three of a kind

It was Fresher’s Week at university and I was in my second year and having finished my shifts being a responsible peer guide for newcomers which involved showing them around, where things are, basically orientation.

This night I’d met two other students, male, one I vaguely knew, Joe, but only through the peer guiding and the other, Piers, not at all, both were third years now. They proved good company, chatty, friendly, and alongside the music in the student bar and the general buzz of lots of peer guides letting off steam was turning into a good way to mark the end of the week before going into the first proper week of studying.

Sometimes after eleven they invited me back to their place round the corner where a few others were going for a quieter kind of come-down. I have to say at this point I wasn’t drunk and had no intention of getting such, being I don’t drink that much, but I’d had a good amount, enough to make me more than usually chatty and liable to say yes to most anything, which to their invitation I did.

After having been there for a while, I don’t recall exactly how long, couple of hours perhaps, there were only four of us left, me, Joe and Piers and some other male student I didn’t know at all but had slunk off to find somewhere to lie down. It was then they produced some dope, skinned up and passed it between them then to me. Now I don’t smoke it usually having only ever tried once or twice before so was a little reluctant but I accepted for one drag which made me choke. I decided that’s enough for me and I was happy just to breath in its fumes without actually smoking it.

It was clearly quite strong and the air in the room was soon a fug with it and I was feeling clearly and amazingly way more relaxed than I had been, and I was already feeling fairly at home in their company having nestled myself into some well-distributed cushions.

I was sat, or half-lying, between them, I closed my eyes for hardly a few minutes when I felt a hand on my tummy over my white tee shirt I wore beneath a loose black crop-top moving around my waist. I opened my eyes to see Joe leaning over and touching me. For some reason I just smiled, probably feeling so unnaturally relaxed and I noticed him also relax more as though worried about my reaction. To which I think he took as it being fine and as such went further, leaned down and kissed me. Though uninvited I let it happen, his lips tasting a little herbal and a faint aroma of alcohol but nothing unwelcome. His kiss was soft, quickly deep and parted my mouth readily running his tongue along my lips to which I seemed to respond. As he did his hand ventured further under my tee and over the naked skin beneath to which I inhaled a tiny breath, and although I tensed I didn’t stop him.

His hand quickly slid up to my bra where he thoroughly began fondling me, again I tensed but again didn’t feel the urge to stop it.

I felt his hand cupping my bra, one boob then the other, fingertips finding the skin and hoping to tease my bra cup away. This made our kiss deepened and even I responded more than greedily feeling suddenly aroused by this invasion of my clothing.

I felt a second hand: his? No, it wasn’t it was the Piers whom I had briefly forgot was still there with us. He began caressing and exploring my knee through the grey mesh tights I wore, so my senses were now divided between my breast being fondled and my knees being teased. I felt some nerves but not enough to pull away, or to say anything, or even to stop kissing him back, despite Pier’s hand getting more adventurous with my legs. He slid progressively edging further tentatively up my legs. I felt him through my thin tights and the higher he dared the more he seemed to edge up my skirt, my blue pencil thigh-length skirt.

I felt enveloped by some force inside me telling me to go with it, or was it the effects of the dope still filling the air in the room.

Our kiss deepened and his fondling more excitable, while Piers now wilfully pushed up my skirt along my thighs realising by now he was getting no resistance from me. I felt spellbound by the warmth that surrounded us all when Joe’s fingers found my nipple and rolled it between them while still under my shirt. I gasped at this feeling the ripples of pleasure and uncertainty course through my limbs. This took me out of myself for long enough not to realise until too late Piers had got so far under my skirt was not peeling away my tights, all the way down until they come off my feet. Now my legs were entirely bare. He soon returned to caressing and using my legs as his playtime.

MY body seemed to be responding, I felt myself giving in to each touch way too easily. Piers hand were up my legs again, and again edging up my blue skirt more easily now. Joe grabbed my tee shirt and pulled it over my head forcing the crop top to come away with it exposing my cleavage and blue laced bra.

Why was I letting this happen? I asked myself but didn’t ponder it long and felt myself drawn back into the moment, the consequences of which no longer mattered against the thrill surrounding my skin.

I felt Piers find my knickers having hoisted my skirt enough for access. I shifted my hips; to make it harder or easier? It seems it worked for the latter and he touched my simple black bikini knickers while attempting to ease my legs apart to which for some reason I initially resisted, at least a little.

Joe pulled my bra down and revealed my nipples to both of their gazes, small, brown aureoles now pert with excitement out of my control. He squeezed and played with them, not exactly expertly but enough to further arouse. I forgot to keep my legs closed and Piers has opened me slight and enough for his hand to cup my sex through the material and he rubbed me, gripped me, kneaded me and made my hips move, rising and falling with each rapid breath.

My bra came away at Joe’s insistent hand that’d reached around and unhooked making it easy to expose my boobs completely. I was excited, in the throes of forces stronger than me, inside me, the music and drinks, the atmosphere, chat, the smoke, the weed, all creating a cocktail that was catching up with me and making me lay here almost offering myself and my all. They seemed to be gladly taking me, my all and all else besides.

Peirs grabbed my hips and pulled me lower so I was laying more than sitting now where his hands now grabbed my knickers now easily sought and started pulling them off, I almost made a grab for them, I even tried I think but they came away regardless, pulled from my hips down my thigh and thrown to the side leaving me, skirt round my waist and bra unfastened but laying on me.

I was fully at their mercy and it didn’t feel wrong though it didn’t feel right, it felt something other than either, a crossroads where whatever way I turned now lead to the same place.

Joe now slipped across me and kneeled between my legs now well-open. I looked up as he unfastened his jeans and released quite an appendage that even in this light looked impressive. He didn’t waste time but lowered himself closer and with his so very hard erection pushing against my sex, not at first able to find the right spot, until he did. His stretched me as he entered and I winced and held my breath and tried to relax as his tip encouraged my sex to accept him which I did as inch after inch back and forth he moved deeper inside my body, bringing his hips closer to mine until he was all the way and they touched, hot and alive and excited.

It was he moved slowly at first but not for long, gathering pace and fucking me a little inexpertly at first then gaining confidence I opened my legs further for comfort and felt him go deeper, his hips again colliding with mine. I heard our juices beginning to mingle as my urge to orgasm grew stronger each thrust. I grabbed him close and held him not knowing where Piers was right now.

we rocked up and down the cushions and he fucked me hard and roughly as tough he’d been starved of sex for months, which I wouldn’t believe for a minute. I joined in in between feeling my breath pushed from me over and over. My thighs sweated against his which were doing the same the heat was almost unbearable as I knew I was about to cum when I did. I buried my face in his shoulder and bit him I think, and tightened onto his erection inside me which only made me go harder and harder until I felt him convulsing as though he was having a heart attack but instead was exploding inside me, all of him flowing from his thighs into mine freely.

I remember my back arching as I left the cushions and fell back on them still holding tight as though if I didn’t I would fall a long way into nothing. Eventually he pulled out, or slipped out now spent, and before I had time to close my legs to stop any trickling Piers was there in the same position already hard, already ready and aiming his equally nice-sized erection at me.

He slipped much more easily into my thighs now soaking and dripping and full with Joes semen, but he didn’t seem to mind, or care, or even notice perhaps. He too started slow, adjusting his position, his knees, pushing awkwardly into me until almost at once he moved with a frenzy, moaning quite vocally as we fucked, he fucked me in a way that made my whole body almost shake apart.

He slipped out of my on how juicy my thighs had now become but was soon back in me, pinning me down and working a strange kind of magic that made me well and truly want this now, where before there were moments I was really not sure. For now, these moments, I didn’t care, I felt such a visceral urge dragging me under whatever this was.

Joe just kneeled at the side watching, his sex now floppy, but taking comfort in his hand as he stroked it like a favourite pet he was trying to console, or make hard again.

I felt Joes cum being squeezed from me, a slurping noise, a trickle as Piers kept fucking like this was all there was and will ever be. I knew I would cum again if he didn’t soon. I was further excited by being watched, I know I was and this alone was bringing me closer as I felt him inside me growing thicker and harder, I imagined I felt his veins rubbing against me taunting me. He reached down between us and started rubbing my clit and I knew he had me and that’s all it took. My orgasm nearly made me pass out. I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head; though they didn’t really. He quickened and seemed to go on forever until even he couldn’t hold himself back any longer and for me the second time tonight, he broke inside me letting it all pump from his body as though draining him completely, willingly sacrificing his semen in me.

He rolled from me exhausted, breathing even harder than I was. I hoped I hadn’t broke him. I closed my thighs feeling them both still inside me in some way as we, all three, lay there splayed on cushions half-naked, some more than others, i.e. me, laughingly immodestly and utterly phased at what we’d just done.

three of a kind

© Emmaleela


  1. The crazy things we do when we’re young…..and how they influence our lives later in life.
    I didn’t have that sort of experience, in fact I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 23. It too, influenced what is now my present. I’m experimenting now as I would have then. Only difference is I know what I like and am not afraid to try anything with my sexy young and adventurous wife.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Emma.
    My God…Amazing retelling of one of the hottest experiences I have read from you.
    This is a fantasy I am DYING to experience too.
    Love reading you. The way you write, reaches parts of me no one else’s writing does.

    Liked by 1 person

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