two for one- step four

(continued from “two for one- step three”
…. “You like? He said while staring right into my eyes. I nodded. How could I not like. Then, just like when he spanked me I was once again taken aback when he replied, grinning, no Emma, I was asking Rash”)

I froze, unsure of what I just heard. I raised my head and looked over Daniels shoulder and there stood just inside the door was, yes, Rash, watching. How long had he been there just watching, lurking, leering. Daniel didn’t seem to mind; in fact he seemed to have known long before now. Had he been watching all this time or had he just stumbled in, so to speak. It was weird because I had almost forgotten all about him, that there was anyone else at all in the house. But there he was, large as life, grinning from across the room and there I was pinned under Daniel in only one half of my underwear and still wearing holdup stockings.

Rash replied, of course I do like, as he kept staring, kept grinning. I was struck dumb. Maybe it was time to go as perhaps it’d just got weird, but I didn’t. We all were locked in a kind of impasse, or I was as it seemed they had colluded in some way perhaps. I looked at Daniel, back at Rash, Daniel again who now sported the biggest smile ever. I was at a loss but still there, not moved, not run away. His hand ran over my breast and he pinched my nipple and caressed very firmly sending the right signals through my body, the ones that tend to result in surrender. I’d come this far, so.

My head was now reeling. No words were spoken for minutes on end, just Daniel moving over me like an octopus, without the ink of course. I kept glancing over to the door and seeing Rash until I somehow felt less aware of his presence or at least more preoccupied so I no longer felt it mattered, perhaps. I knew my entire mind and body were so inextricably turned on so much so I didn’t see any way for now to turn that off.  

I suppose my silence and metaphorically turning to jelly underneath Daniel sort of suggested acquiescence to being watched. He gripped my buttocks hard jerking me and parting my legs a little more. It hadn’t occurred to me that the inevitable would happen as he began slipping his deft fingers into my knickers, teasing, taunting, hinting at pulling them off. Somewhere in my mind I was unsure but something overrode that as I felt them come away, slowly. I watched him lick his lips, animal-like, as though he was about to devour. I was captive in his gaze until I remembered Rash, looked over and there he was, still there and seemed to be rubbing himself. They came away as I felt even more naked now and on show, being unwrapped for both of them as though that’s what I was there for.

Like reflex I grabbed his shorts feeling just how bulging his bulge now was, and hot to the touch. It twitched in my hand through the material. There I lay in my holdups now with the most intimate parts of me now clear for both of them. My hand went down his shorts and I grabbed his erection hard as though to say, I can also be firm. It felt very much alive, and of course it was. I’m sure inside he was aching to do more with it. It was sticky with his precum which smeared over my fingers. I could feel his veins, the fact he wasn’t circumcised, is girth, not unimpressive with my mind’s eye.

My knickers were gone, taken away and discarded replaced by his hand rubbing me there, between my thighs, easily keeping me open, easily finding the right spots with which to send electric shocks through me I grabbed his erection even harder as pulses of thrill rippled through me, now moving my hand along hits shaft. I finally got the chance to look and see it, see what I held in my small hand, see what throbbed between my fingers. Each time I moved down it the foreskin came away from the tip which glistened. Fingers entered me and started masturbating at first quite roughly. I was going to complain but didn’t. Instead, my hips moved with it, pushed against them, against him. My heart raced, my grip squeezed him harder which just encouraged his own motions into my thighs. For a moment I was imagining how rash was seeing us, what he was thinking.

I kept not believing this was happening but each time his fingers probed me deeper I knew clearly it was. Each time I glanced at Rash, I knew it was.

I had been stripped piece by piece. I felt a rush inside me, a damn screaming to break. Daniels fingers finally found just the right spot and I surrendered to my orgasm in the presence of both of them. It felt like I blacked out momentarily but really I just closed my eyes tight. His fingers quickened as he felt me cum. I grabbed them to stop him but he kept going until I was gasping for air. Out they came and he licked them, tasting me, Rash came over then, kneeled by the bed. What must he think of me, the sort of girl I am. I looked up at him just for an instant drained but still overwhelmingly aroused. My hips kept moving ever so slowly of their own volition. It felt like at that moment I know longer cared about any potential embarrassment. I’d let go of his erection as soon as I cum gripping the bed. It was such a beautiful pain.

While I was gathering my senses my legs were parted again after I’d closed them with my orgasm like a clamp, and before the next blink the tip of Daniel’s cock was touching my sex, poking at me, finding its aim and in he began to push which I felt keenly as my folds were still so incredibly tender. I felt him fill me but fortunately after such an orgasm I was well-prepared. I let him, pushing, back and in, back and in, bare skin on bare skin.

Another hand touched me. . . . . .

(continued in “two for one- step five finally” ………)

© Emmaleela

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