two for one- step three

(continued from “two for one- step two”
….. His hands gripped them hard and dug into them forcing me to stifle a pleasure scream. I bit my bottom lip instead. I felt we were now caught in a momentum from which there was no coming back”…… )

As I sat astride him both of his hands at first went to my breasts and squeezed in the most exhilarating way. I took a deep breath and inhaled the feeling and our scents which were both growing increasingly feral.

He pulled me down again to his lips and we kissed again with a ferocity of two freshly-released wild animals seeing freedom for the first time in months. We tasted it in each other. I grabbed his hair and he dug his gingers then into my hips forcing me to move back and forth along his crotch which I hoped I wasn’t crushing with my fervour. His mouth went to my nipple that hung there now bare and vulnerable and took me between his teeth and carefully gnawed around my aureole to my exquisite delight.

I was in a lost in a kind of trance, we were both together it seemed in a world of our own. Nothing outside this room mattered right now, we were just two writhing beasts, both topless and utterly out of control. Or I was anyway.

Once again I sat upright, my nipple wet from his saliva and very erect. His hands grabbed me again there and played with me, toyed with me, teased me. I felt my weight bear down upon his hips, his thighs I felt acutely through my, and his bulge withstanding my back and forth motions, surrendering to the impulse to press my sex into his one raised leg. 

He fingers unfastened the top button my of denim shorts. What a relief I felt as the waistband loosened. I continued moving along his body while he only partly eased down my zip, partly because in this position it was impossible to take it all the way. I knew now though the top of my red panties were now visible at which I noticed he grinned in that way as to suggest he was quite keen on seeing more.

I had no illusions as to where this was leading, and I knew it was my hope too, probably as much as it was his, we were going to fuck.

Seductively he slipped his hands under my waist band with my legs still akimbo. The growth in his jeans was obviously becoming more impressive as time went on. I knew I was smiling widely at our sheer abandon and how easy and good it felt with someone I’d only recently met and still hardly knew. Then without thinking, as I think it’s usually the best way, I bent down to his bare chest and kissed him there, his nipples too, his tummy, fine hairs which traced a line under his jeans and obliged by also unfastening his top button and lowering his zip. I could smell how musky his sex was beneath. We were both generating so much heat and friction right now. His hands played along my naked back up and down my spine which prompted all kinds of weird and wonderful ripplings through me.

I was tempted to pull down the tops of his shorts and peek but didn’t, not yet. Moving back up along his torso we kissed once more, as intensely as ever. I felt privileged, pleased with myself that it was me he was excited by, that had got him this hard.

I found myself laying on top of him, face to face, tummy to tummy, hips to hips, knees to knees, toe to toe. This gave him the opportunity to unzip my shorts all the way and proceed to pull them down from my hips uncovering my panties, vivid red, blatant. They were tugged over my buttocks and grabbed me, squeezing once again digging in his fingers then he did something I didn’t expect, he spanked me. A sharp intake of breath, unsurprisingly, from me. He did it again, harder the second time. Another intake of breath on my behalf, I couldn’t help but smile, awkwardly, and he did it again as though it was an invitation, approval. I admit I wasn’t complaining. It was intensely stimulating and definitely had the right effect on me.

I moved one hand over his crotch into his jeans over his shorts and, good heavens, if I wasn’t impressed before I was now. We kissed and he tugged my shorts down further, twisting and contorting both me and him until they came off one leg so I obligingly kicked them from the other leaving me laying there on top of him in just my panties.

I continued massaging his erection feeling it throbbing, encouragingly. In return his hand slid over my bottom and then under the cotton to grasp firmly beneath. I found myself moving in an undulating way against him as we both seemed to find a synchronised rhythm. Our kisses got hotter and the room felt stickier, as did my inner thighs, nicely so.

He grabbed my hands, wrapping his fingers in mine and pulled them over our heads and began mock-fucking, the movement of his hips and thighs unmistakable. I responded very much in kind feeling his erection pressing through the material of our respective underwear. I felt moist, I bet he was too. Just then he grabbed my waist and flipped me over onto my back in one rather stealthy move which took me by surprise. Now I was staring up, not down, at him looming, definitely looming, over me, a very obvious presence.

You like? He said while staring right into my eyes. I nodded. How could I not like. Then, just like when he spanked me I was once again taken aback when he replied, grinning, no Emma, I was asking Rash.

(continued in “Step Four”………)

two for one- step three

© Emmaleela

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