immersion (act two)

(continued from “immersion (act one)”
“. . . the journey was set to run perhaps all night long as the depths became deeper and the tastes became sweeter, I knew I was hers to compel. . . .”)

I was learning a new language. This was not just fumbled experimentation, calculated but not cold, equations that for all these years had evaded me were now bearing fruit, showing me that numbers don’t need to add up after all, just simply prove they deserve to be where they are in formula.

I was there, Laura was there, our concatenation of realised lusts adding up to one sinuous display of muted passion that had obviously been simmering in me for certain for a long time now. I was being awakened, teased out into the open, my sexuality bared for her and for me, being stripped of my defences and my clothes. I was burrowing out from under my own skin with the most exhilarating encouragement of Laura. She was the teacher, I was the student, a very willing one at that.

While my eyes were closed I lost track of time, not that I was counting seconds, I was far too distracted for that, her touch becoming ever more seductive.  It felt like a dream but wasn’t. All those times I woke up in a sweat, with confused thoughts, conflicting thoughts of arousal and guilt with my hand between my legs. I could smell myself, that I’d had an orgasm just before I woke up, in fact that was probably what actually did wake me up from sleep so recklessly restless and erotically-charged, though I wasn’t sure then, in hindsight I know now for sure.

The signs were there, my desires for other women, my bisexual nature subconsciously asserting itself before I was fully aware myself. My dalliances before now had been innocent, playful, superficial almost even though a huge lot of fun and pleasure they hadn’t really meant anything other than the normal experimentation all girls go through at different times of their lives and definitely as a teenager.

The waistband of my jeans loosened as she unbuttoned them, followed quickly by the shush sound of the zip being pulled down to reveal my white low-rise butterfly panties. I felt I should somehow respond give her something in return and I brought my arms to her wrists and gently held her as she manipulated my jeans open tugging them tightly from my hips. I let go and held onto my panties so they didn’t come off at the same time. I have no idea why I did this, perhaps even now I still felt somewhat embarrassed at my own body.

She pulled my jeans down to below my knees as I lay there and leaned down to kiss my legs high up close to my inner thighs. Her breathe hit my skin like hot steam. She must have felt my quiver and licked my bare skin. I screamed inside. She followed this by kissing my legs down to my knees and then continued to remove my jeans entirely.

My hands went to my head and gripped my hair for wont of something to clench exclaiming something like, oh my fucking god! I can’t be entirely sure but I know I blurted something semi-coherent.

Then I nearly leapt through the roof as something cold landed on my tummy button. It was ice cream! Laura placed a blog there and grinned most mischievously at my response. I sat half up and she shoved me back down and promptly began eating it, licking greedily and all I could think was I hoped there was no fluff in there. I was facing the ceiling again, breathing hard in hope to settle my racing pulse down but to no avail as this time she liberally placed a blob of ice cream on each nipple. I couldn’t stifle a scream this time and jolted and probably swore. I think my heart stopped for a moment. She was licking almost immediately pinning me down by the arms. I surrendered while my blood rushed to my breasts to compensate. There was no need, her mouth was warming me up just nicely as she licked and sucked the ice cream catching my nipples at the same time trying to clean me up before too much melted.

She bit down on one nipple having finished the ice cream and held on rolling it between her teeth. Her nails dug into my back where they’d worked their way while I arched at the initial shock. Laura clearly was no novice like I was at this. I wondered who else she’d done this too.

She lay on top of me making sure I didn’t get away even if I’d wanted too. I didn’t.  MY nipples now felt red and my breasts bright pink in response to a sudden chilling. She dragged her nails down my sides, along the curves of my waist over my hips until her face was inches from my sex. I knew without looking as once again I felt her breath, hotter this time. Then soft kisses along the elastic of my panties. She was clearly revelling in my submission which for me felt so natural.

She kissed my sex through the cotton and I shuddered and wrapped my fingers in her long black hair instinctively. Again she licked and teased the material into my labia, running a single finger along me just there. I knew I was wet and felt self-conscious though by now it made no sense too.

She kept scratching her nails up and down my hips, my upper legs, marking my bare skin with red track-marks, sometimes I even thought she’d broke the skin but she never did. She knew exactly what she was doing. I, on the other hand, was out of my depth but felt totally committed to drowning in what she was doing to me. It’s like she was a siren who’d swam up from the deep dark depths of the sea, grabbed my legs and proceeded to pull me down and down and down and down stripped each layer of me with each fathom we descended.

I held on, she held on.

She pushed my knickers further inside me which I found stimulating, her fingers urging them all the while kissing my inner thighs. It was at this point I felt a convulsion in my hips that I couldn’t control and came to orgasm. Laura gripped my sex as I cum pulling my knees together and crying out loud.

Her mouth wrapped around my sex, my wet knickers and sucked. The elation was overwhelming. Again my back arched to almost breaking. I gripped anything I could to hold on to something solid in fear I was falling, oh, but the exhalation of it all, this fall, sometimes one just has to let go completely.

I let go and felt my orgasm once more flood my insides with a turbulent resinous entitlement. Laura kneaded my legs and I opened them more for her. Her hands under my buttocks now she lifted my and tugged my knickers from my hips, my thighs and left me naked, at her discretion of which by now there was none between us. Her tongue instantly found my clit and licked, sucked, nibbled bringing her face so an intimate to me. Her finger slid inside me easily now being so wet. I gave in, I surrendered, I fell through space again and again. Her fingers moved quicker now, twisting as she blew on my clit, on my inner thighs while her other hand stroked the back of one knee, a surprisingly erogenous effect, one on the verge of tickling but not quite.

Then a cold shock.

She blobbed more ice cream on my vagina and began to eat. So intensely erotic. It tangled in my fine light hairs. It was only later I began to prefer being bare there. I couldn’t believe how after at least two orgasms I still wanted more. She gave me more, read me like an open book, my open legs, my naked skin, the scent of my sweat, of hers now with the effort, determined to bleed me dry but in the most satisfying way. I looked at her and having finished the latest shock of ice cream to my tender parts she crawled up my body like a snake, slithering, her eyes full of mischief, desire, control, and when face to face we kissed, pressing our bodies from head to toe against each other. She too was now naked, though I hadn’t done that, she must have.

Our breasts pressed, nipples excited, her knee now between my thighs, mine between hers. We rubbed and squirmed against each other like this, lips locked, tongues entangled. I scratched her back, she scratched mine, both literally.

Then together this time we both cum spontaneously, though I’d guessed afterwards she had far more control than me and was probably waiting for me to cum again before she, having held herself back like some Tantra test, exploded and our bodies clung even tighter, so tight neither of us breathed for a minute or more. That’s how it felt, that’s how I remembered it, my lips hungrily feeding on hers as the ripples went through their motions and eventually subsided, slowly, surely, to leave us in a silence where even breathing sounded too loud. But we had to breathe by now, otherwise I, for one, would’ve fainted.

Such a revelation. Such abandoned lust. Nothing before had compared to this, an experience on a much higher, or deeper, or both, level. This wasn’t the last time we behaved as such with each other, more was to come over the next months, more of the same, although each time was different, each time felt new. Ice cream has never been the same again.

© Emmaleela

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