sacrificial art

I feel your weight
bearing down
I feel that I
could break
every bone
from head to toe
it’s almost like I’ll suffocate

I feel your breath
across my face
I smell the scent
of carnal sweat
my water eyes
are captured in
the lusts that they reflect.

I feel your heart
right next to mine
my open legs
my outstretched arms
each limb is held
in whispered tells
like sacrificial art.

I feel your words
in quiet tones
they chant a spell
so self-assured
a naked truth
flows over me
while laying here immured.

I feel the sheets
a soft as silk
the finer weft
of cotton weave
they crumple soft
with struggles lost
just not enough to free.

I feel your skin
it’s touching every
part of mine
you’re not denied
my moistening
a beckoning
awaken all we hide.

I feel a heat
a rush within
the naked folds
the flow without
my begging eyes
my willing thighs
the shape of yes upon my mouth.

© Emmaleela


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