chocolate treat

The following involves the following ingredients: me, a girlfriend, chocolate and a bottle of Orange Barcardi Breezer.

It’s hard to say why what happened happened, but it did and it’s probably all down to human nature.    However it did I regret it not one bit, in fact it’s merely served to encourage me further in such indulgences.

I’d been out all day for Easter with family and having got home to my flat there was Laura, a very good friend of mine having let herself in with the key I lent her on kind of permanent loan as I trust her implicitly. She seemed a bit fraught being her day hadn’t been that good, not as good as mine anyway it seemed and as such just happened to buy a bottle of the Barcardi on the way home.

What else could I do but kick off my boots and plonk myself down next to her as she poured me a glass along with her woes of the day which I won’t go into here as some things are for friend’s eyes and ears friends only. She needed a shoulder and of course, someone with whom to share the Barcardi.

We opened the bottle, gossiped, giggled, cried a little (she did anyway) and worked our way through its orange textures with side orders of munchies, including crisps and nuts and as she later produced a massive bar of Galaxy chocolate. It is as if she was the snack-magician, she had indeed thought of everything.

As the evening progressed towards the witching hour, we got unsurprisingly giddier with Laura now placing squares of the chocolate on her tongue and taunting me to take it from he, but not with my fingers, with my mouth.   How could I resist? I didn’t.

I leaned over and duly wrapped my mouth fully around her wet chocolatey tongue, and sucked it into my mouth, tongue and all which only served to make the chocolate taste even better than it would have on its own.  I then did the same, placing a square on my tongue she leaned over and sucked it off as I felt her lips wrap gorging on my tongue at the same time.  We did it again and again and again until she withdrew it a little back into her mouth forcing my lips to make contact with hers with the result in us virtually, or actually kissing.  We continued to kiss although I admit my first inclination was still to retrieve that precious, now saliva-dripping, square of chocolate, and I managed too eventually but not before we enjoyed a very sensual and heart-stopping kiss.

She tasted moist and warm and of chocolate, as I probably did. Now it seemed from her glance it was my turn again, place square on tongue, stick it out and… then just like she had I withdrew it just enough to find her lips fully docking onto mine, although his time I had the feeling she had little interest in the chocolate. I still was suspicious it was all a blind to nick it as soon as I was distracted enough I was most certainly distracted by once more her really affecting and sensuous kiss. She was good, very good.

I felt myself shuddering and kissed her back without a second thought with the chocolate still in my mouth slowly melting along with her tongue licking it and me at the same time.  Our lips, our breath intertwined stirring such intense emotions with essence of orange Bacardi.  Both cross-legged facing one another we kissed and kissed until the chocolate was virtually liquid flowing between our mouth freely smothered across our lips with more stickily trickling down our throats. It was absolutely the sweetest kiss ever.

She reached over with her hand and laid it on the side of my breast, now I began melting just like the chocolate.   Never before we, me and Laura, ever done anything in a sexual with each other than hugging, holding hands, straightforward best friend things.  We had seen each other in our underwear and naked but not for anything like this. We eventually fell away from our chocolate kiss and she asked if I had ever had chocolate licked off my nipple. A surprising question caught me off-guard and I openly admitted I hadn’t.

Without hesitation she asked me, or actually more commanded me to take my top off. I could only do as she said and unbuttoned my black shirt, opened it up and rested it from my arms and shoulders.  She looked, smiling, a beautiful smile which makes her eyes blaze and eyed downwards to my bra, once, twice as though to say without actually saying what she thought was the obvious, and the bra too. I felt under her control now and unhooked my blue bra again unquestioningly and let that too come from my shoulders and down my arms exposing my 32c boobs leaving me of course topless and cross-legged facing her cunning grin.

She promptly did the same as I watched her slip her top over her head and unfasten her black laced bra letting her 34C breasts breathe like mine, her nipples very large and brown and definitely proud. I failed to stifle a girlish giggle at almost absurdity of what we were doing.

There was plenty of chocolate remaining as I felt my nipples too feeling more than aroused by circumstances.  The room was warm and the chocolate already a little soft, but not quite soft enough. She put two squares in her mouth and sucked them just a little to melt them just enough, took them out and passed them to me, now shiny, moist lumps between her fingers and ordered me to rub them over my nipples. Again, feeling I just couldn’t back out now I did what she said and felt their stickiness enliven each nipple even more as I smeared them over my small boobs and particularly over the aureole. I was now very sticky-fingered.   It was surprisingly intensely erotic I though as I smiled as the sensation, particularly of her watching me hungrily.

She pulled my chocolatey fingers to her lips and begun sucking them lovingly, I closed my eyes and it felt invigorating feeling the way she moved her lips over each fingers ensuring to not just get all the chocolate but to stimulate me more and more as my breath quickened. She knew how to use her tongue for sure.

Having done this she leaned over to me and I leaned back resting on my arms and duly wrapped her lips this time not over my fingers but my left nipple and began tasting me and the chocolate. Her tongue send tremors through me so intensely I closed my eyes again, let my head fall back and fell into her attentions. She sucked and licked and even felt her teeth run along gently enticing my nipple to its proudest and erect point. I shivered all over as she moved around my whole breast, partly smearing the chocolate further then cleaning it off deliberately and slowly and swallowing its tasty sweetness.

She moved to the right one, the left now clean and once again chocolate free, though still glistening with her saliva, and did exactly the same as tough well-versed in the art of licking melted food from a naked torso. She sucked my nipple into her mouth and held it between her teeth and pulled making me wince, but far from being painful it simply excited me even more into wanting more and wanting her to do it again which she did without needing to be prompted.

I heard myself groan and inhale sharply but still the pain was worth it and I wanted it more and more. There was a tenderness in her biting, pulling and rolling between her teeth.

Then she sucked avariciously and hard making sure to get all the chocolate but also to tease and taunt my sense further, pushing me closer to an edge.   I was almost collapsing backwards entirely with the effort and weakness of my body being so beautifully abused.

Laura then placed her hand between my les as I still sat cross-legged and squeezed intimately through my jeans to easily feel my warmth hinting beneath.  Caressing lovingly, excitedly while she greedily kept tasting and tantalising my nipples, my breast, underneath along the sides.  I tensed when her fingers pushed in more determined to make me respond and to entice me more and I reacted to the overwhelming feeling it gave me inside my knickers, my juices seeping onto their cotton. My thighs tensed with an arousal reflex. She began moving her hand, rubbing, digging, gripping, releasing, urging me to feel her ever deeper the best we could in this position until I felt a wave, waves, one after another coursing through me as she teased me harder and more urgently. An orgasm flooded my hips and thighs, my stomach and down my legs into my arms collapsing me onto the floor in muffled screams, biting my lips I writhed, lifted my bottom from the floor still cross-legged while she continue to bring me to absolute and unapologetic climax.

Again, a small scream through my pursed lips flew from me as either one continuous orgasm or one immediately after another continued to drown my senses, take me over, make me surrender all the more willingly as I always do to them, and now to Laura.

She tumbled over with me partly on top of me with her hand still gripping to feel my muscles contract to her demands and then leaned further where we kissed and I tasted her chocolate-covered lips and tongue which she fully played into my mouth making me suck it in, to want it, to want her, to want to cum and cum.

Her small voice whispered, now me, with a grin I couldn’t resist and rolled her over with me now on top. I carelessly broke a chunk of chocolate, sucked it until it was moist and sticky then smeared it now onto her perfect nipples making circles from them around her boobs like recreating Celtic artwork on her naked skin. We had become shameless in our respect for this food seeing it only as a mean to bring each other to maximum climax.

I wrapped my mouth around her nipples, tasting her breasts larger and more rounded than mine and drew each nipple between my teeth as though feeding on her and in a way I was now in an unstoppable primal fashion.  She loudly responded with groans and moans and encouragement of yes, yes, yes baby.

I tasted skin, sweat, chocolate, her scent, her arousal, her intimate sexuality seeping through her skin form every pore exposed.  Both of us topless and bound up in each other our limbs everywhere and anywhere.  My lips moved around her breast and even down to her tummy where I’d smeared more chocolate like a trail as I still felt my thighs and shaky legs after my own beautiful orgasm and now she wanted hers, demanded hers, craved hers.

I scraped my teeth over each nipples feeling her too wince but not stopping. IN fact, she held my hair and wanted me to do it harder, make her feel it more and more as they became so erect and raw red and brown. I sank my teeth into hr skin just enough not to break through even though the temptation was there and weirdly felt that is what she wanted to feel the pain, the blood flow.

She became addictive, her whole body and the way she held me tight, trapped, not letting go, she wanted not just to cum but to cum explosively. I slipped my hand between her legs now grabbing her sex as she had mine and similarly caressing and pushing and gripping each time encouraged to do it harder and harder. It’s all I could do not to unzip them and pull them completely from her but we both felt there was no time to pause in what we were doing. We’d come too far and out momentum was too out of control, She felt so hot, her sex emanating from her open thighs through my fingers and palm.

Purely by accident I had slipped up to her neck and sank my teeth into it, but again only just enough so as not to break the skin but I felt her arching as her hands gripped and pulled my hair now almost painfully, holding me and keeping me there, urging me to go further. I bit harder while squeezing her sex urging her body to let go and jump over the edge as I had done minutes before.

She held back which only made me bite more again then lick to taste as I knew I was bruising her neck while her nails now dug into my shoulder and back scratching  into my skin into which I groaned in pain but couldn’t stop. She wouldn’t let me, wouldn’t let us. We were on the same trajectory despite the consequences to our skin and my scalp.

Chocolate was smeared over various parts of our skin as mu breasts pressed against her, our nipples wet still from our lips brushing stickily, excitedly. We kissed again, we gorged on each other sexually feeding on our mutual frenzy until she too grabbed me once again between my legs and squeezed so hard over and over as I did the same mimicking her motions. We kissed, we kissed we kissed and she bit my lip and it did bleed and at that I felt that familiar wave upon wave just as she did too and we both felt our orgasms flooding our bodies and almost passing out in the process. I felt so dizzy and light too. If it is possible to explode and implode simultaneously that is what it felt like.

Laura’s body recoiled as her body tensed and gripped her as tight as her hand and legs gripped me to her as we held on both falling and falling happily into whatever blissful dark hole would have us.

We were left in the ruin of cushions and blankets which we’d surrounded ourselves with at the start of all this in an aftermath of musk-scented sex, sweat and still some chocolate. We stayed like that for an age, entangled and unsure as to whose arm or leg was whose, reluctant to move in case one or the other should fall apart. We didn’t care, as was obvious from our smiles and coming back to life breaths.

chocolate treat

© Emmaleela


  1. Oh my god…
    Completely lost myself in this hot perfection irresistible touches.
    You are…one of my silently, indulgently, secret favourites

    Liked by 1 person

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