two for one- step five finally

(continued from “two for one- step four”
……. “I felt him fill me, fortunately after such an orgasm I was well-prepared. I let him, pushing, back and in, back and in, bare skin on bare skin. Another hand touched me. . . . . .”)

Another hand touched me: Rash. I couldn’t stop him, not sure I wanted too by now. A hand, again Rash, fondled my nipple, both very easily excitable. Daniel and I kissed, the first time since he’d stripped me naked. His tongue entered my mouth as his cock entered my thighs. He grabbed my hands and stretched them over my head and used me for leverage and pushed into me harder and harder at which each time I shuddered, shook, opened more and more, moaned unexpectedly in a voice I almost didn’t even recognise as my own.

I might have said something, I don’t know, or remember. I’m not offended by sex talk or talking dirty as it’s called, and Daniel must have sensed this and said a few things that I didn’t reply too but made me all the more willing to go further and further.

His hips collided with mine at such a force so many times as he felt even bigger now he was inside me, which could’ve been my imagination but I wasn’t complaining.

Rash was there, only vaguely running his fingers along my sides, my breast, while his other hand was as far as I could tell, down his trousers which I think were now open. Daniel’s breathing reached that point which told me he was close to his own orgasm, but I could tell he was holding back, or trying too. Sweat poured from me, from him, only Rash remained cool, except perhaps for what was in his pants.

Out of nowhere Daniel’s voice came out clear: I’m going to cum, looking at me right in the eye as though asking for permission. I bit my bottom lip and gripped his hands. He took this as a yes, as I felt this time his hips convulse as he released his sperm into me while fucking without slowing for a few seconds more. This was a first, being watched by a different guy from the one I was having sex with while someone actually cum inside me while. I took all of it, all of him, my muscle contracting. Eventually he was left twitching until he pulled out. I closed my legs and rolled onto my side. For minutes on end we all seemed to take a breath along with the room itself which seemed somewhat relieved too.

While I lay there hands were on me again, I was rolled over onto my tummy and my hips pulled back pulling me up on my knees. I blurted out dazedly, wow Daniel, you’re ready again already? But it wasn’t Daniel, I saw his soft brown-skinned hands round my waist and craned my neck to see Rash behind me, directly behind me and before I could say anything like, I’m not sure I’m ready, his cock was spreading my labia from behind and in he went, pulling me back onto him and it, impaling me with a rough determination, of someone who has waited long enough for his chance to take advantage, and he did take good advantage of my vulnerable state of arousal.

I couldn’t admit to them how much I was enjoying this; I could barely admit it to myself. The thought of one after another had filled me with curiosity for so long and now it was happening and what an exquisite feeling it was. I could tell how well-endowed he was, and how excited too. He clearly had no finesse but it didn’t detract from how much all of me was so completely into this. What does that make me?

He was welling up inside me soon, and fucking faster, the slapping sound against my buttocks and thighs, both of us sweaty, and me already knowing I held Daniels cum inside me. The sound was almost comical but I restrained any giggles although any impulse towards such was stifled by how quickly I found myself wanting to go all the way again more and more. It was heaven, if heaven was one big orgy, or a brothel!

Daniel was watching now, lying back on pillows, rubbing his still somewhat limp but probably happy penis. Rash was loud when he came, and he came without holding back, came bare inside me, his cum flowing into and with Daniel’s having both shared me as they had; and I them.

What I didn’t expect was, as he cum I felt another orgasm welling inside me all of a sudden, though hardly surprising under the circumstances. I instinctively pushed back against him as he came, filling me, I was determined to also orgasm right then, reaching under my belly I vigorously brought myself to climax now oblivious to an audience of one in Daniel and released once again any tension inside me. By then it had all become too much for me and I collapsed abruptly dislodging myself from Rash’s softening appendage from my well-filled thighs still dripping but having left most of it inside me.

After rolling over and pulling a duvet across all that was left to do was pinch myself: yep, it was real, put my hand between my legs yep, so very real.

Daniel was the first to speak, I think we all deserve a drink after that. I couldn’t have agreed more.

© Emmaleela


  1. thanks Cannon, I’m fine with DMs, and thank u for liking my writing. It’s always encouraging hearing form people. I am no editor or critic though with regard to others writing, and am no expert at this by far. But happy to receive messages, email, comments whatever, I will always reply. I don’t spend much time on Noveltrove atm. I will check out yours when I’m there next though. Much thanks again 🙂


  2. I have just written a comment but may have inadertently pressed submit before completing it! You may receive it. I hope you do. In short summary I love your beautiful prose and said so in a comment on your story on Noveltrove Tale of Two Lovers. I’m pleased I re read it today. It’s still a sexy story and this time I followed the link you put in your biog which has brought me to your site and your catalogue of work. I look to catching up with them, and maybe you too (unless you discourage direct messaging.
    I write a little myself and have two stories on Noveltrove, and I’m always looking for constructive feedback.
    Maybe I’ll hear from you soon. Keep writing.
    Cannon x

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