part of the deal- chapter 3

(continued from “part of the deal- chapter 2”
“…I was watching my friend not just having sex but having a gangbang and loving it. He kept his eyes on me as a fourth man manoeuvred himself towards Cassie who still lay there flagrantly naked and baring all……”)

Tim, the fourth man to loom over Cassie, his 6 foot 2 frame contrasting with her, small like me, just over 5’3 frame roughly grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him guiding himself between her now very pink, flushed and wet thighs.

Another pair of buttocks faced me, the muscles dancing almost comically as I still couldn’t get over this being the first time I’ve watched anyone having sex while I was standing behind them and just hadn’t imagined the bottom flexing and contracting as it does. I could see his well-endowed balls dangling too. Though fairly rough he did move deliberately slow, his grip sinking into her skin and seemingly exciting her already overly-aroused body. Then a motion that was clearly him entering her and he did it over and over, slow hard jerks each time lifting her bodily off the bed and forcing audible sounds from her open mouth, almost but not quite complete words.

Among her nonsensical gasps of sheer joy, pleasure and maybe even some pain I her quite clearly, although breathlessly whisper, fuck, fuck, fuck, Emma…..

At the sound of my name on a  reflex I took a step forward, half thinking I needed to rescue her but Joe gently held me in place, leaning over to say… see, it’s what she wanted.

I didn’t know what he meant exactly except she definitely wanted sex, but maybe hadn’t bargained for quite this much at once. I was excited, admittedly, but couldn’t admit or show it openly. It seemed wrong too: my body fizzled. Should I stay or go, I kept asking myself. I stayed exactly where I was, glued to what I could barely take in, watching my friend being fucked by not one guy but many, now on her fourth. I couldn’t help but feel drawn to it all, outside looking in.

Cassie raise her head while Tim was absorbed I more ways than one in fucking her, looked me straight in the eye and I thought silently mouthed, you’re next.

My legs almost went from underneath me, only slightly slumping against Joe. I’m sure I got that wrong. A quick glance at Jared told me that perhaps, maybe I wasn’t and understood her perfectly as he was already looking towards me sideways half-grinning. Despite all this here I still was, not moving charging out of the room: what was I thinking?

I began to wonder if all those other girls I saw earlier who seemed a little aloof had also been through a similar thing. Tim seemed to last forever, burying himself forcibly into Cassie much to her extreme enjoyment now, his taut and much more muscular build than the others strained sinews, even in his buttocks as though with huge effort, though at the same time because of his strength, no effort at all.

Cassie orgasmed, her body shook and her legs juddering, biting her bottom lip, her thighs now welded to his. Then the pace quickened, a bull clearly beyond stopping its charge when he ejaculated what must have been an inordinate load of semen, the sheer force of it evident in hi pronounced back muscles, thighs and of course, buttocks. He fucked it into her a few more times to be sure shouting, oh fuck! oh wow! He had her entire lower half raised form the bed well above her head as he did so then released her back with a bounce onto the mattress. He stepped from between her utterly sodden thighs which now showed clear evidence of white trickling, he turned and I got to see his substantial member, although now semi-floppy and dripping was still a sight to see. She just experienced that inside her, I thought.

He noticed me looking and smiled, almost proud of himself. I felt my face turn bright red.

Finally, after I lost count how long, Cassie pulled her legs together, Jared went to sit with her and they kissed. I was still staring, at her, at them all, at my feet, still not moving, until they stopped kissing momentarily, she looked him in the eye s then nodded in my direction with a very mischievous look still from where she now lay curled up, naked and very sweaty, her hair clinging to her forehead, neck and shoulders.

In a complete daze it seemed I was being lead gently by Joe to the other bed in the same room. I looked to Cassie, not sure what I was expecting of her, until within earshot of her most quiet, almost secret voice she whispered, I promised them I’d bring a friend, all part of the deal.

Deal? What deal? No deal I had been made aware of. Well, she could have told me, I thought. Then counteracted that with thinking, hat am I thinking! Cassie raised her eyebrows at me which suggested, well, you’re here now so, what will be will be.

The atmosphere in the room was still intensely febrile and smelled of sex in a big way, unsurprisingly. They were all looking towards me, being taken to the bed, one whose jeans were already open, rubbing slowly his steadily growing penis. What have I got myself into? What had Cassie got me into?

She pulled herself up onto her bed against a mountain of pillows with Jared and curled up watching me where I was now placed back against the foot of the other bed with all of their attention now glued to me.

Jared spoke first, now she’s watched, now she gets. We’ve showed her all ours now it’s her turn.

Joe was already running his hands over my shoulders, facing me and smiling reassuringly although I’m not sure how reassuring one can be in this situation. I should go, I thought I should go, it isn’t too late, I should leave.

But I didn’t. Something kept me there.

My thin dress straps fall down my arms at Joe’s insistence while he ran his fingers up and down my arms. My insides were shaking trying not to show on the outside: a strange alchemy of excitement and panic. I looked to Cassie but her look back just said, go with it babe. Jared whispered something to her, she giggled. I felt committed even though I wasn’t. But I was. For a moment I imagined Cassie was sitting there full of all their cum: how did it feel?

Joe’s hands felt warm against my bare arms and without warning he ran one across my small breast. I gently and nervously moved it away. He did it again, and again I discouraged it. Again his hand was there exploring freely, I tried once again but then he grabbed my breast firmly and caressed so intently all I could do was take a deep breath, my hand froze. For a brief moment I closed my eyes. His other hand lay on the small of my back while he continued to fondle me through my dress, his breath cavorting across my neck and chest. The more time he spent, the more time I foolishly let him, the more my nipples responded, in feel to me and in coming very much alert. He spend much time ensuring they were well-attended.

Finally, I found my voice, or some of it, saying I wasn’t so sure about this. Joe shrugged, smiled and simply replied, but you’re still here. I was. He was right as he let the statement speak for itself without needing any reply from me. He reached around to the back buttons of my dress and one by one they came undone, top to bottom, down to my waist.

His fingers discovered back, down my spine, I shivered. He touched my bra, the clasp, I trembled. He succeeded in pulling down my dress to my waist despite for a moment with me holding onto it, still very unsure of this turn of events. He gently tugged again, the dress came away, I clearly wasn’t trying hard enough, I knew I wasn’t really stopping it at all, or, I was but something else compelled me, propelled me further into this: whatever this was.

(… continued in “part of the deal- chapter 4” …………)

part of the deal 3

© Emmaleela

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