into temptation (part 2)

(continued from “into temptation (part 1)” ….
….. I now lay there in partial undress… and yet here I am, again letting others use me (or enjoy me) like a toy……..)

Still half asleep and loathe to move, in fact surprisingly comfortable considering what was happening to me.

My legs still laying across Lorraine lap as I know was held at my head-end by Sally, effectively trapped between the two, which I didn’t mind and wouldn’t have found too unusual usually except we weren’t alone, just the three of us.

I still was torn between feigning a kind of sleep, which was partly true and just being fully and obviously awake. Perhaps if I stayed drowsy I could relinquish all responsibility as to what was happening, that I wasn’t to blame and could convince myself after I was a total innocent. Though what was happening was far from innocent and becoming increasingly so as time moved further into the deeper recesses of the evening and night.

Then there were the two guys with us, Lorraine’s beau and his friend from whom I sensed expectation and anticipation oozing from them in waves, a seeping excitement.

Aside from this total cocktail of emotions I felt aroused. I told myself it was against my will but that was probably me deluding myself. I was nervous laying there now with so much skin on show, not to mention my underwear: my skirt was edged up to my waist, Lorraine focused on caressing my exposed legs and thighs, Sally stroking my hair, teasing away my now unfastened top blatantly showing me and my bra off to all present. Each breath was tense, intense, my insides shuddered with even their lightest of touches and brushing of skin.

Then a finger, Sally’s, touched my breast running it along the edge of the bra which still sheltering some of my modesty, then quite blatantly slid them into the cup and began exploring my nipple. That alone almost broke me from whatever composure I was trying to maintain.  I almost jumped out of my skin. I couldn’t help though accept it felt nice, welcome, sensual, then I was once again brought back to where I was on a sofa surrounded by four, I am guessing equally as horny as each other, people, two of which I knew well, very, one hardly and the other not at all until this night.

 I think she’s liking this, said Sally.

I was, but couldn’t tell her, though clearly she guessed as my nipple grew more excited by her probing and rolling fingertips.

She momentarily removed her fingers, licked them and slid back inside over my boob where I felt them wet against my naked aureole. She smoothed them all across my nipple, still hidden out of the gaze of the others and definitely setting off all kinds of thrills through my body. Such multiple stimulation along with Lorraine’s dextrous hands all over my legs which I’d noticed were blatantly between my thighs moving higher towards even more intimate parts of me. Fortunately my legs were still companionably together. I felt my entire body and soul trying to resist the urge to moan and sigh to release some of the tension that held me fast to them both. Lorrain’es inger became more ardent almost digging her fingers into my legs, thighs, inner thighs, rough though it felt it rippled an intensity of pleasure through me.

Again she edged my skirt away, not that there was much left not on show by now, the blue fabric of my knickers against my ever-so pale hips now experiencing a warmth I knew could so easily become a conflagration.

Perhaps they thought it too but I now definitely though I was lost to them, in their hands, under the control of natural forces beyond which I had no command or will power against.

You boys want to see a nipple? Both?   At first I didn’t register what she said as so much of this felt like floating in water and letting the water play on every part of your body.  They must have nodded, no doubt enthusiastically, then before I knew it I felt the 32C cup of one pulled away a part of me they hadn’t seen before. The room’s air surrounded my fresh skin as she proudly or playfully or both showed off my breast to them, not that she hadn’t seen them before, in fact seen me completely naked. My legs stiffened, tummy tensed, I felt semi-rigid as though I was about to take flight.  She peeled it down and let my breast fall out showing them clearly my 32b flesh.  I shuffled a bit stiffening my legs, Sally held me firm.

Lorraine had already worked out I was more awake than I pretended but she said nothing to the others but gently reached up and felt my now newly-revealed part of my body, my nipple standing prouder than it was. I felt myself falling for a moment at her intimate contact when a second hand played over my breasts and nipple, then squeezing, fondling. Sally held me firm, I could sense her excitement.

Then Lorraine’s voice again… next?… less a question and more an offer, or command and another hand, different I could tell, not as gentle, more clumsy but still sending shivers through me. Both of the guys were enjoying their first intimacy with me and there was I almost detached from it and yet well involved, an accessory to my seduction by others, not one other but others, many hands and eyes and whispers.

Lorraine didn’t wait any longer by pulled down my bra completely finishing the deed of showing me to them quite explicitly. My breathing must be giving me away by now as I struggled to control the depths to which I was gasping for it. Now at least two hands, three, I wasn’t sure took their time over my upper body, breasts, tummy, waist, including Sally I was sure, while Lorraine further increased the pressure on my legs.

I squirmed. I know I squirmed, and even that thought, of the word squirm made me squirm as it was to me both exciting and almost recoiling.

Perhaps we should show the boys more?……  Sally’s voice now carried very mischievous tones. She was clearly enjoying herself at my expense. But was it as now I felt and admitted I must be a willing participant in all this, I was, but I couldn’t help it, which is what I kept telling myself. Her fingers then moved across knickers now, obvious to me, exuding the warmth of sex and feeling hr way through them.  My sensible side screamed no, no, no! But my less than sensible side kept quiet wanting to see, to know, to find where this all goes, hungry for the journey and the destination: this is the side that won out.

Her motions were smooth, no hesitating, slipping over the elastic and pulling them down by an inch. I couldn’t see what was happening but could with my mind’s eye as though watching a film with me centre-stage. She pulled them further slowly and surely leaving less and less to the guy’s imagination. I felt pleasure chemicals coursing through me urging me to scream out and move my hips against her hands now determined to expose ever-yet more of me to their transfixed gazes, their hands having felt my breasts already.  She was not to be halted in her aim, look boys, would you like to know if Emma is shaved or not? Silly question, even I know of course they would, they are guys and I wasn’t so innocent as to not know some things they liked.

Away they came as I knew my mound was becoming less covered as they surely now could see fine light brown , not dense as this was how I liked it then, soft, just enough and now it was something they were also discovering for the first time.  Seems not completely, said Sally, her tone decidedly naughty. I felt them closing in on me and looking down my knickers which felt very weird and not to me particularly interesting as I saw myself every day, but to them it seemed to be. I know knew deep inside I was here for the ride, wanting and needing to know what happens next.

Despite my legs being closed it didn’t stop her pulling my knickers away enough to show them their first glimpse of my sex, intimate, pink, and obviously now moistened by such activity. I felt heat rushing through almost breaking out in a sweat. I felt their breath, all of them, mostly the guys, making pleasing sounds I guessed as they were allowed into our world for a peek.  But would progress beyond just a peek?….

(… continued in “into temptation (part 3)” ……)

into temptation 2

© Emmaleela


  1. hi you, and thanks for your response. I’m happy to keep writing and sharing me, my experiences and thoughts, and yes, at this time even more important we connect any way we can in any way we can. Your project sounds amazing, though I can’t imagine a shed being a pinhole camera, the finished product will probably be amazing and something I think I’ve never seen before. 🙂

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  2. Hi Emmalella, I’ve changed my WordPress site to a photography platform, a project about converting my garden shed into a giant pinhole camera. Still loving your work very, very much indeed and your images likewise. Erotic stories are for me so important at this time. In Lockdown we all need to be stimulated, and aroused by fabulous writing. Keep going, stay safe, and thanks enormously xx Tony

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  3. It’s been a long time since I made any comments, but I’ve been a regular reader of your work. It’s gorgeous, beautiful, and completely turns me on. I wish you so much luck with your writing.
    Tony Shelley.

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