You can
if you like
touch me
you can
if you want too
touch me
there, just there
just where you think you can’t but you might want too
you can
me there
because I know I’ll like it
I always do
and maybe I hope you will
its more fun when we both like it
so give me your hand
and let me rest it there on the fabric
so thin and see-through
if you want you can unbutton it
I won’t mind
I know I’ll like cos I usually do….

that’s better, I think so,
buttons unbuttoned
material draped on each side
from my waist,
like what you see?
I hope so, its making me smile
you way you look and how
your hand
my skin underneath,
it’s making me shiver
and shudder and grin
and deep within a deeper rush begins
to flow….

touch me
your hand on my skin caressing explore
find a little more of me
if you would like
I’m right here willing to let you
a little more
and maybe more
slide it up along my tummy
until you touch the curves,
and underneath my breath grows faster
rise and fall let your touch slip inside to tease me free
I’m feeling freer
now with every touch……

touch me
let your fingers
find their way down and down
from my tummy further down
find the lace as I inhale and watch your hand
slide across and find the warmth
my warmth that yearns here within
with every touch I quiver more
and more
and more
my body just adores
your tracing touch that find the very edge of my
no resisting
when you touch
like that
fingertips slip beneath and easing down
and down and down
further down
I open up my secret side
slow reveal
pulling down
kneading and needing
pleading whispers guaranteed…….

I give
in to touch
your touch
touch me there
and there
and there
again and again
touch me more
make me feel
like I love to feel
make me feel
everything and more
all the way
I’m giving way
to touch.


© Emmaleela


  1. thanks jc, I really hope for a naturalness when I write anything, a flow like taking someone with me beginning to end 🙂


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