two for one- step two

(continued from “two for one- step one”
…… “Keys, boots on, out the door and into the seasonal wilds, a new adventure awaits. Little did I know what an adventure it would turn out to be during the course of the night to come”…… )

Knock, knock!

I stood on the step slightly nervous though not sure why I should be. I waited then knocked again. Finally footsteps hurrying down the stairs form the other side of the door, it opens and there stands Daniel, luckily before I froze on the doorstep. I felt the warmth from the house draw me inside like a magnet along with his welcoming and friendly voice. I was here now.

He took my jacket like a real gentleman and hung it on the rather ornate though heavy oak coat stand, something I didn’t expect in the house of a workaday musician. He noticed my curious gaze and commented it was here when he got here and seemed to match much of the rest of the dark and somewhat awkward looking furniture scattered around the house, mostly looking too big for the rooms they inhabited.

This was the first time we’d met up again after that first night, consequently I felt a little shy and awkward having only known each other in the context of the pub setting, and surrounded by our respective friends. But here we were now, just the two of us, oh, and another guy upstairs who shared the house with him but he was in his room studying apparently, he was an almost qualified junior doctor I later discovered. We moved from the hallway into the kitchen, tea or something stronger, he asked. I opted for both as it happened, something warm to hold and something alcoholic to help me relax a bit, I hoped.

We definitely spent the next hour or two doing what people who don’t know each other very well do, circling each other and feeling the other out. I suppose looking for hints and clues as to who the other is, do we like them, how much and in what way and where if anywhere this evening or beyond might go, or not. It’s exciting, stimulating, sometimes a little intense but usually fun. Tonight was definitely of the fun kind as we kept finding more and more we had in common, but more than anything how easy it was just to babble on to each other, one topic leading to the next almost imperceptibly. It was almost uncanny but did wonders to my feeling comfortable and at home there. Only once did I see his house- mate, Rash, short for Rashvanth, when he came down to make a cup of tea and say hi.

Daniel had good taste in music, but I already knew that, but clearly not in wallpaper which was over-elaborate, swirly and more than a little dated until he again assured me it came with the house and as they were only tenants weren’t able to change it. They had covered some of it up with hangings and some modern art paintings, some of which I’d also noticed were quite sensual, if not a little erotic in places. I didn’t say anything.

I noticed after a while how much I’d talked, we both did, and after only a couple of hours seem to know quite a lot about each other. It’s like a blind date that wasn’t blind feeling the need to glean as much as possible and hope whatever vibes they got from you was not too awful. So finally it felt like we took our first breaths and topped up our drinks

KT Tunstall was crooning away in the background. I was impressed he liked her too, and it seemed only now did I get around to removing my cardigan. That’s how distracted I had been. As a little more time passed and yet another top up on our glasses we were slouch relaxing on piles of cushions and the gap between seemed to have been steadily growing less and less. At which point he leaned over, placed a hand on my stockinged leg and went to kiss me. For a second I backed off, but only a second, then our mouths met for the first time, not in talking but in a kiss. It was a good kiss.

I found myself responding willingly as the kiss went on, and on, and on, until I felt his tongue sneak into my mouth. I replied with touching mine to his. The kiss went on and one and on and on. I felt stirrings in my body, and emanating from where he kept his hand on my crossed legs still leaning into me.

Our lips seemed to dance over one other’s, waves breaking on shorelines. Even though this wasn’t our first kiss, it sort of was while sober.  I threw all of my senses into it, no distraction, total immersion. It was dizzying as some kisses can be and this one most definitely was. I sucked on his lips which encouraged him to kiss me firmer.  He now placed himself right next to me, half facing, up close and very, very personal. The warmth of one whole side of his body pressed to mine. There was a rush of warmth through my hips and down my thighs. I knew I found this most exhilarating. I heard his breath as he must have done so mine, his chest pressed gently against one breast.

He pulled me around to face him, then it slid down my shoulder, my arm, then onto my breast.  I startled but didn’t move, nor discourage his touch. He, and I, let him freely roam around over me, he squeezed, teased, I felt my nipples growing firm under the shirt and bra, we kissed again, deeper this time, more tongues.

What came over me I don’t know but just then I pushed him down onto the cushions and was laying on top of him between his legs. It was then I felt his crotch against me. I hadn’t thought anything through and momentarily was surprised, though I shouldn’t be, what did I expect, he was clearly hard under those jeans which made me smile, just a little. Meanwhile, inside mine I was getting further ripples of thrills making my muscles contract.

His hands found their way down my waist again grabbing the hem of both of my shirts pulling them up. I felt a warm rush of air play over the skin of my back along my spine now partly bared. All I could do was lose myself in our kissing. I felt his fingers touch my bra, trace its edges, moving around to my front and began again fondling me but now only through each cup. Our breaths quickened racing to outpace each other’s. I felt myself push against his hands as though encouraging he caress me harder. Into my bra went his fingers, clumsily as I was still wearing my shirts, he caught my nipples and I gasped moaned. How sensitive they all of a sudden were, almost too much to cope with being touched, but not quite.

I could handle it, I wanted too, and he was indeed handling me.

I found myself pushing down onto his knee which was now between my legs and pressed firmly against my crotch, I moved up and down feeling myself moistening inside my jeans, inside my thighs. I gasped in an almost-scream with the pleasure of it. He slipped off both shirts altogether reached around and before I knew it had unhooked my polka dot bra which fell loose and lax on my arms, slowly and surely sliding away from my breasts. I let it fall away completely, and threw it aside then grabbing his shirt and pulling it awkwardly off over his head. I mentioned something about that if I’m topless then we can be damn sure he should be too.

I loomed over him, although looming is probably an exaggeration being I’m only 5’3 and I’m not that well-endowed in the tits department. Still, they hung over him as I looked down on him, His hands gripped them hard and dug into them forcing me to stifle a pleasure scream. I bit my bottom lip instead. I felt we were now caught in a momentum from which there was no coming back.

(continued in “two for one- step three”….)

two for one step two

© Emmaleela

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