room with a view #2

(continued from “room with a view #1” ……
I felt myself shuddering and breathing desperately and just knew if I didn’t stop it I was liable to orgasm…..)

I thought I would stop it but didn’t and instead had gone past being able too as my hips gripped themselves and closed on his hand and mine and I cum just there as we were, fully-clothed with his continued encouragement. I tried to keep quiet not wanting to alter the entire house of whoever was left there and almost double-up in his lap straining for air and feeling him rub all the harder as I did. I pushed his hand hard against me to stop him and he did and we rest there like that while the tsunami inside me subsided to which he whispered, “you are bad”, in that knowing way. I thought he was also pretty bad, but didn’t say it.

Just as I was recovering he flipped my legs off and stood, taking my hand and leading me upstairs. What else could I do but go with it. I was so intensely aroused now and I know what I can get like when like this, so, I followed his lead. We found a bedroom which I didn’t know if it was his or whoever’s, but a quick glance at the décor suggested it could easily be his I guess, that’s if he even lived there, another thing I didn’t know nor in fact who did live there. It was just a house.

We stood with my back to the bed and held hands by my side and we kissed again, that amazing full-on tongues kiss, after which he pushed me onto the bed backwards where I lay with my legs over the edge. He told me to lay there, as if that wasn’t the obvious intent I imagined, and I did watching him remove his two shirts in one fell swoop revealing a not-overly toned torso, hairy as it happened and definitely good shoulders, like a swimmers; maybe he was that too. After that he unbuckled his jeans at which I also couldn’t help but stare without failing to notice the straining going on beneath the denim. The top button unbuttoned revealing the waist band of his boxers and kneeled before me opening my legs still in my jeans.

His hand slid up from my knees over my thighs, pausing at my now over-excited mound beneath and then over hips and waist up my soft, sleeveless black halter-neck wrap top to claim my breasts in his substantial hands, gripping me there determinedly which made me wince and enjoy in equal measure. I’m not overly-endowed, something I thought musicians probably went for, but he seemed not put off. As he did this his face was so close to my crotch at which he then licked my jeans just there and buried his mouth against. This was strange but thrilling too. I stared at the ceiling hoping this wasn’t just a dream as I did not want to wake up at the critical moment. It wasn’t, fortunately.

While my thoughts were engrossed he found the tie of the wrap-around and released it letting the entire top fall open showing my tummy, waist and bra. His hands were there again over my breasts feeling them still barely protected in my black laced bra. He began kissing my tummy, my belly-button, my legs still wide apart as he rested on my thighs. His fingers kept skilfully catching my nipples even though I still wore my bra making them react according.

My hips were now moving against him unconsciously, that is until I became aware of it and then it was very conscious, of not self-conscious. I knew how wet I was inside my jeans and knickers, which was very. I had definitely lost all self-control by now and he knew it and exploited every minute of it.

I knew inside I wanted him too.

Once he had me where he clearly wanted me, at his disposal and mercy, which I was, he started to work on my jeans. I looked up about to say something, though I don’t know what when I saw three guys I think three anyway, at the door which we’d forgot to close. Did he forget? I looked, too which he turned and also noticed, turned back and saw my slightly embarrassed look and in a drummer’s kind of way, told them to go. To which they did to sounds of not fair, although I noticed they hadn’t pulled the door closed. Immediately he was back grinning and intent on my jeans unfastening the top button and with no belt to worry about he was unhampered. I just, whether rightly or wrongly kept my arms above my head stretching trying to not tense up and knowing, knowing, knowing, or at least hoping where this was going. I was horny after all, and I have needs too.

I felt the waist of my jeans come free as he started on the zip pulling it down at which he got a clear view of my red brief knickers, clearly not matching my bra but then I often don’t. he couldn’t help himself it seemed and past comment on the red and how indulgent sexy they were. I stifled a laugh at such cheesiness but it didn’t detract from my growing excitement at being so overtaken by events and the way he controlled me made me feel I was completely out of my own hands and in his.

I hoped I wasn’t coming across as too willing, too obvious, and too slutty. He didn’t seem put off at all and once the zip was open he kissed my knickers most likely noticed a small damp patch from the earlier orgasm. H grabbed my the waist of my jeans and pulled them from my hips and off my legs returning instantly running his tongue over my red knickers, brushing my thighs with his fingers, making me jump, start, squirm, move my hips back and forth. He had made me want him and this even more than I had wanted him earlier in the evening. His large hands moved up again over my breasts which were more than happy to feel their strength while he licked the material and then along the thin lace edges touching at time my bare skin of my inner thighs.

My body felt on fire, in the grip of something demonically heavenly and I don’t doubt he could smell that on my sex, my almost desperation that I tried to hide, my total surrender. At this he slipped my knickers to one side and I knew then he got his first look at my sex, bare and wet and obviously flushed with sexual expression. He slipped his fingers long my folds at which I arched and pushing against them making them slip inside inadvertently. He didn’t remove regarding it an invitation and pushed them in further, deeper feeling me from the inside making my hips turn and twist, fingering me with two fingers as I caned my head once to see his grinning goatee-beard face and then stared again at the ceiling, he lifted my legs bending my knees and fingered me even more while licking my mound my knickers askew. I nearly lost control to another orgasm then but held on, just.

A voice in my head just screamed at him saying, pull them off and fuck me hard now! I felt ow so restless and open to absolutely anything. I didn’t say it out loud.

Eventually he did though, at least started pulling slowly my knickers away from my bottom and hips until I was no longer wearing them, or anything, down there at all. He returned to my sex licking and now teasing my clit, a bit heavy-handedly at first but I grabbed his hand and slowed him down and he got the hang of it then, and I got the full effect of his touch exciting every fibre of my being from this single spot. I realised my knees were still suspended leaving me wide open to him and all his lusts and demands. This was very bold of me, very uncharacteristic being quite shy about such flagrant exposure being usually more subtle. This night I wasn’t being subtle or lady-like. I was being something the opposite of those for certain, though he seemed to like it.

Then he stopped, stood, I looked and saw him drop his jeans, step out of them and lose his boxers inside which was his very perfectly-shaped erection, not huge, not small, just right I suppose but definitely something really, really pleasing to see finally. It was already dripping precum I guessed, and was very bouncy hard. Without wasting any time he leaned over me resting hands either side and put the tip against my sex moving it up and down teasingly, spreading the precum freely and stickily over my labia. I shook inside so selfishly wanting to feel it in me. No sooner had I thought that in he went, pushing his solid smeared tip inside my sex, into my thigh and hips, into my willing body as I lay there like some offering I was offering.

He slipped like slime in and out moving in further each time and it felt so perfect and warm his thighs against mine, in mine, I was taking him in as much as he was fucking himself in. I reached and grabbed his buttocks and dug my nails in as it was all I could do to release so much pent-up desire. At this he virtually rammed his hips into mine over and over pushing up against the bed to where I was worried it might break or at least attract attention of the rest of the house. But he wouldn’t stop and I had no breath to tell him too feeling his hips crash into mine as though spreading me further and further apart. I wanted all of him in me and more. I wanted more. I was drunk on the rush of chemicals now mixing inside me to dangerous meltdown levels.

We lay there fucking my breath now audible as much as his was, the passion bordering on a rage as it wasn’t gentle but was intensely erotic. My breasts shook, my entire body collapsing as he proved just how much stamina he had: a lot.

For now reason as he was so close to coming as was I as one can so easily feel the signs, I glanced over to the open door into the unlit corridor and thought I saw shapes moving, figures maybe, in the shadows. I thought, ghosts! Then more realistically as my eyes adjusted amidst both of our bodies feverishly moving against each other’s, I saw at least two figures out there watching. They were watching I was sure of it otherwise why else would they be there. I was about to say something when his hops came down hard onto mine and buried himself deep into me only to do it again and then again and my attention was thrown back to the matter at hand as the third time he did I knew he exploded his cum into my body, flowing freely and unimpeded which made my hips grip his erection as I too had another orgasm as his semen was filling me finally.

My core muscle lifted my upper body clear of the bed and I grabbed him and kissed him, which he returned pulling him down onto the mattress with him still bucking between my legs wide open to him and to anyone outside that door. Though far from my first sexual experience it felt like a baptism of a kind and my body took ages to let go of his as we lay there like that for ages, even as his erection tired and softened and began slipping from me along with some of his sperm.

We lay there, my legs wrapped around him still trembling all over head to toe inside and out now feeling him kiss my neck and me being so tempted to bite his. I didn’t.

Once some of my sense had returned I looked again to the door and saw nothing, just shadows. No shapes or movement or anything, so, either it was his friends again who hadn’t gone away after all, or this place is haunted.

room with a view 2

© Emmaleela


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