1. I don’t write with others either.
    But I had a feeling I wanted to wrote with you. Something about your soft sensuality that I am drawn to.
    Get inspired.
    Open your mind.
    Come back to me whenever you need


  2. Of course it will be.

    I think, if you want, you can write a line back to me, or a paragraph or whatever comes to you and I can respond. We can do it that way if it helps

    Would you like that

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  3. You’re welcome.
    I’ve been thinking about asking you for a little while. But I wasn’t sure how you would respond. And you do seem a little shy but I like that.

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  4. Definitely. I am happy you like the line.
    You are so good at writing erotica, babe. Trust me. It’s a little breathtaking the way you write. Take your time. I am just happy you are open to this.

    You must know that your writing makes me feel… many things.

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  5. ok, I can see what comes of that, can try anyway. I’m no expert at this and I’m still getting to grips with writing and expressing myself in words, but I can give it a go. No deadline is good which would probably make me panic lol. It’s good to have a starting point. 🙂

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  6. Aw, so sweet . Okay. I was trying to read what you posted just now actually, I’ll get to it.

    The only thing I had in mind was one line which if you liked it, you could take that and see what comes to you.

    “I’ve thought of you between these sheets”

    You can take your time, even change your mind, lol. But I would love to do something with you. It is all up to you

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  7. do you want to say what you have in mind? It might be helpful for me and to see if I could even do it of cors. I can delete the comment after I read it too if u want. It may take a while to write depending, fitting it in and all, and if I do feeling right about the final draft and such, but still happy to try if I can.

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  8. Honestly I do have something in mind, but I want you to feel comfortable and flow the way you do in your posts, so I am happy to go with what you want.
    It could be a little poem, or a fantasy or anything you want
    I will adapt to whatever you like.

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  9. Hey. So happy you replied.
    We can chat here and you can just unapprove the comments between us if you like

    You know I love your writing, your poetry..
    Everything about you and your blog is so sweet and sensual.

    Would you like to write something with me

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