needs must

If lockdown’s are good for anything they make you really focus on the really important stuff, what you really want or need to do before the starting deadline. So’ it’s good they give us some warning so we can do the essentials like top up shopping, get any long trips and, and be sure to absolutely have sex, any sex, any way you can, because it might be the last time until the lockdown ends. I didn’t do this in March when we had our first because no one knew what to expect and no one knew it would last as long as it did, and as long as it did I went without any physical sexual contact, which for me is almost unthinkable, not to mention unbearable.

This time I was ready, and with a week’s notice that we would have to effectively stay at home and only see members of our own household, and with me being single, hence, no sex on tap kind of thing, I was determined. Even though they say it’s only going to be just over two weeks no one was really sure what would happen after with whatever restrictions and all.

It may sound wrong on so many levels but I met a friend of a friend I’d met before and we’d had sex before, long while back, of the vanilla kind, which was still good so when we met, a small group of us we’d decided were safe enough to constitute a bubble I thought, well, lockdown’s coming, there’s this guy again, we seem to be getting on again, and I find I’m getting more than quite interested in my head of maybe, just maybe pre-lockdown sex with him would be in the offing. Anything would do, even conventional. After all there wasn’t exactly much other opportunities presenting themselves and when one gets frustrated enough one will.

It sounds terribly pre-meditated but needs must, and needs most definitely must there and then as I was probably making myself perhaps a little to obviously available and maybe up for it (because I was totally and desperately up for it!).

I didn’t know though anything would come of it, I just hoped, being a positive person I thought if I willed it hard enough he would get hard enough for it, for me!  I must be coming across like a shallow person here, but I’m not really, just, well, needs must. Time was of the essence.

It was clear as we found ourselves in an exclusive conversation that we were going to end the night having sex, I just felt it, knew it: certainly hoped it. I was sure he did too, though perhaps in a slightly more confident way. I wasn’t exactly throwing myself at him but also I wasn’t being coy when he did subtle things like lay his hand on my leg, brush my arm, take my hair out of my mouth. I wasn’t eating it, just some an over-enthusiastic laugh resulted in some getting stuck to my lipgloss. I couldn’t help it, I don’t know about his but my hormones were moving into overdrive.

He had a car. Perfect. He took me home. Perfect. When I say home, I mean he took a long way to get there, via a layby he knew from which was an amazing view actually. Lots of twinkling lights form a bridge and the main town beyond, and the sound of water. Perfect. It was quite well-hidden from the road behind bushes and a few trees, and even though some of the leaves had gone by now was still very secluded and secretive.

We pulled in, stopped, handbrake, lights off, the view came into view as our eyes quickly refocused. Quiet. Not even the hum of the engine now, just our breathing. I stared from the passenger window feeling his eyes on me from the driver’s seat. His hand found my lap, my leg, under navy blue leggings, my short floral dress clung to me as I felt my chest and stomach press against them with ever increasing deepening of my expectant inhalations and exhalations. IN and out, his hand seemed to follow time moving surreptitiously, a creature of the dark having emerged from hibernation now seeking the first thing on its mind: to sate its hunger.

I kept looking into the view, the thin line of mountains beyond fading into a sky packed with stars and only the hint of a moon. His hand caressed my thigh now, moving from one side to the next. I placed my hand on top, we stopped, then carried one, mine being carried along like a mute passenger. I felt thrills rising up through my torso, pressing my backbone further into the padding of the seat, my head into the head-restraint. I wasn’t restrained, not by anything more than my own urges which had brought me here, took me out the front door to the place where we met. I shivered not from cold as the car was well-warm. I wiped some condensation from the window which was now unevenly coating them in a thin film of mist. My other hand being moved with his underneath over my legs, my hips until it was travelling up my stomach and over my breasts. he guided, I followed.

He found the buttons down the front of my minidress and unfastened them top to waist and slipped inside flowing freely over my shirt, my curves beneath. The fact that I wasn’t looking at him made it all the more exciting, enticing my imagination in him being a total stranger, faceless, nameless, a random tryst. My nipples reacted  under the layers until his hand was down again around my waist and then my legs but now between them forcing me to open them, which I did just enough for his fingers to push under my dress and touch me through the legging, through my knickers and press hard as he was able against my pubis. I squirmed and still didn’t face him until he touched my chin, turned my face and kissed me further pressing his fingers under my dress.

The kiss was sudden, electrifying, ecstatic. The first time we’d kissed that night despite having already spent a few hours together since first meeting. His lips warm, mine warmer, His fingers hooked between my legs and closed to almost lift me from the seat. I moaned inadvertently, his grip relaxing and contracting over and over, teasing me while our tongues danced and darted between our mouths.

He whispered, take them off, meaning my legging. I pushed off my boots and proceeded, hitched up my dress and proceeded to pull them down not even thinking twice. He helped, his fingers hooked over the waistband and down they came, clumsily in the limited space but eventually I was pulling them off my feet leaving me bare legged. His hand we on my thighs again instantly and between my legs before I could say anything, not that I knew what to say nor even wanted to say anything. The silence for me said it all, retaining a certain anonymity. Once again his grip firm, assured, determined, making my hips move with his motioning. I felt a familiar moistening, involuntary but expected when aroused like this. I was increasingly aroused and willing for whatever happens. As I said, after all, needs must.

Suddenly his fingers were into the side of my black lace knickers and touching my naked shaved sex, pulling them aside and widening me further, they slipped inside me as he once again took my lips to his for another enveloping kiss. My hips reacted wantonly pushing forward and urging him further in. He needed no encouragement. He began seriously masturbating me harder and deeper and faster. I reached for his groin and found a bulge, the one I can visualise so well and was happy to feel again, in every way I hoped that night.

I came with an orgasm silent and almost profound, there in the layby in his car in the dead of night. He removed his fingers and licked them. I was impressed, then placed them in my mouth. I sucked them, I tasted me. This was very naughty, very risky, a public place. I was thoroughly excited from head to toe. I unfastened his jeans, opened them and pulled out his erection all with one hand which I thought was quite a feat considering also I did it all without being able to see in the dark very well. It felt at first coolish then quickly warm, his bare cock firm and pulsing between my fingers which I moved up and down while he once more placed his fingers between my legs. I felt his growing even harder, longer I thought too, longer than I remember from so long ago. Must be an illusion of the night.

For a while we continued as such, pleasuring each other through kisses and fingers until he again whispered that he wanted to fuck me, right here and right now. I smiled. Perfect! How could I say no to something for which I myself was desperate. Then he said he wanted to fuck my in the bonnet, the front of the car. Perfect. Hang on, wait, I thought, it’s a little chilly out there. He said it wouldn’t be once we got started. Well, needs must, I didn’t exactly refuse which to him was an outright yes.

We got out, me with my bare, sans leggings, legs and him with his open jeans, his leather belt loosely hanging. He marshalled me to the front of the car, just in front of the grill which to my surprise was still radiating some warmth which was very welcome as the night air was indeed autumnal cool. He wrapped his fingers into mine and held them by my sides as we kissed, all the while pressing me further against the car. The more I felt it the warmer I felt because of the residual engine heat so I didn’t complain. I wouldn’t have complained anyway. His groin was now up against mine as I was bending over backwards, literally!

His bulge moved against my mound between my open legs, parts of which were still exposed to the cooler side of the night air. He moved his body against my, as sinuous as possible considering out position. I looked around and was pleased we were still alone, especially knowing some car parks and laybys late at night can be hotspots for particular nocturnal interests. Although I suppose this was one of them and we were the nocturnal animals indulging. I felt my dress moving up as my back was moved closer to the car bonnet, then it was definitely moving up but this time with the help of his hand which was again beneath and soon over my knickers enjoying the feel of a part of me which was far warmer than anywhere else on my body, except perhaps my buttocks pressed firmly against the car now.

He hard large hands and displayed this next by holding me by both of my wrists above my head like human handcuffs and with his other probing my sex with his fingers deliberately and without any holding back. I could only struggle to move in synch with him and admittedly enjoying every second. I glanced at the twinkling lights far across the water and wondered what others behind them were doing now. My attention was drawn quickly back though as he brought me once more to an orgasm, so suddenly not even I was expecting it. I bit my lips and think I might have tasted some of my blood. He held me while I could see him pull down his jeans enough to no doubt expose his buttocks to the night and guide his now twitching erection against my thighs.

I was stretched out on the car now as he lifted one of my legs and then the other bending my knees. My dress hitched right up now to my waist, my back warm against the car. With it partially unbuttoned he slipped a hand under my top and raised it enough to run a hand under and grab my boob and squeeze at the same time he pushed himself bare into my sex. I shuddered, gripped him with my thighs, a reflex and a need. He still held my wrists. I was beginning to wonder how many hands, arms, whatever he had, I almost couldn’t keep track. We began to fuck, and I mean fuck, manically from the off, he forced himself deep then pulled back then in deep again, then again, finding the pace which we soon did and started to gather momentum as he fucked me I moved up and down the bonnet being pinned and held as I was, helpless should anyone else have come in here we could have been caught, exposed, and perhaps even watched. Though I hoped it wouldn’t be the police if it did happen.

He was right, I was warm despite the night air. I was hot, my thighs sucking him into my thighs ever deeper, the friction keeping all thoughts of autumn away. I felt myself open move in this potion for him allowing him carte blanche entry, a free pass. I was certainly giving them out that night. How many others would I have given one too if I had the chance?

I felt it was all the more intoxicating because we were in a place we shouldn’t be to be doing what we were doing, effectively doing each other. It felt taboo, wrong, and as such far too good a chance to have refused. After all, needs must. My body shook over and over and he hovered over me fucking me, taking me, me giving myself to him, to this, every inch of him was in me, I felt him twitching, throbbing, pushing. He held me wide now, looking down and me looking up, holding my wrists and grinning like a demon: a horny demon. Hang on, aren’t all demons horny? Now there’s a thought, sex with a demon? Maybe he was after all.

 I felt the night close in around us as this time I was well aware of yet another orgasm I was holding back as much as possible as I wanted it to be when he does and he was close, very close, so close that before I could even write the words to describe how close he gave a muffled backward groan and I braced while he no longer did and flooding his seed and hot sperm into me. Finally, I was able surrender and cum, our juices now flowing together inside me as he kept going for what felt like minutes but could only have ben seconds. My legs quivered in a way they only do when I cum, and when it happens at the same time as someone else cumming, then even more pronounced.

I think several minutes had passed before I once more became aware of our surroundings, him still on top of me keeping me extra warm. I hoped the suspension of the car was okay. I felt a cool trickling down my left inner thigh which he had let fall as we came to fruition together. He grew soft and slipped out. We kissed and I held myself together as much as I could though wasn’t sure I’d be able to walk or even stand just yet, but of course I did after a fashion, still balancing on the car. Oh yes, it’s still night, and we are in a layby which, fortunately, nobody else had gate-crashed while we were here. Although it might have been interesting, if not a little scary.

Back in the car we sat there staring out the windscreen both visibly grinning. I think I need to brush my hair. He turned over the engine, it hummed into life, turned on the heater to bring us back to some kind of normality before he dare try to drive, not until he has put himself back together again. I couldn’t stop grinning and thought, well, we might be once again going into a lockdown but at least I’ve had sex beforehand, unapologetic and very consensual sex, albeit in a slightly unorthodox way and location so all is well with the world, or as good as it gets.

Perhaps I should just fill my bubble with a goodly number of horny men.

© Emmaleela


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