between the sheets

between the sheets
I’ve thought of you
staring at the ceiling
I’m stealing futures,
carving them
into the present;

into my skin
lines of red
while a voice whispers,

between the sheets
I covet you
while in my mind
you’re mine in time
and space your face
etched with fingers
writing on the air;

between the sheets
there’s nothing else
the world is locked
away inside
another room behind
another door;

onto the wall
patterns flocked
while a voice whispers,

between the sheets
I’m invisible
and so are you
neither can be seen
or known
by anyone
I don’t let in;

between the sheets
there’s sleep
and sex and grief
and tears and fears
and only me and
only you;

out of my skin
a tattoo
growing from within;

between the sheet

© Emmaleela


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