bound to happen (act 4/4)

(continued from “bound to happen (act 3/4)” ……
“…. She let me unveil myself and she in turn let me unwrap her, our desires spread there on the dishevelled bed for all to see but there was only us, and us was enough….. )

Again, finally I fell asleep and I think she must have done too though I couldn’t be sure, so dazed I’d become, so tired but happy. When I at last again opened my eyes it was still night, about an hour or more after the last time and I was alone. or so I thought.

Lisa was in the bathroom, I could hear her, thankfully I wasn’t alone. So I just stayed there on the bed and stretched out feeling my body unwinding and detoxing as it does when you stretch. It felt satisfying feeling the air of the room around my near-naked body as I realised I still wore my bra and skirt, although that was twisted and crumpled with my lower half on show to the room. I was about to edge my skirt down, or perhaps off, as I was in bed anyway, when she reappeared naked but for her bra.

Or should I say she was naked but for her bra and something that made my eyes nearly pop out of their sockets, a strap-on penis, silky purple, textured so realistically as far as I could tell, shiny, gently curved and at first glance incredibly long. At second glance I noticed its girth, not insubstantial, almost threatening at the same time as very desirable, and it was rigid, hard and harnessed to her waist with a simple single black strapping around Lisa’s hips and one which slipped underneath between her legs. It looked incredibly medieval and intensely rude and ecstatically arousing.

I couldn’t stop staring, drinking in all of the intricacies unconsciously being only after recalling so much detail. But what didn’t escape me was its length I guessed at 8 inches and how thick it appeared: thick and very, very erect. My mind was still trying to re-muster my thoughts and emotions at this unexpected sight when it became clear she had at least one more surprise for me, and this was it.

She loomed over me looking so alluring, so domineering, once again she had me where she wanted me climbing on her knees onto the edge of the bed, grabbed my ankles and pulling me a few inches towards her. I was helpless to do anything but feel myself slide against the soft warm pure cotton sheets now very crumpled after earlier. I was open wide to her and on display as she leaned across me looking down but to my surprise reached across to my left arm raising it to the left corner of the pine bed-head and just as before began to tie my wrist with the same silk scarf as used before. Swapping sides she did the same to my right one and all I did was watch her dumbfounded and still conscious of a quiet gentle hum that filled the air of the room coming from her thighs.

Just like before I lay on her bed, where I feel I’ve been for hours and probably had. Lisa’s hair hung down like a canopy for a moment as she smiled and whispered… you’re going to love this Emma… an electric excitement bolted through as she said it having never before experienced this, a strapon, having wondered for so long how I would feel how it would feel. I was about to find out, and while bound to a bed actually tighter than before and as I gave them a little tug realised I wasn’t sure I would be able to get out of this without a lot of effort even if I wanted too.

I looked down my body and just there beyond my hips swung the substantial imitation of a penis, it’s purple skin looking determined and I guessed hungry for a victim. I was it.

Lisa reached around to her waist to a small bulge I discovered was a battery controller and turned a switch but the sound remained the same. I must have looked puzzled because she enlightened me a little… just turned on the first setting on the vibrating tip, the first of many you might be pleased to know… I couldn’t help but smile at this, nervously, because it was something very new for me, though not unlike a simple dildo or vibe this felt very, very different. I lay my head down on the pillow and watched her face as she bit gently down on her lips and guided the penis to my pale white inner thighs, softly brushing this exceedingly tender part of the body; more so now after the evening we’d had up until then.

She swayed her hips up and down sending the tip vibrating along my skin from my knees to a mere inch from my sex each time grinning at my enforced gasps bordering on a kind of ecstasy. Just as before I was increasingly pulling against the ties, not to escape but like a spasm. She lifted my knees form underneath and spread me wider showing her my bare intimacy so openly and boldly stroking her hand along one leg while sending the tip on its continuing explorations along my thighs.

All I could think was it sounded hungry, a mechanical creature intent on devouring me piece by piece. She reached around again and once more changed the vibe setting to the next. This was when she touched it to my clit and I almost sprung bodily off the sheets and heard myself muffling a scream. his made her smile as I saw her looking deeply into my face seemingly loving it as much as I was but from the other end.

I was her prisoner and we both knew it. The tip played over my clit remorselessly making my hips squirm and twist and almost wish her to stop but not: no, don’t stop, I thought without saying. Again, I was sure she was reading my mind and carried on moving it around and around, this enormous penis over my clit making it swell and tingle and my hips ache while the bones inside ground against each other until I felt my insides completely collapse and explode in an orgasm sending uncontrollable ripples through my naked, wide-open legs.

My head bent almost backwards like I had been electrocuted as my come filled my entire being as she insisted the vibrating tip against my vulnerable clitoris.
Like falling from a great height I landed again onto the bed as Lisa changed the vibrator setting to something feeling much more like multiple fingertips dancing up and down my folds, teasing my now soaked petals. I felt hyper-sensitive now, it was almost too much to bear. She must have known but it didn’t stop her continuing her explorations with this most sexual of toys.

She ran a hand over my breast and squeezed hard over and over making my nipple erect as it had been earlier, pulling down the strap from one should then the cup she pinched it between her fingers hard, but the intense pleasure released from this act was irresistible despite the pain. A beautiful pain.

The purple appendage moved around my inner thighs like it was circling prey until she pressed its vibrating length against my vestibule. Between the labia which spread as though frightened of this thing determined to consume me whole, and likely from the inside. I starting shaking again and involuntarily though entirely naturally pushing my hips down to meet it, against it, my thighs bathed in such a heat now.

The sonorous tone was beautiful, almost musical as she pushed the tip just a little, almost but not quite, inside me. my labia opened, accepting and unable to resist this incursion, insistence. I felt swaddled in lust now, in my own and Lisa’s.

I gripped the silk ties and bit my lip as she continued entering me with this resonating monster stretching me more and more forcing my legs further apart. I was pinned, held and now trapped under her shadow, her hair hanging like the darkest waterfall, her breast held in her black bra, the scent from her cleavage, her skin and our sex. I felt her falling into me then slipping back on my juices all the while smoothly brushing my vaginal walls. In again this time slower, deeper, I wondered if she would stop at all as I felt inch by inch inching in mischievously and unapologetically.

I grabbed breaths when I could and again she pulled slightly out holding herself in suspension and me in suspense, the bulbous tip filling me until in she pushed this time many more of its inches finding their way into my thighs and hips making me enjoy every single second, insisting this is what I want, as she said earlier, she knew, she knew what I wanted, what I needed.

Just when I thought there was no way she could go further, she did, another inch. How many were in me I couldn’t be sure; enough I thought, enough. Lisa leaned lower and kissed my lips so seductively as to make my entire body relax and fall limp despite having her strap-on provocatively inside me. We kissed for a short ever-time until she moved to my nipple, arching her back yogically to reach and rolled it between her teeth, pulling it upwards mercilessly to which I heard myself give a high-pitched moan.

She began to move herself rhythmically against my hips, each time feeling her warmth and the insatiable length of her faux-penis in and out, in and out, fucking me as she thinks, knows, I want, need, it. I felt her sliding it into me deeper and deeper. Surely there was no more to go. I cranked my head as high as I could and looked down along my dishevelled body to see the purple length now soaked in my juices and still I’d guessed another two inches or so to go. Again and again she make me take it as my muscles did just that, contracting and expanding, gripping and releasing, feeling it smoothly monopolise my thighs. I moved them with it now as though I’d accepted my fate, but also myself hungry for its resolution when I felt its tip deep, deep inside now going the extra inches.

She was making me hers, all hers. I was hers for the night, all night
On opening my eyes again I was looking through their watering, not tears but more desire, yearning. Just then she grabbed my hips digging her fingers into my bone almost and pushed almost the rest of it inside me over and over, again and again, harder, more forceful, I saw her face, her eyes, her lips mouthing… come Emma, come… I couldn’t hear her but knew what she was saying as I felt my body at first inside become awash with every tide that had ever hit the shore crashing until it reached my inner thighs and flowed around the penis inside me: an orgasm that forced my body rigid and my back from the bed and my nipples to stand erect, at which point I heard the vibration sound increase dramatically at the same time the tip inside me started almost throbbing with an intensity that wasn’t there before.

Now I screamed and swore and resisted the ties and flayed my legs wrapping them around her holding myself in place in case I would fall out of the sky from a great height and be utterly dashed on the rocks below.

MY thighs gripped the strap-on so tight I’m surprised I didn’t break it and still she kept fucking me until I was so completely spent and landed back first on the bed, my limbs limp and dead while the rest of me shuddered in shock and relief.

I didn’t notice her pull herself out of me at first until she was standing and removing the harness and its weapon of mass orgasm. Lisa then lay behind me as I turned onto my side where she stayed warming my back until I, we, drifted both of us off to sleep: a well-deserved sleep, in each others protection and embrace.

bound to happen 4

© Emmaleela


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