into temptation (part 4)

(continued from “into temptation (part 3)” ……
“she began to masturbate him slowly in what seemed to me was becoming a spontaneous orgy with me as the centrepiece. I had never experienced such a thing in my life…. until now………..”)

I felt dishevelled, sapped but exhilarated by my own orgasms and the attentions I was receiving by these fours clearly equally excited people, two of which were still virtually strangers to me. That seemed for me to send a quiet shiver of forbidden through me which I found almost enticing.

Much of my body now exposed to their explorations with fingers and eyes, my modesty on display and me still thinking I can pretend to be asleep and innocent to what was being perpetrated when in fact I was an accessory to every passing moment, every thought they had, every want they enacted.  My submission was their encouragement and I felt I was feeding their rousing frenzy as I felt things progressing and becoming more intense, more tactile, more bold and unleashed.

It was also becoming more intimate, especially as Sally was now masturbating one of the men to his great pleasure I noticed peering from my naked pose on the sofa still held firmly between Lorraine and Sally who now stared intently as his erection which was clearly becoming engorged as she moved up and down his prowess.

I still, it seemed, remained the party-piece as hands hadn’t abandoned me, far from it they were now more intimately searching me and easily finding me. I keep finding myself in some of the strangest and unpredictable circumstances and this has to be one of the most extreme to date. How could they be more so? I suppose the future has yet to take me there and I wonder will I be willing to go further than what’s happening here tonight, do more, taste more, discover more about myself and my needs?

I couldn’t feign sleep any longer as the other guys played his hands over my breast having now relieved himself of his jeans and shorts and proudly sporting an erection equal to the other guys as far as I could tell. Not that I had a tape measure. My breath felt distant as I drifted in and out of feeling so overwhelmingly tired from my orgasms to the continued teasing along my legs, hips, in my thighs which Lorraine continued to enjoy. As if I had not submitted enough, given enough, shown enough, this seemed far from over and I felt glad it wasn’t but said nothing.

The protection afforded me by my knickers were long discarded somewhere and my skirt well up around my waist, my bra too, having gone the way of my panties. The guy Sally was masturbating was grinning and seemed on the verge of an orgasm as far as I could tell as he told her to slow down which she did as I guessed she didn’t want him to waste it so soon.   I tried easing my legs closed but Lorraine was having none of it as she kept me wide enough for her to play on the very edge of my folds, teasingly barely entering me, watching me wince ecstatically now and obviously awake an aware and to her mind willing. I was willing, I knew I was, I was so far gone now what hope of going back and just had to go wherever this was going, wherever they, if they even knew, were taking me, taking all of us.

I could smell the sex in the room, obviously coming from me abut also them, a musky cocktail of pheromones now no longer hidden but flowing from our cornucopia of unashamed group sex, or so it seemed to me that this is what it was becoming; although, I was the only one totally, or near-totally, naked, even though the guys were now trouser-less.  Amidst all this I felt wanted, needed and that felt good, addictive, not something I was used too.

I looked now, eyes wide at the guys erection glistening and definitely coated in precum. For a few moments I couldn’t tear my gaze away. Lorraine commented… seems to me Emma just can’t stop looking at them, I wonder why?… in a deeply, darkly, suggestive tone.

She easily shifted me aside which spread my thighs a little more as I felt now I was totally abandoned to them, in their hands, and strangely it felt right and inevitable I would be.

I became molten beneath their fingertips, hopeless in resisting; I became salt dissolved to season their lust upon the altar of their laps they lapped me up as sacrifice, an offering to the salacious forces that haunt the nights.  Lorraine encouraged me to turn over, catching on my waist-high skirt as I did until my legs which were now kneeling on the floor, me resting on the sofa. An avalanche of emotions collided headlong with the momentum of events I was now extremely conscious of my bottom bared and naked, as was my sex between my thighs with anticipation that made me tremble as her boyfriend was the first to kneel behind me, touch me intimately with his fingers and then his erection, now as wet as me.

I craned my neck to see, barely struggling and only in such a way as to further encourage him and Lorraine who seemed beyond ecstatic now to see me about to feel her boyfriend in ways she knew so well. He pushed into me, entering me as I felt myself stretch and open and accept. A part of me felt so passive throughout this and yet I was very actively involved, very culpable of consequences as he entered me naked, his foreskin peeling back as he began to fuck me.

I gasped with the inkling of pain at first then felt my body self-defensively relax into his motions and the fluids we were now sharing lubricating me, edging himself in and out in slow flowing, wave-like motions. I grabbed a cushion and pushed back against him forcing him further into me which I think pleased him and he followed on with equal force, ensuring each thrust found me just where he wanted it too.

I heard my voice reduced to unintelligible moans and sieves of air through my teeth and lips. I felt him so hard, so thick, and was extremely conscious of not just being watched but also by his girlfriend, one of my best friends, the incorrigible Lorraine, a woman who will never be denied her appetite for whatever she wants. She was getting what she wanted, it seemed, her friend fucked by her boyfriend before her eyes as she continued to encourage him, kissing him while he was inside me, shaking me to my core as he pushed harder and harder, I felt myself opening, almost splitting at one point, his groin colliding with my flushed pink thighs. He grabbed my hips and made sure he was fully in me before he began to surrender to the inevitable.

My legs were sweating as I knew from the sounds of his breaths he was close until he seemed to almost spasm, stop breathing and then he came inside me still fucking me and his sperm into me as much as he could, in fact all he had I guessed and began ultimately to feel as it trickled and smeared my inner thighs. I imagined the sight of his white ejaculation sticky against my skin.

Eventually he stopped, exhaled, drained, laughing, not nastily but in a way that made me laugh which inadvertently pushed him out of me quite suddenly as he flopped away dribbling the remains. I simply slumped then on the sofa and rolled back over oblivious to the cum seeping from me and my embarrassing state of undress which really was beyond that, just in time to find his friend, whose name, oddly enough, I still didn’t know. Why didn’t I ask or pay more attention earlier when we were introduced: serves me right.

But now there he was between my legs I was about to close with him holding one and Sally pulling the other to open me again. Before I could object, as if I was going too, he was up against my inner thigh with his substantial erection, or looked big enough to me anyway, and for me, resting my my pubic mound and incidentally touching some of the cum left on me. He was clearly excited and in a head-space of his own as he didn’t linger but with his fingers touched my folds and pushed himself into my now sex still slick with cum.

I now faced him watching him lick his lips, hungry for what he’d been watching, for me I suppose, and taking me as I received him too but more easily than the first although still shaking from that experience. Now, it was being repeated; what kind of person was I, clearly off my head, somewhat insensible, definitely no longer thinking but instead accepting myself being taken into such dark and invigorating corners of my sexuality.

After a sudden, rapid burst of speed he slowed to something much more meditative for both of us allowing me to adjust in my awkward position. I now felt him like waves crashing over me in a rising tide that was definitely rising fast and increasingly furious as his pace quickened and he bit his lip making me mimic it for some reason biting my own then closing my eyes. He was inside me beckoning me to orgasm and sure enough I did, having held back from the last, this time I couldn’t and tightened around him which doubled the sensation making me shake and him thrust more forcibly making my breasts shake with each. He grabbed my boob and squeezed painfully but it was a pain of pleasure. I looked towards Sally and she was smiling stroking my arm, reassuringly.

I had been stripped, touched, exposed and now fucked by two men, one of whom was still in me, on top of me and watched throughout by two best friends. I glanced up and noticed Lorraine having just finished sucking her boyfriend off. I didn’t expect that and found myself suddenly aroused even further and possibly over-enthusiastic by wrapping my legs around his hips, this stranger, this man with no name.

I screamed as I cum again and through tears streaming I saw him, his face so red, about to explode and heard him shout a rather barely intelligible word and went rigid as he emptied himself into me in one outrageous orgasm. For a moment we were both frozen in time as it pulsed it all in and then with several small jerks and thrusts he continued until he grew flaccid and I felt him stickily slip away and like the previous also leaving a trail of cum on my thighs. I’d arched at this moment and almost broke my back but came back down to earth, or the sofa, intact.

I remember feeling spaced out, detached, for however long I wasn’t sure. He had already pulled away and I eventually realised I was curled up and covered with my head in Lorraine’s lap, her stroking my hair from my face. Did I faint? I didn’t know. Probably not, I was simply disorientated: the heat, the sex, the company, the shocking intensity.

So I’d now spontaneously had sex with my friend’s boyfriend, in front of her! I also now understood why she is into him. Then sex with some who was pretty much a stranger whose name, weirdly, I still never found out. Maybe it’s best that way, more exciting.

{The end}

into temptation 4

© Emmaleela


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