uncensored #2- this far?

(continued from “uncensored #1- what else could I do”. . . .
….. “I trembled, grasping a sliver of air through my teeth. It was electric, exhilarating, shutting my mind to all else as he explored such a tender part of my body, a part I find almost impossible to resist. What else could I do?”)

My body began collapsing in on itself, his touch being heavenly, gentle, intoxicating, having already undressed me was now undressing my emotions. He moved from the backs on my knees down to my ankles then back to and above to my buttocks where he didn’t stop but traced circles then gave small squeezes. I shuddered, surely as a forfeit this was too much, but I’d almost forgotten about it and was trapped in the moment, the rush of blood through my limbs. Surely I had given what was agreed by now, anything else is, well, anything else is surely beyond the deal, wasn’t it?

I clung to the bed in my uncensored position, my legs feeling shaky now, his fingers as stealthy as shadows and as bold moved up the small of my back, then down over my buttocks again, the backs of my legs until making their way up my naked back again. They moved around and classed my breasts. I should have complained perhaps but didn’t, just closed my eyes and held on as he played my nipples between fingers and caressed each with a sense of right. It this is still the forfeit then perhaps he had, except I felt we were beyond that now and ad-libbing, way off-script. The sexual tension now flowing between us was palpable and unstoppable it seemed to me.

Hands moved up and down my waist, brushing the side of my naked breasts as they reached the top, then slid unerringly back down again. My body was coming alive in so many different ways, he was now closer to me only inches between us as he kneeled behind me clearly intent on making the absolute utmost of the forfeit I agreed too, a single spin of a bottle had lead me here.

On peering around as he lifted my hair and blew on my neck I noticed his arms were bare, and realised he was actually topless having not even noticed him remove it. It was impossible also not to notice he no longer wore jeans, though he still wore his boxers. He must have slipped out of his clothes while he kept me distracted, how cunning I thought, and how presumptuous. It was my forfeit to strip, not his, and yet there he was, semi-naked. I wasn’t complaining as such, clearly, I was far too aroused by now, my body determined to hold me exactly where I was just in case my mind got cold feet.

He asked how far should we take this forfeit? This far? He ran hands along the backs of my legs from my ankle upwards. This far? They moved firmly across over my buttocks. This far? Two fingers traced two invisible lines along either side of my spine. This far? He lifted my hair from the back of my neck and kissed. This far? His hands once more slithered down to then around my waist. Every nerve-ending in my body by now was firing insanely to his lascivious touch. The air in the room growing thicker with the scent of anticipation and probably lust, if lust has a smell.

This far? His hands smoothly flowed across my tummy and pulled me backwards just enough for my bum to come into contact with his shorts and what I guessed was his bulge, now very likely much bulgier than it was earlier. This far? His hands began explore my boobs, squeezing hard as once more he pulled me backwards in a single jolt. This far? He moved himself rhythmically up and down my back, mock-fucking. I was lost for words as I didn’t want to say yes and didn’t want to say no. I was held in that room by my own indecision and my own nature being opened up by this one man who it seemed that, even though he didn’t know me, knew how to make me squirm.

His next door made me bang my head in surprise, albeit not too badly, on the wall above the headboard. This far? One hand left my boobs and was between my legs from behind before I knew it. The slight pain of head-butting the wall was mostly drowned out by being very conscious of where his hand was now blatantly feeling my sex from behind and moving long my mound with such dextrous efficiency. I should stop right now and shout, too far, too far!

I didn’t. Instead I held onto the headboard with one hand reaching one hand back to grab his wrist intent on perhaps pulling him away, instead I didn’t. I simply held his wrist as he kept rubbing it between my thighs increasing the moistening there. I didn’t help him but I didn’t hinder what he was doing either. He once again poised the unanswerable question of how far should we take this forfeit. A tiny voice in my head quietly whispered to me, far, far, far, far.

I know what I’m like when I reach a certain point of arousal and know from past experience I can’t simply turn back or stop. I know that I have to know the end to every story, the same with any good book, I’m hungry for knowing what happens next, I just have to know and become willing to go as far as far takes me. There are some things I find it difficult to say no too.

I parted my thighs a little, unknowingly at first until I realised I had allowing him even easier access to my bare, shaved intimacy. He took full advantage as his fingertips became more adventurous in parting my now flushed pink folds and teasingly threatening to slide inside me. Between one breath and the next he did while saying once again, this far? This time I managed not to slam into the wall s it made my entire body stiffen at his intrusion which I had done nothing to prevent. He moved inside me, one finger, two, in and out, over and over, teasing me open. I had let go of his wrist by now and was back holding firm to the headboard. There are times when I feel like I don’t know myself at all, nor how far I will go, clearly too far, surely.

With a sudden realisation as though my attention had been elsewhere I was very aware of being in danger of an orgasm, right there and then while he fingered me. I was also aware my hips were moving in time to his motions. I should have stopped but it was as though I couldn’t, even if I had tried. I felt the waves inside my body gripping me, insisting I let nature take its course. Nature took its course, my nature, and I broke. My first orgasm of the evening shook me enough to make me think the entire room was in being beset by an earth tremor. It lasted seconds but almost made me faint as I pushed back onto his fingers which I felt him respond the same by urging even more.

I slumped hands falling from the headboard onto the pillow leaving me almost curled but still mostly on my knees, now very conscious of my naked bottom and all else there before his eyes. I couldn’t feel his fingers now which he’d removed and I’d replaced with my own hand to soothe the sheer pleasure of it. I was so wet there, as his fingers must have been too. His hands rested lightly upon my aching hips, and as he did so I found that despite such an orgasm I was still caught in a state of crazy-high sexual desire, more than I had been earlier.

This far?. . . . .

(continued in “uncensored #3- further”. . . . . . )

uncensored #2

© Emmaleela

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