blind date: final instance

(… continued from “blind date: second instance”
“… I heard myself exclaim in utter exhaustion while my body still reeled inside and out……” )

I lay there on the sofa in disarray still lightly shaking from my last orgasm. He had pulled back just watching me, smiling, seemingly taking huge pleasure in making me cum over and over. He was merciless and I felt trapped in his aura that he has thrown around me so deliciously.

My knickers felt unsurprisingly damp, cool now against my sex, decidedly sticky. I felt my skin flushed, especially over my chest and around my neck which glistened with the edge of perspiration. I could smell my sex, my arousal, as my body still grappled with itself and my mind struggled to take in the enormity of the sensations he had the power to call forth with sometimes just a whisper, sometimes just a look.

Minutes drifted, what felt like longer than it was with us staying as we were, like this, him watching me, and me, naked but for green knickers, periodically opening my eyes to look up. I began to feel slightly embarrassed at my semi-nudity, or perhaps more self-conscious, especially after and in spite of what we’d just been doing and what he done to me, for me, made me do.

He silence was immense filled only with our respective breathes now much calmer. I reached my hands to his chest as he kneeled before me laying there and felt the shape through his well-fitted shirt. He was taut, firm, and also I felt lines, like ridges which for a moment baffled me. He let me sip my hands underneath and I felt his hot skin, slightly hairy as he was dark-haired, and again more pronounced to my touch now, ridges, or so I thought. He let me lift and remove his shirt and I saw now burns, or the healed scars of burns. I must have looked surprised, I was, he just whispered, it’s ok, long time ago, they don’t hurt.

I found them strangely beautiful, and mysterious as I didn’t yet know their story. I traced them with my fingers as his chest rose and fell no longer so conscious of my nudity. I closed my eyes and made pictures from them and enjoying my first proper intimate touch aside from kissing of his body, especially as he’d more than intimately touched and discovered mine.

I’d closed my legs after my last orgasm and felt the warmth between so intense; that insatiable post-orgasm feeling. As my eyes were closed he leaned onto my hands and pressed his against my breasts and began caressing them, on each coming to a point of my nipple once again enticing it to harden under his fingers that were now pinching and rolling both drawing deeper, urgent breaths from my lungs.

His hands played up and down my sides over my ribcage and up against to my breast and then leaned right over kissing and sucking each nipple between his lips and into his teeth to gently bite forcing me to arch slightly towards him and bite my lip, he took it to the edge of being painful but not quite, keeping just the right side of ouch.

His hands rested on my waist still moving like water over my flushed skin; I was trapped beneath his topless body. I felt his excitement spreading between us in exchange for more of me it seemed.

Then with one hand began teasing my sex again, fingers touching and urging the damp cotton into my fold, between my slit, pushing it inside me as he began to finger me again; one, two, three fingers encouraging my knickers inside me where they soaked up even more of me while he rubbed my clit so intuitively. I moved my hips without thinking, in a totally natural rhythm being keenly aware of my body wanting more, another orgasm I felt was taking root inside me and inevitably without my say-so would find an outlet.

He leaned back, smiled, I smiled through my receding breath as his fingers slipped beneath the waist of my knickers and pulled them down and down over my skin as I felt their cool dampness.

I lay now completely naked, at his mercy. He opened my thigh temptingly stroking the pale very sensitive skin along my inside leg feeling vulnerable as he watched my waist and hips move almost with their own volition, my sex, now so pink, flushed and wet, opening to his wants. I almost felt as though I couldn’t take the tension, the explosion of another orgasm, that my body would rebel, crumble, turn to dust if I did. He was determined though as became evident as his now finger-fucked me much faster, much deeper, lifting my hips off the sofa, watching my expression.  I thought he spoke but he didn’t just with his eyes, as his tongue licked his hungry lips as though he knew I was lost now to his demands.

I began to shake and knew it was going to happen, felt it at first contracting my insides, tangling knots only to untie itself in a most ecstatic way flooding me with chemicals that this time made me scream and tremble from head to toe all through which his fingers stayed deep in me touching the back of my mound, gripping. He was loving this, I could tell as before I even could gather what senses I had left he grabbed my slender waist and rolled me over raised my hips and bottom until I was on my knees exposed in a most undignified fashion.

I heard a zip and his jeans were finally discarded. I tried to look around to see, it’s only natural curiousity after all and only managed a glimpse of his very erect, very hard, cock with its shining red tip. He turned me back and touched it to my sex rubbing it up and down as I still was getting over my orgasm and pushed, and pushed, and pushed. Inside me he fell, drove, fucked his erection, naked skin sliding along my naked exposed tunnel. His hands now strong and unforgiving locked around my hip bones and he started intensely fucking, we started fucking. I almost tried to pull away feeling so tender after so much cumming but he pulled me back determined I should feel it all and everything. He was going to make me have it all, take it all.

On all fours we rocked back and forth as I heard him groan, grunt, whispering breathily… yes, and at one point even said… fuck, you’re tight!  He was right I was, always was, but maybe he was also big. From the tone of his voice it was a compliment and he wasn’t put off but kept moving inside of me pulling back and sliding in all the way each time, so deep it felt at times. He reached around grabbed me around the chest and pulled me right back. Luckily I am quite flexible. He held me like that and thrust himself continuously not stopping for anything as I felt completely enveloped in his hold, his grip, my own needs now feeding his.

I collapsed again still on my knees while he drove us both further and further into the ravines of unleashed desire, unchallenged, untamed in the extreme. Sweat poured from him as I felt along my back drip, even I felt it bursting through my skin, my thighs dripping with such a cocktail as I felt and knew he was getting close to his own orgasm after having given me so many. I now craved it, waited, wanted, almost shouted at him to cum in me now, now, but didn’t.

Then he did. Released with an animalistic cry of pleasure-pain-anguish-relief-lust that it felt almost like we had committed an awful sin when all we did was have sex, albeit remarkable, unfiltered sex. I felt his erection pulsing, throbbing and knew he was filling me with all he had built up throughout the evening and who knows for how many days or weeks before. He too exploded making me cum once again as I held onto the brink of consciousness and by the way he kept going for what felt like minutes I felt he had a lot to give as I started feeling some had escaped already and was tracking down my sweaty inner thigh.

I think my heart stopped. It must have done, at least for an instant, so emphatic was this moment of hot-blooded, fervent and vigorous of licentious liberation.

He collapsed over me as I could barely hold his weight and was flattened to the sofa with his sex still inside me spent and slowly but surely retreating. More sticky, white cum trickled out though I knew a lot remained inside me. I curled up on one side of the sofa and he scrambled to the other, our legs tangled around each other’s. I knew I needed a trip to the bathroom but for just a few minutes wanted to lie there, watching him watching me, feeling quite surprised at myself, at such an intensely primal, unapologetically raw experience just shared.

Bathroom, sleep, tomorrow is another day, and of course I slept there that night, with someone I had, as far as I knew, nothing much in common other than a really amazing sense of completion and clearly unspoken desires for sexual gratification.

blind date 3

© Emmaleela


  1. ohmygod… wow. This is such a delicious story. my god. I can’t even see straight right now. 💕

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