I felt it was time for another lockdown poem moment from me to you ~x

my body
comes to life
shuns the light
for darker dreams
torn seams
quiet screams,
my body
comes alive
yields and slides
pull me where
I need to go
feel in me
that endless flow,
my body
comes again
a torture
most beautiful
a tumult
my body
comes to be
begging release
imploring more
than brief relief,
my body
comes for me,
my body
comes for you
to cum
in me
for you.


© Emmaleela


  1. thanks, and most definitely, plenty more I promise. At feel quite inspired atm being in this weird time of lockdowns and all, and my increased need to continuing expressing in a way I can touch others as much as possible in the circumstances in a way I look forward to doing again in more than words x


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