into temptation (part 3)

(continued from “into temptation part 2” ……….
“I felt their breath, all of them, mostly the guys, making pleasing sounds I guessed as they were allowed into our world for a peek.  But would progress beyond just a peek?…….”)

Sally’s hands roamed so free and easily over my body, over my breast, enticing nipples before all their eyes, my blouse open now bra awry suspended almost between her and Lorraine, and now their men-friends also daring to touch my skin, my tummy, boobs now moist from Sally’s licked fingers, her saliva smeared across them. I shuddered inside and trying not to make it obvious.

I’m sure they noticed. Both Lorraine and Sally knew how excited I could become and ow especially with all their attentions.

She pinched my nipples now erect, reddened, aroused, while Lorraine continued monopolising my bare legs with skirt pulled up around my waist hiding nothing.

Their touches felt insatiable for me, and possibly for them, as though they couldn’t get enough quick enough and through closed eyes I was mesmerised by how they travelled over me demanding as much of me as was now very, very vulnerable. Inside I was drifting and drowning in a miasma of emotions which insisted on my submission.

Lorraine was in her element, I could tell by how enthusiastic her soft, long fingers explored me exposing my blue knickers. I was moist, my inside screaming to be heard. I felt turned inside and out and back again. I was beginning to visibly squirm and move in harmony with each and every touch. I never knew this night could go the way it had and I was now in the throes of something I couldn’t escape: I was in too deep.

Being pulled even deeper as Lorraine’s touch flowed over the material of my knickers, over my hips and my mound hidden only by their thin material. She would know for sure how warm my sex had become, the warmth signalling arousal, signalling acceptance, signalling submission.

Her delicate fingers danced, searched, found, and slowly but surely were determined to uncover. Through closed eyes it all felt very surreal, unreal, alien, as though they weren’t fingers that played on me but feelers, tendrils, tentacles, roots, all alive and sentient and intent on their objective: me. I know I was being scrutinised by the guys who further ventured touches over me making my nerve-endings fire all over with so many hands now ensuring my captivity was complete.

Sally edged me up far enough to reach the hooks of my bra and unfastened it with practised precision, pulling the strap away and then completely. I was a doll with which they might play dress-up except I was being stripped, freed of my modesty and protection, becoming the object of the men’s desires, and whether they’d even fancied me I’d no idea but could feel their presence and curiousity to know more, find more, take more.

They were now party to my abandon, no longer waiting in the wings.

Lorraine mischievously pulled at my knickers again, down just enough to reveal part of my mound the fine hair for the guys to see for the first time. I felt panicked but locked inside myself, almost hiding not wanting or daring to come out of my shell. I was their pawn to move at will anywhere, to sacrifice to the black and white world of the chessboard. I was dragged back to the moment with a shock as Lorraine had leaned over me and kissed my mound leaving saliva with her tongue.  I heard one of the men say something: a sounded approving? I wasn’t sure.

I screwed up my eyes with the sheer unleashed pleasure that rushed like lightning through my body. Involuntarily I shook all over as I felt my knickers pulled even further but my legs were still closed.

Maybe… I heard Sally’s voice say…… you should pull them down further Lorr?  It clearly wasn’t actually a question from the tone in her barely-restrained excited voice. It was a request: or command.  What do you think? Again, not a question, more the coup de grace.  I was trapped as Lorraine without answering with words but no doubt a sly grin suggesting, well, having come this far I’m sure our Emma won’t object. With the emphasis on ‘our’. Not that I seemed to have a choice in the matter. Down they came as the urge to grab them, hold on to them simmered, and I almost did but my fingers were not quick enough, or purposefully slow. The boy’s breaths became more audibly excited at the sight of more of me.

She parted my legs slightly and slid her hand inside and over my sex. Inside I winced and began to perspire hoping this was not so obvious, not that it would have mattered but at the time I didn’t want to come across as just sweaty and horrid.

The word ‘whore’ flashed across my thoughts. Not her but me, surely I was being one right now, if nothing else, a slut. I was the worse person for letting this happen and by being so passive, encouraging them to take it further and further as if I knew that if I opened my eyes and said, enough’s enough, they would have stopped. But would they? Would I want them too?

She found my labia and slid along them fold, feeding on me. I was still very aware of rough male hands exciting my breast, my overly-sensitive nipples ensuring my exhilaration remained high in this high-stakes play, and willing and wanting. Every muscle in my body, and especially my thighs, tensed.

Lorraine’s boyfriend voice broke the momentary silence… dare you to take them off her?

Cheek! I thought. How dare he suggest. Daring Lorraine was always a dangerous thing to do as she was always more than willing to accept almost any challenge. I felt Sally take hold of my arms, part stroking, part restraining as Lorraine grabbed the elastic and with my legs again together pulled them slowly from my hips. I felt them, I was losing them at the hands of my friend in front of four people as my mound and whole sex was now on show leaving me with just my skirt around my waist. I think I tried to prevent it but I don’t think I tried very hard as they finally came away discarded. I was pretty much naked to them, under their slithering hands, their touching, their kneading and caressing, their greedy eyes, their licking lips.

What was I doing? This wasn’t me, nerdy, shy, and although I do enjoy sex in all ways, this was different, new, and it was so intensely ecstatic. It’s like someone had opened a door and pushed me into a room of a million pleasures against which I had no defence.

Her hands again slid up my legs until they reached and touched my inner thighs tempting me to open, to give, to be even more of a slut, to surrender to an untapped side of my nature.  The men were transfixed but didn’t stop their exploring hands finding new parts of me they hadn’t reached yet.

My thighs opened too her hands that found all the spots that made my body come alive and sparkle inside, all sexual tension primed to explode.  Teasing my folds, the pink flesh between the hair followed by two fingers moving inside me inch by agonisingly slow inch. I almost fainted and wanted to cum but thought I couldn’t, not now, not in front of them all. That would be too much. I peered through slits in my eyes and saw the guys watching Lorraine as she edged herself further into me then out again then in then out, helping me adjust: not too fast, not too much, not yet.

My hips tightened and bottom lifted slightly. I couldn’t stop myself now reacting so obviously. Lorraine kept entering me with her fingers brushing her hand along the tender inner thigh which sent just the right chemicals through my body to force me to orgasm as which my entire body shook as I closed my legs tight on her hand like a clamp and tears come to my eyes.

As it subsided I slumped open and she took advantage and carried on again fingering making my juices flow over them. I could no longer avoid the beads of sweat on my face and under my arms and between my naked legs.  My breath became laboured, gasping as four bodies loomed over me now toying with my body, my nipples tingling, erect, my hips aching post-orgasm, legs weak. If I wasn’t careful another spasm could happen at any moment.

I gripped Sally’s arm as Lorraine spoke, well, you did dare me, to one of the guys. She didn’t stop and I just knew I was prone to multiple orgasms and sure enough it happened, less eruptive but equally flooding me. I suddenly wondered how I would face them all the next day, in the cold light of day, after all this. Then such consideration faded as my orgasm smothered all else as mu internal muscles tightened around Lorraine’s fingers.

I bet you two are hard now… I heard Sally say. They made positive noises, they clearly were.

Well, then, fair’s fair, get them out and let’s see, she continued in a very bossy manner. Lorraine was now smoothing her wet fingers across my inner thighs, over my mound and over my clit which was shockingly tender by now. She teased me, relentlessly, as I almost screamed for her to stop but couldn’t find the breath as it was such an addictive pain almost. I craved more and more release.

I opened my eyes with little else to lose now and saw the guys unzip their jeans and quicker than I could blink their erections were out in plain sight and were indeed hard and proud. Both different, one circumcised the other not, one much thicker which did surprise me at by how much. All I could do was gulp, speechless, not having a clue what I could say at this point. I was flabbergasted.

Sally without a bink grabbed one of their erections, grinning and squeezing it with what looked like evil pleasure. He winced at first but didn’t stop her. I had the feeling she had seen his before and done more with it than I realised at some point. By now I was awash with my own desires, confused, thrilled, exhausted, insanely wanting. She began to masturbate him slowly in what seemed to me was becoming a spontaneous orgy with me as the centrepiece. I had never experienced such a thing in my life…. until now.

(continued in “into temptation (part 4)” ……)

into temptation 3

© Emmaleela


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