room, and there, on the table, the bowl of money… alarm bells?….. now I knew.

© Emmaleela


  1. thanks so so much again, happy to oblige and share, definitely pleased you made it to the end and enjoyed it. Writing it was quite a journey for me 🙂

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  2. Your salacious tail brings whole new imagery to the archaic gear-head term of four on the floor. Your prose is never too long for my prurient fascinations. Vroom Vroom

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