I was asleep in the tent…..

It’d been an amazing night at the Download Festival. It’s a rock and metal music event in England if you don’t know it, and I’d just watched the final night with a band I never knew much about called Aerosmith who it turned out were utterly brilliant.  Favourite of the weekend had to be Black Label Society and Bring me the Horizon, also Seether and Within Temptation, all pretty ecstatic.  Also, Buckcherry were completely insane and brilliant with it and truly adored Anathema.  So unsurprisingly I was on a total high when with my friends as we wound our way back to our final resting places for the night, the tents, finally crash-landing into our respective sleeping bags still buzzing but shattered having had almost no sleep for three days.

Eight of us spent the weekend not being fussy each night about who slept in whose tent, including me, after all nothing untoward were going on.   That night I crawled under my unfastened sleeping bag, summers vague warmth seeping into even the latest hours of the night, still wearing my Within Temptation baggy tee but slipped out of my jumper and jeans sometime after midnight.  With Julie, one of my friends, lying next to me that is until Tom, her occasional or ‘occasional’ boyfriend commandeered his sleeping plot between us.

It felt like I’d only just drifted off to sleep to be half-woken half-dreaming by strokes of someone’s hand against my hips on the outside of my unzipped bag.   I blinked my eyes open facing the side of the tent with my back towards Tom who I worked out pretty quickly must’ve been the owner of this mysterious hand rousing me.  Who was I kidding, of course it was, Julie’s sort-of boyfriend had his wandering hands casually wandering over me as a far-too early summers half-light filtered into the tents sanctum as my drowsy state grew increasingly less so.  Did he think I was Julie?  Had he made a mistake?

Although she was on the other side of him it’s easy to get disorientated in tents.  Seems from her breathing I could quietly hear she was still fast asleep.   His hand continued to move now further the length of my legs up to my hips til he stopped and gave my slender hip an inviting squeeze.  Now I was sure this was no absent-minded, mistaken-identity groping, nor simply sleep-petting.

My loosely-draped sleeping bag was effortlessly dragged from me completely which I did nothing to resist still thinking my pretence of sleep might dissuade him from going further. It didn’t as I was left laying there just in my baggy black shirt and knickers.  His hand continued unabated, undaunted, progressing unhindered by me while I still wasn’t sure I hadn’t just stopped him earlier up and down my bare legs repeatedly brushing my hips as his touches more surely become caresses now quietly teasing my shirt up over my hips and my increasingly naked waist.

For a moment nothing, he’d stopped.

I listened and heard his soft breathing til I distinctly felt him now stroking my knickers, my green and white striped cotton where he lingered as though making thoroughly sure of enjoyed as much as he could of their feel and the feel of me beneath them.  Over my buttocks and daring a squeeze sending rivulets of shivers right through me down to the backs of my knees.  Early morning grew minute by minute less early and ever-so slightly lighter.

Now teasing my shirt even higher, I shuffled a bit but clearly enough for him to now know now I was well awake and alert to every single move that he made though I didn’t moved any more than this as he kept indulging his fondling.   I felt flattered as he’d never shown any interest in me before, but also tangs of guilt as Julie lay there presumably unaware of his wayward intentions, but still I couldn’t move, didn’t want too, somewhere inside me I was enjoying the way he was touching and more became caught in his trance.   My shirt drew drawing up off my waist I was very aware of it being eased over my bra as I shifted my arms just enough to allow him to pull it away.

What was I doing, letting him do, why was I just going with it?  His hands brushed the side of my bra and my breasts before his exploration once more slid down over my tummy with effortless grace: my  muscles tensed and soon enough his fingertips burrowed beneath the elastic of my knickers tracing their white lace-line over my hips with his still palm liberally kneading my buttocks bringing wave upon wave of tiny shudders.

It wasn’t too long before…….

….. between my slightly-bent closed knees he was forcing his fingers pushing my inner thighs apart enough gaining easier access to my unexpectedly warm and moist sex with any inward protestations I may have had not finding their outlet instead being buried along with any thought of resisting as I grew increasingly roused and aroused.    His touches by now embracing my moistening sex and gathering warmth deeply between my thighs in erotically-charged motions through the knickers emboldened by my lack of resistance on my part aware as he fingered my the fabric between my labia.

In dizzy rhythmic elations my hips were tempted and willingly followed the play of his hands in dreamlike excitement til without warning my knickers were slipped to one side and his fingertips, fingers skin to skin stroking my now exposed sex from behind.   He seemed to know that he had me right where he wanted further enticing my body through wave upon waves of fiery flushes my most sensitive intimate place, my opening folds giving him easy entry, my mound mostly finely-shaved letting this turn of events just keep turning……

I was mesmerized…. willing…. pulling me closer now peeling my green and white knickers aside with guiding two fingers inside me. I stifled a scream as I let him my defences clearly collapsing. Laying now limb to limb his fingers wetly slipping in and then out again, in and then out enticing my hips to respond and they did, I did.   I just couldn’t help it until something bigger, thicker and longer than fingers was poking against the side of my thigh. He easily unhooked my bra like a pro and wrapped a hand over my now freed small breast.   So much was happening at once that I could hardly keep up, his fingers inside my body urging me open and softening some of my tightness til pushing his substantial erection tightly inside me stretching me leaving me gasping for air til just when I thought I could open no more his cock jerked quickly inside me making me swear quietly through gritted teeth, my nipples now keenly erect.  I shuddered at his naked intruder while again tried to stifle a scream biting down on my lip and adjusting my hips as best as I could to the size and surprise of the position I found myself in.

I tried to hold back but by after such invigorating foreplay and now he was openly fucking me. gripping me, stretching, taking me I gave in and surrender my first orgasm so overwhelming my thighs gripped his cock almost crushing it and flooding my sex with plenty of lubrication for him to keep going and going and fucking and fucking me, a tide of contractions and spasms, an implosion suspension of time, my insides now flowingly slick.

Quickening, quickening his breath washing over the back of my neck matching the pace of my hips against his as he gripped, how he gripped me like a climber hanging on for dear life smearing my sex with his precum and sweat, my unguarded thighs he fucked ever-more easily, greedily, deeper inside of me.  I was stretched into submission responding in full and most animalistic.  My body convulsed with every thrust of his hips and his cock and was still only still getting over the first orgasm when the feeling was rising again and I knew I was close to another.  I tightened which made him go faster and harder fucking his thickening erection still stretching me, taking me, mingling lust with helpings of sin I threw my head backwards wondering how much longer I could last before cumming again.  His quickening pace made it clear he knew I was close again and to me it was obvious now so was he.

His fingers dug deeper into my hips almost tickling me bringing me right the edge of what was bearable as he wanted to cum, he was going to cum, I couldn’t stop him his naked cock fucking me strongly and neither could he and he did with an audible hissing of
with a flooding of sperm, of seed, of cum, as I replied by cumming a second time tonight no able to hold back any longer.  I surrendered myself as my breath and my heart stopped completely……….

I felt like I died will I remembered again how to breathe as he fucked every drop of him into me, into my sex, my womb, filling me with such violent ecstasy til the very last pulsing his hips become spent.

We collapsed rolling onto our backs falling limply out of me for a moment I dropped into a daze almost fainting as I curled closed my knees feeling the trickles of cum on my thighs.   It was then that I was overtaken by guilt-laden thoughts for Julie.  I rolled my head looking across Tom drained form and cast a now nervous glance, wary as her occasional boyfriend had just fucked me and I’d let him do it all the way and with her in the same tent.

It seemed she was very awake, and actually watching, and actually grinning, as I noticed both of her hands lay between her also tightly-closed legs and her breathed almost like mine as she’d woke and instead of annoyed got aroused and duly masturbated while watching Tom fuck me from behind bringing me to two orgasms and her to one vicariously.

What could I do but grin back as we grinned at each other over an equally-grinning occasional boyfriend:  the weirdest threesome ever no doubt, but no less a thrill for it.

So much for getting any sleep……… plenty of time for that when I eventually get home.


© Emmaleela


  1. thank you 🙂 and thanks for your comment, yes, hopefully sweet dreams for sure, and if not well I’ll be awake soon and then I can hopefully have sweet awake time x

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  2. Yes, Aerosmith is a new band catching on here in the states. (sarcastic smile) ‘Get Your Wings’ is my favorite record and ‘Lord of Your Thighs’ my fav song off the record. Rest well Emmaleela….sweet dreams


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