park life

I lost my virginity in a gazebo in the middle of a town centre park. There, I said it. It was a summer’s night and I had gone to a party at a friend’s house, lots of people, lots of music, lots of drink. When I said I lost it I mean the first time properly all the way with a guy.

The park was just down the road from where the house party was happening. I was of an age I won’t divulge here but and some point during the night I’d found myself chatting quite a while with one guy as it seemed we had gradually got cosier with each other until we did kiss, or perhaps it was more of a snog. Luckily I did fancy him so it wasn’t such a chore or obligation. After a bit we went out for a walk, for air being the party was quite full-on. So we walked and walked and found ourselves at the gates to the park. He suggested we go in as parks at night can be hellishly exciting places, a bit like graveyards except without the dead bodies, hopefully!

I loved his sense of humour and didn’t say no as we wandered into the open space along an avenue of tree and small yellow lights beyond which lay only space obliterated by darkness or at best peppered with shadows that seemed to move but I knew it was only my over-active imagination.

The walking took us deeper into the park, into the trees that seemed to at once threaten and welcome, beckoning us further to see what there was to see, which was very little. I felt prickling down my back and my neck, a frisson of a thrill like being touched by ghosts trying me out for size.

He draped his arm over my shoulders and I ran mine around his waist and as we walked his fingers brushed, I thought at first my accident, my breast, and then clearly more deliberately. It felt nice s I didn’t stop it. Further on and his hand was more stroking one boob and I was smiling in the near-dark to myself sure he couldn’t see properly my grin We stopped in the middle of the path and kissed with one of his hands around my waist pulling me to his 5’11 frame compared with my 5’3 (we compared heights earlier in the party)  while his other hand slipped up over my left boob and playfully fondled me there in the middle of the path in the centre of the park at night.

I found myself gently pressed against one of the aged lampposts underneath and really pale, sad sulphurous light with bathed us wantonly as we kissed and he enjoyed some time caressing one boob then the quite vigorously after a few minutes which I found were affecting my nipples inside my bra in an seriously arousing way.

We stopped and he suggested we walk just a little more as he knew where a gazebo was, I followed without even thinking.  I was far too excited and inquisitive by now not to do so. It was small, round, front opening with room perhaps for four people on the semi-circular seat but as there was only two of us then plenty of room. It had no light of its own with only some of a single nearby yellow light spilling some of its offering into through the carved wood. We sat on its slatted curved seat, not too uncomfortable considering and started kissing again and his hand seemed to carry on where it left off, over my breasts fondling and exciting me further.

After a while he began paying me down on the bench to which I complied as though it was the most natural thing in the world to be doing in the public park at night in the near-pitch dark. It was then he, or we, got carried away with the moment. I was nervous never have been quite as exposed as this with a guy before but it didn’t stop me and want him to stop. He placed his jacket under my back, most chivalrous I thought. In the re-positioning I accidentally brushed his groin and felt what I knew to be quite a bulge seemingly trying to escape from his jeans. His hands now moved all over my body as though touching him there was like turning the power on inside him. He clearly now wasn’t wasting too much time and from what I recall he pulled up my loose blue floral knee-length dress up to around my thighs and instantly grabbed at my knickers right here in the centre of the public park, late at night in the dark in this tiny gazebo. I felt quite well-hidden should anyone else be weird enough to be out in the park at this time of night but at the same time incredibly exposed being it was a public place. I wondered if it had park keepers to enforced the law and routed people like us if they found us. Such a mix of rash emotions, fear and thrill and risk flooding through me as his hands pulled my knickers but not managing to do much but brush certain intimate parts of me sending tremors through me.

I may have been pretty new to this at the time but I knew full well where this could be leading but by now was too stupidly aroused to stop and think I was wanting whatever was going to happen as much as he did.

His hands went to my breast again and then my waist, slightly adjusted where I lay with himself more over me and hefted up my dress again with a full-on view of my black blue knickers and skilfully this time hooked his fingers into the waist and pulled them away. This wasn’t the first time a guy had seen my sex but it felt for a moment like it was as I blushed, luckily in the dark, feeling a wave of heat wash across my face and sweat threaten to break my brow and neck.

He pulled them away and I lifted my legs to let him and there I lay in the dark, in the public park in the gazebo half-stripped. I knew I was warm there and moist, very moist as I get so very easily and knew he could see even in this paltry light the vee of my light brown pubic hair in the days before I shaved. For a moment I wondered, is this how and where I want to lose my virginity to a guy?

His hand went between my open legs and cupped my sex fully and started kneading and fondling and teasing me open, spreading his palm over my folds and every now and then letting a single finger ever so slightly edge its way into me. He rubbed me faster and faster and my thighs couldn’t help but open and let him. I felt dizzy and almost out of control. I was out of control.

He rubbed me until I was soaking and hot every now and then slipping a finger inside then two though that felt tight, he did it anyway and kept doing it until I couldn’t help myself and had an orgasm at his hands while he fingered me as gently as his excitement would let him. MY knees closed instantly on his hand almost crushing it and I doubled over but he kept his hand there while I went through the throes of my orgasm.

As I relaxed and unfolded he started again fingering and rubbing and was almost unbearable as I was now so sensitive. I placed my hand over his to slow him but only seemed to find myself wanting it harder and faster. He obliged and continued. I was shaking all over, my nipples felt so alive still hidden by my dress and bra, and the night while he was relentless.

I looked up and saw him unzip his jeans awkwardly and pull them down as far as possible in this position and then his boxers releasing what lay beneath and I hadn’t seen many, as they say, in the flesh before but it impressed me. Very long, very hard and glistening I think though couldn’t be sure in the light and my own feverish state. Most importantly it was so close to my own sex as I lay open-legged crammed onto a bench seat as we were.

I started deep breathing to stop myself panicking which probably to him sounded more like panting and seemed to urge him on further.

One leg on the bench, knee up, bracing while the other touching the ground I was ungainly spread and wondered if this is what’s it’s always like. He was now on top of me between my pale legs poking his erection in my direction, at roughly the right spot, roughly, which made me giggle when it tickled my inner thigh.  Despite having little experience in this I grabbed it for fear he might do me or himself harm and it felt hot, I almost et go immediately in surprise but held on like it was some kind of lever.  He slipped a hand under my buttocks and lifted me slightly as I awkwardly guided him and his ‘lever’ to where it, he, clearly wanted to go and seems by now I did too, placing it, him, his erection against my flushed pink moistened. I felt now it was all or nothing. He pushed himself against me and I winced, he pushed again, I gasped, he pushed again, I felt him sliding inside my increasingly aroused body. I lifted my hips to meet it, him, as he edged in and out his long very hard appendage.  I felt myself begin to sweat, perspiration on my thighs, the back of my neck, my cheeks. I almost screamed but managed to turn it into a muffle inhalation.

Inside me he went, a little then out again, then in a little more, then out, repeatedly as I felt his body have against my between my legs and the soft sound of out juices mingling. It got easier as time went on and as I felt more excited by the whole thing. It was dark, I hadn’t heard anyone else at all here, passing by or whatever. He was moving his hips into mine faster now, smoother, wetter s I guessed his precum was contributing to my own creating who knows what kind of heady internal cocktail. I felt I would burst into flames.

Now we were fucking, there in the park in the dark semi-naked, exposed enough for anyone to have seen if there was anyone there.  He was fucking me and by now I felt I was fucking him, my hips finding his rhythm and trying to keep pace. I wanted this badly.

My first time with a guy, properly and all the way and it was in the park, in the dark, outdoors, in a public place. How crazy was this!

Not much time had passed before I felt a huge orgasm overwhelm my insides and twist me into knots and spasm tightening against his erection still fucking me quickly now in line with his panting breath.  My voice was merely a gasp, tiny, with each thrust of his entire body shaking my body to and fro as his pace suddenly became frantic and I knew this was it, there and then he would cum and he did emptying his pent-up passions urgently into my thighs in pulses and waves over and over until a few second later he slumped to a few dying thrusts of his hips all the way into mine now which were by now easily accepting al he had, and accepted.

It was all relatively quick but felt to me immediately after to have lasted longer. I was so high on adrenalin and probably some of the alcohol from the party.   As he came I’d gripped his naked buttocks digging in my nails like claws which probably just made him explode even more. Lucky me, perhaps.

All the past however long of discomfort, tightening, contracting began to relax as the unreal temperature between my thighs where he still lay almost incoherent and grinning continued to spread its welcoming flood through me. Suddenly my entire body convulsed one last time like some weird death throe although I was still very much alive made me become momentarily detached and faint as I realised only after another orgasm split my body unexpectedly. I arched and slumped in this still awkward position in the park in the dark on a wooden bench with only coats as padding.

I never thought my first time like this never mind outdoors. It felt intensely brazen.  Someone had disconnected the brakes once we’d begun and my immediate senses overrode any sense of sensibility. Did I mind? Not at all, and we even managed to wend our way back to the party in an awkward, embarrassed silence. Mostly me actually as he did attempt conversation but I felt far too otherworldly by now and barely heard a word he spoke.

park life

© Emmaleela


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