letter to a would-be lover

No question, I would let you,
no question, I would have no choice,
once I started there’d be no turning back, no return, just unstoppable momentum as you let me feel you deep inside me, naked, hard, bare, your skin pulled back and moving slowly, slowly, thoughtful, decisive and ever-deeper, deeper into all of me laying here stripped of my defences, a pace summoning the rhythms primal, a resonance of breath, moans and whispers, taboo words, a flow of lust gorging on the heat that keeps returning, crashing, eroding inhibitions,
the me that is unravelling,
the me that needs to feel the fullness, fingers tracing incantations and enchantments further tempting and fuelling our thirst, naked, hard, bare your skin teased back by my tightness, my grip, my summoning of all my urges clawing to express themselves, slow, slower, slow, quick, ecstatic, you’re growing while you’re in my thighs,
I’m open wide for you, you watch me I watch you as you push again, slow, slower, slow, quick, ecstatic, your determination, no distractions, pure focus, I feel it, I would feel it, the way you slide, thicker now, harder, both, by now wet, slick and lush, I am shaking, I would be shaking all over with each push, thrust, naked, hard, bare, I’d let you in, I let you in,
and in and in and in, your expression telling me how close, close, just how close you are, I know, you know, we know what will happen as the gap lessens, close, close, so close, no words, just moans, sighs, hopes and sinful prayers, you’re holding back as hard, as hard, as long as you may, on the edge, we’re on the edge though I may break first,
I break, an orgasm gripping me, gripping you even tighter as if it was possible, this fire is out of control, out of our hands, some other force is forcing us, dragging us onwards, you’re on the edge and I know I can’t help myself but to push you over with me, bring you with me, bring me with you, I know, I know, I know as we lay enveloped, your whole self above me lifting my knees, I’m totally enthralled, there’s nowhere to run, you cum, you cum, I cum again, I feel you, feel you, feel you coming, flowing, rushing, your pace, your breath, your pulse, my pulse both racing ahead of us, you push, push, push into me, into me, into me, into my thighs, my hips rise and fall, submit, submit, against my mound you thrust all of you, all that’s yours and all of your cum into me, into me, into me and I accept,
what choice do I have, what choice other than this, just this, just this, just this, implosion, every drop flowing freely, warm, thick, white and wonderful, your gift, your seed, your sperm, your lust, your passion so urgent, my passion so urgent,
I grip the sheets,
I grip you,
holding on,
your arms,
your hips,
our sweat
speckling our skin,
our breaths giving in,
failing fast,
panting to their last,
you push, your thrust, you give one last time and I receive, I accept, I take once again.

letter to a would-be lover

© Emmaleela


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